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LOGICWINS  +   1231d ago
Unless GTAV is on it and makes full creative use of the tablet controller, I don't see the majority of PS3/360 making the Wii U their main gaming console.

People tend to forget how powerful that franchise is.
dboyc310  +   1231d ago
Even if GTAV was on it I doubt ps3/360 owners will jump ships. why bother when they can get it on their current system? Plus most likely they'll be waiting for next generation of Sony's and microsoft's console. I for one am waiting for the ps4.
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etowntwo  +   1231d ago
I know I've waited long enough for next gen.
7 yrs is too long.

WiiU day 1, hoping it doesn't disappoint too much in the long run.
LOGICWINS  +   1231d ago
"why bother when they can get it on their current system?"

Because the Wii U version MAY be the better version by a mile. Think of the difference between the PC/PS2 versions of Max Payne 2. The difference COULD be night and day given the Wii U's RAM and other technical advantages over current gen consoles.

Also, when the PS4 launches(2014 or 2015), it will be at LEAST $399 for the cheapest SKU, and thats if it offers a MINIMAL advantage over the PS3.

By the time the PS4/720 come out, the most expensive Wii U SKU will be $250-$300, making it the cheapest next-gen console.
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Perjoss  +   1231d ago
There's no need to 'jump ship', there is no law against owning more than one console.
LOGICWINS  +   1231d ago
Correct. But not everyone has the discretionary income to own multiple consoles...hence the complaints about Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive.
Carl_Shocker  +   1231d ago

It's not about what version is better with most gamers this gen it's about where your friends are so you can play with them on that system. Since GTAV will feature multiplayer like GTA4 and Red Dead I can see people sticking with the platform they got it on with the pervious installments and the ones there friends will get.

Unless all of them buy a Wii U...but I don't see that happening

I know it's a shame that most people today go where there friends are and not get the one where you'll get the best version but thats whats happened this gen
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LOGICWINS  +   1231d ago
@Carl- I could be wrong, but I doubt that most people buy GTA for the multiplayer. The franchise has been critically acclaimed and sold a gazillion copies WAAAAY before a competitive MP system became part of the franchise.

I agree however that what friends buy does have an effect on what you buy sometimes.
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Nutsack  +   1231d ago

"Because the Wii U version MAY be the better version by a mile."

'May' eh? WiiUpgrade has no, or soon a low installed base. Low installed base consoles always get PORTS, they're not leading in development. Much like the PS3 got 360 ports because the 360 had a year head start. WiiUpgrade most likely gets a 360 port for the games that get announced for WiiUpgrade as the CPU's are similar. GTAV isn't announced for WiiUpgrade and probably won't, as Rockstar isn't interested in a console with no installed base while both 360 and PS3 are around 70 to 75 mln each...

"Think of the difference between the PC/PS2 versions of Max Payne 2. The difference COULD be night and day given the Wii U's RAM and other technical advantages over current gen consoles."

No, simply no. 'Could'? The CPU is lower clocked than the 360/PS3 in speed. The GPU might be a tad better. But a difference from PC and PS2? Never.

"Also, when the PS4 launches(2014 or 2015), it will be at LEAST $399 for the cheapest SKU, and thats if it offers a MINIMAL advantage over the PS3."

Ehr... Where is your crystal ball, you gotta show me that vision of yours. Maybe you want to clean and rub it better. Pretty sure Sony won't make the same mistake with PS4's pricing as they had with PS3. This time around BluRay isn't as expensive and high tech as in PS3. It'll be priced like a DVD player was this gen to put in a console. Be sure that Sony will launch at MAX 399 like the XBOX 8 will. Like how the PSVita launched at 250 while when it was announced everyone expected a price of 350, because the tech is much more advanced as the weak 3DS which was at 250 at that time too. PS4 will offer minimal advantage over PS3? Can you give me a link to the specs? Pretty sure Sony is trying to sell 4k reso TV's by then and some stuff leaked that they will get the PS4 to push and support 4k resolution. Much like they had PS3 push and support BluRay. If Sony showed anything lately, is that they still push the best tech possible for a reasonable price, aka again the stuff in PSVita compared to the low upgraded Nintendo DS with some gimmick 3D in it for the same launch price.

