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boybato  +   1076d ago
NewMonday  +   1076d ago
nothing wrong with it

the Japanese text just makes look scary
knowyourstuff  +   1075d ago
Doing something goofy to block - does anyone remember Heavenly Sword, where you can only block by not pressing any buttons and remaining still? lol retarded
Ultr  +   1076d ago
Baka-akaB  +   1076d ago
Loltaku again ? pff go play DmC Noob
Kureno_Nakamura  +   1076d ago
Does Kotaku ever have anything nice to say?
Parappa   1076d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
SonyNGP  +   1076d ago
Controls were absolutely fine when I played it, and I played the demo without even looking at the controls screen. Learned it while playing :V
GTRrocker666  +   1076d ago
Metal gear has complicated controls. Took me a while to get used to 4. But they are good.
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garos82  +   1076d ago
Slugg3r  +   1076d ago
took me about 2 years to learn all the tricks in MGS3.
XB1_PS4  +   1076d ago
I doubt it's going to hinder my playing abilities in any way. This is a pretty useless article by Kotaku.
hkgamer  +   1076d ago
MGS controls have always been a little dodgy (apart from 4). The problem they had was addding more controls after every sequel. MGS controls were only OK for people who played the older games, for newer people it would seem really weird.
Slugg3r  +   1076d ago
This. I came in the series with MGS3, which propably has the most complex controls in the series. Took me a long time to get into.
DigitalAnalog  +   1076d ago
But it works for the fundamental part. Had there been a revolutionary control scheme at that point he wouldn't have to limit himself to the standard dualshock format we have today.
Summons75  +   1076d ago
Do people still think Kotaku is an actual source for gaming news? color me shocked
riellycooperr  +   1076d ago
wo wo wo wo is gers coming out for ps3 or somting cose that will be soo cool

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