"By the time the PS4/720 come out, the most expensive Wii U SKU will be $250-$300, making it the cheapest next-gen console"

Errrrrrrrr pretty sure Nintendo kept the Wii for a long ass time on their launch price and they already said they will do the same with WiiUpgrade. Don't be so sure about the cheapest console. Oh and don't call it next gen, as the WiiUpgrade just about updates it to current gen 360/PS3. It ain't like 10x as powerful as current gen, so its not next gen. Thats about the steps that every real next gen gets, being 10 x as powerful as the last.

The WiiUpgrade being at 300 to 350 now makes it the most expensive CURRENT GEN console, with a new controller. That new controller ain't that impressive either, its just a blown up DS with a one touch panel, not even multitouch which every tablet, smartphone has nowadays, or a PSVita if you like.

Its the same thing they did selling the Wii, giving a non accurate weak Wiimote, and sell other gimmick hardware like WiiFits balance board or the Wiimote Plus addon to fix their own faulty inaccurate Wiimote.

360's basic model is the cheapest current gen console, even if you add Kinect as another control method its cheaper than the WiiUpgrade. PS3 superslim 12GB new model comes in at a recommended 230 bucks, but retailers are free in pricing it, which will lead to a 200 bucks pricelevel soon, being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than the WiiUpgrade too.
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Gaming101  +   1231d ago
lol @ No Logic, you're not winning.

There will be no "By a mile" graphics leap for the Wii U compared to current gen. There will be minute differences just like you saw with Batman Arkham City.

How does anyone figure that the PS4 would have a minimal difference from PS3, yet the Wii U will surpass it by a mile? What planet does this guy live on?

There will be the odd franchise, but once PS4 gets released, it will leave the Wii U in the dust by miles. It won't even be close. It will be just like the current gen consoles. But it doesn't matter, because Nintendo doesn't care if it doesn't completely dominate in hardcore gamers. They will make a shallow attempt at it but nothing that will drive them further in the long run.

The "author" seems to spend forever trying to define a hardcore gamer as well. We already determined that casual gamers "ie. the Wii's audience" only buys a few games and that's it, there are very low software attachment rates in the casual audience. Hardcore is the opposite - high software attachment rates, someone who buys lots of games. That's it. It has nothing to do with your gamer score, or whether you play online or offline, or whether you collected every feather in Assassin's Creed. It has everything to do with how much money you spend - don't forget it, money is the measuring stick every company uses. They don't care if you beat their game on the hardest difficulty, they care that you bought it, and all the DLC they sold you afterwards.
LOGICWINS  +   1231d ago
"There will be the odd franchise, but once PS4 gets released, it will leave the Wii U in the dust by miles."

And I never argued against that. What does that have to do with anything?

@Nutsack- Not reading that Berlin Wall of text..sorry.
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Hisiru  +   1231d ago
They are mad, we shouldn't even bother trying to read all that text, seriously. I agree with you bro :)
knowyourstuff  +   1231d ago
lol ok Logic, nice of you to completely disagree with your own previous comments ^^^

"Also, when the PS4 launches(2014 or 2015), it will be at LEAST $399 for the cheapest SKU, and thats if it offers a MINIMAL advantage over the PS3."

It's clear you don't think it will have an advantage over PS3 yet the Wii U will suprass it by leaps and bounds. Try using better logic next time.

OmegaSlayer  +   1231d ago
Why should I buy a current generation console (even if supposedly the more performing hardware) if I can buy a next gen platform after a year from WiiU release?
With this economy I should eithe be extra rich or using all my money for videogames.
And if I would have 300$ to use, I think I would buy 5-6 new games, or much more if I decide to pick some title I missed at launch
Hellsvacancy  +   1231d ago
Not me, but im just one person, ill hold on for PS4

"Hay your a fanboy" no, im happy with what ive got for now
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1231d ago

So far everyone but sony has abandoned the hardcore this gen. But everyon has better marketing then sony for now.

In my opinion nintendo always makes innovative hardware but games? no.

I am satisfied with ps3 graphics until ps4.

sure sony is making a smash bros but hey they have a great variety! I want this!

I still respect that nintendo raised bayonetta from the dead. That shows how serious they are. But until wiiU has a lot of games and it will probably be cheaper by the time I buy one I will play God of war.

I haven't loved nintendo since my Epic N64 so it's hard to just welcome them with a day 1 purchase. Especially when they market a next gen system with not even one next gen games.

I just wonder if every console will now have a screen?

Also I think the controller is not really innovative but a reaction to the tablet craze. Which also shows that they are eyeing the tablet/phone users. Everyone says it's innovative but really nintendo is just the first console maker to follow today's industry. I expect angry birds to be one of wiiU's biggest sellers.(not joking)
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live2play  +   1231d ago
"So far everyone but sony has abandoned the hardcore this gen"

hardcore meaning? the thing 12 year olds like to call themselves to feel cool about playing call of duty, halo, gears, killszone, shooters etc?

or their hardcore fanbase?
because nintendo has certainly not abandoned its hardcore fanbase: smash bros, mario kart, 2 mario galaxies, donkey country returns, a 2D mario since the snes, kirby returns to dreamland, metoid corruption 3, and metroid trilogy
look you get the point, im gonna stop now.

"In my opinion nintendo always makes innovative hardware but games? no."
haha ok man, please tell me what is innovative? how many polygons a character is made up of? how many interactive cutscenes there are?

wiisports resort, mario galaxy, kirbys epic yarn are innovative to their genre

"Also I think the controller is not really innovative but a reaction to the tablet craze. "
oh here i thought nintendo was following the philosophy and design they used on the NINTENDO DS
you know with the camera, gyro sensors, two screens, touch screen so on
BattleAxe  +   1231d ago

Excuses excuses....The only hardcore fans that Nintendo has are hardcore Super Mario fans and hardcore Zelda fans, thats pretty much it. And if the so called "pro controller" is as crappy as some game sites have said it is, then the only fanbase that the WiiU is going to attract are a bunch of little kids.
iamnsuperman  +   1231d ago
Not for me at the moment. Nintendo need to show me that they are going to push for new, mature titles that do not only come from the third party. To be frank the next generation games are going to be like this generations. All multiplats are going to be similar across all platform.
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JBSleek  +   1231d ago
Yes. They are selling out right now even though that is partially due to low manufacturing production of console.

I think hardcore Nintendo fans will flock to this system and as rightfully they should. I think we all assume hardcore means PS3/Xbox uses yet I think Nintendo fans are some of the most hardcore gamers out there,
WeskerChildReborned  +   1231d ago
I'm getting a Wii U to try it since i'm still a bit impressed. I'll still have my PS3 though for those great games like The Last of Us and MGS Ground Zeroes.
NYC_Gamer  +   1231d ago
I'll wait to see if Nintendo brings out some new franchises that catch my attention
Baka-akaB  +   1231d ago
All i know is that i'll be there
Anon1974  +   1231d ago
Yeah, I don't know about getting a new "hardcore" audience, but they might actually have a chance at getting back the core players they lost with the Wii. I know after being thoroughly disappointed with my Wii purchase, I'm at least considering the Wii-U. I'm still on the fence though. We'll have to wait and see.
ceballos77mx  +   1231d ago
I feel the same way, haven't seen any titles that get my attention, but what will make me decide is the next metroid and Zelda those are the ones I think will get a lot of "hardcore" gamers.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1231d ago
Bayonetta 2 says YES!
bubblebeam  +   1231d ago
I am not going to agree or disagree with what you said.

I think the Wii U has potential to attract some NEW hardcore gamers, as it has a very strong name due to the wii, and maybe it can attract some of the casual crowd.

I don't think it will steal away from the PS3 or Xbox 360 fanbase, but there are a lot of Wii owners who will get it off the name alone.

Either way, it is good for the industry, as many games are underselling at the moment, so if there is a bolstered up hardcore fan-base, then that equates to more sales/more money for hard working devs.

Bayonetta 2 might just be a hit on the Wii U, who knows.
Xof  +   1231d ago
It's going to take more than two or three games. More than two or three games that are exclusive.

God knows the Wii had several games that appealed to the "core gamers," but thy certainly weren't enough. I don't see any reason to expect differently of the Wii U.

And it doesn't help that Nintendo has been the "casual" console for decades. Hell, "core gamers" really haven't had much to do with Nintendo since the SNES era. Sony totally stole that demographic.
FluffyPloo  +   1231d ago
Im gunna pass, i just think the whole 2 screens thing is a gimmick, like the wii's motion controls were.

im gunna wait for the playstation 4.
live2play  +   1231d ago

yes it IS a gimmick
not opinion

gimmick does NOT equal bad, it CAN but it doesnt always

i dont think you even know the true definition of the word and just spew the same thing you hear around the web

just like the words innovation, core, gimmick

its true meaning has been lost with this new generation
FluffyPloo  +   1231d ago
What a fascinating rant...well done you.

but still, i cant see any real benefit a second screen can bring beyond displaying a map or a menu, just seems like it will be a distraction rather than something that can enhance an experience, but thats just me...shortsighted, maybe. time will tell huh..
bubblebeam  +   1231d ago

I was actually very skeptical about the Wii U, but after seeing the controller with the screen, I think Sony and Microsoft have no choice but to have one as well.

Imagine getting used to looking at a map or your inventory without the need to pause the game?
I think by the time gamers get used to that, they won't want to go back to a standard controller.

Or maybe have a normal controller for most games, but for RPG's use that controller. Either way, it suprised me and I can say Nintendo made a great move.

I might get a Wii U after some of its exclusives come out, as right now it seems it is only getting the multi-plats we already have at launch.
PirateThom  +   1231d ago
Having a second screen didn't matter on Dreamcast, it didn't matter on GameCube and it won't matter on Wii U.

To me, it's a dead end unless used in very specific ways and, let's just say, I didn't buy an HDTV to look at a low resolution screen when playing games. I don't look at my controller when I'm playing now, why would I want to do it on new consoles where, theoretically, they should be taking advantage of my TV much more?

It's an odd situation to bring DS tech to a home console because, unlike the DS, where you can quickly flick between two screens, unless you're holding the Wii U controller out in front of you as Nintendo's marketing implies people do, it's actually worse than pausing for a map or inventory screen in terms of inconvenience.
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bubblebeam  +   1231d ago
Hmmm, I suppose we can agree to disagree (I didn't press the disagree button for you lol).

I'm thinking of Darksiders 2 here. The console versions had slow inventory switching, and coincidentally, it is coming out for the Wii U, and yet again, they are using the screen for the inventory.

It would definitely help for RPG's, as it still has the analog sticks. I'm not rushing out to get one, but I was impressed.
Gr81  +   1230d ago
What happens when Sony or M$ implement a touch screen in there controller for their next consoles? Does it cease to be a gimmick then?

There's a name for folks like you..Starts with F and ends with Y..or ends with ing..But it definitely starts with F
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FluffyPloo  +   1230d ago
Gosh darn it you speak in riddles! Or you cant spell...

Well Mr Arius, your arguement is null since nobody knows what microsoft and sony plan to do with there next iteration of consoles. Dual screens may become standard, they may not, we dont know this as fact...

That said, what if microsoft and sony go for power next gen. can we guarantee the wii u wont be left behind again, works both ways...

Sooo till then, id rather wait and see. Unkayyy
Gr81  +   1230d ago
Cute. But doesn't answer the question posed. If Sony and M$ go for the Wii U like control pad will you consider those consoles built around a 'gimmick' as you call it.

And depending on your answer you could be describe as either a Fanboy or a F***ing tart lol. But since you didn't answer we'll just have to reserve judgement until the next Nintendo News Post ; )
ninjabake  +   1231d ago
We should really kill off the term "hardcore gamer" its getting old and can never be universally defined.

But as far as the Wii U attracting those kind of gamers Its up to the gamers some it doesn't matter what Nintendo does, they're not interested and to others they may give it a shot. Me personally I plan on eventually getting one but I also owned a Wii, NES and N64 so I've been a Nintendo fan for sometime so I wouldn't fall under the 360/PS3 only gamers. Although I wouldn't fall under the Nintendo only gamer either considering I own all 3 and have more games on my 360 than for my Wii.

I say stick to what you like, if your interested in Wii U then pick it up. If not, wait for the nextbox or ps4. There's no need to be political about it. Nintendo knows what they need to do, its up to gamers(and consumers as a whole) to make their choice. Simple as that.
Darth Stewie  +   1231d ago
People are forgetting Nintendo has yet to address one major factor for a lot of hardcore gamers and that is online. Nintendo have not really given any details on what the Nintendo Network will be like. So the answer is to soon to tell. Also if Nintendo starts to lack third party support mid way through the Wii U lifecycle like the Wii and Gamecube than it won't win over the hardcore.
Adolph Fitler  +   1231d ago
I initially thought the level analogue sticks would be great as the playstation ones to me are awesome & my pet hate with the 360 controller is the out of whack sticks, but after closer assessment, it is hard to see how this would be comfortable as the shape of the controller demands the right stick to be set down lower on the facemuch like the 360 controller....I may be & hope I'm wrong, but it's not looking good.
rainslacker  +   1231d ago
I thought this at first, but if you look at the orientation of the back shoulder buttons and how your supposed to hold the controller it seems like they are in the proper position. Although I have to admit some of the sample photo's I've seen of analogue stick use, it seemed like you'd have to stretch your thumb out to make it work. I have rather short thumbs compared to all the pics I've seen of it.
AO1JMM  +   1231d ago
LOL @ Hardcore and gamer being in the same sentence.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1231d ago
Well I learned my lesson this gen. 1st console I bought was a 360. It scratched my games and went RROD in less than a year. What a waste of money. Then I bought a Wii because it was cheap. Got bored with the games and motion controls so it went on ebay. Then I got the PS3. I never looked back and been a happy gamer ever since. I'm not getting the Wii U nor the next Xbox. I'm gonna wait for PS4 even if it's the last console to come out I'm still gonna wait.
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hellvaguy  +   1231d ago
If it matters any, my ps3 blue-ray player and another friends crapped out on us barely even 1 year after buying it (no extended 3 year warrenty like MS gave out). It's electronics, it happens.

Some people like you sure take it personal, like it's your wife cheating with your best friend and no matter what, your never looking back. Get a grip man.
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drsnobby  +   1231d ago
The wii u must have a bonified online service to attract the hardcore gamer to its comsole.nintendo must jump this hurdle to be sucssesful.
hellvaguy  +   1231d ago
As a "hardcore gamer" I have mixed feelings and alot depends on what the WiiU shapes up to be.

Positives: alot of fun casual gaming, download some old nintendo/N64 games, free online, xbox like controller, maybe something kinda cool from the tablet gamepad.

Negatives and maybes: all the pre-orders are sold out of the black model, Id like too see the specs be a good notch over 7 year old xbox/ps3 tech, third party support?, no blu-ray player, and games are wont be discounted for at least several months after release.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1231d ago
The controller will probably attract a lot of core gamers but overall it really comes down to the games. From what I see, the list of games is looking really nice and I know it will be cause even 3DS got me sold for some core games.
DivineAssault  +   1231d ago
When i see games that exceed current gens capabilities, ill get one.. Not cuz of the gamepad either cuz the charger will need it more than my hands.. I want to see some nice new IPs & a good network service before i ever buy from nintendo again.. I like their 1st party Zelda & Metroid but im tired of buying a console from em for a handful of titles.. Bayonetta 2 is a good start but its just not a system seller to me
MadMen  +   1231d ago
nevin1  +   1231d ago
The better question should be "Can Nintendo re appeal to the casual audiences again?"
RFornillos4  +   1231d ago
if Nintendo plays its cards right, yes they can. there are obvious hurdles, but the possibility is always there.

the way I see it right now, and based on news coming from multiple sources, Nintendo's still on the right track on this.
BitbyDeath  +   1231d ago
Anything is possible
mt  +   1231d ago
it is not the controller it is always about the games.. how hardcore it is ?
wastedcells  +   1231d ago
Any kid who starts on a Nintendo and becomes a "hard core gamer" will then have out grown the system and buy a 360/PS3. Hard core gamers go where the games are and right now they are on PS3.
ALLWRONG  +   1231d ago
The title should say "Can the Wii U attract PS3 and 360 hardcore gamers?"

It already has
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Instigator  +   1231d ago
Why not? The credibility of one's claim to be a "hardcore gamer" takes a pretty big hit when they decide to totally disregard 1/4 of the industry, especially if that lack of interest escalates into a vendetta and attempts to devalue the console in question online.
wastedcells  +   1231d ago
Very well put and so true.
D_RoyJenkins  +   1231d ago
Nope, I'm waiting for the PS4
Rockoman16  +   1231d ago
Hardcore?!, wtf is that?!
SugarSoSweet  +   1231d ago
no the Wii-U is pratically a current gen console with a tablet hardcore gamers r too smart to fall for this shit
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