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ftwrthtx  +   1243d ago
More and more companies will stand with them.
tachy0n  +   1243d ago
lets all promote heterosexuality, heteromercon!! /s

gaming is an activity to bring people together and have fun no matter the race,religion sex etc... NOT TO SEGREGATE LIKE THIS THING IS DOING.
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Biggest  +   1243d ago
It's always cute when the majority gets pissed at the minority for trying to feel welcome. There is a reason that this convention is necessary. The majority of gamers reflect the majority of humans. We are assholes to minorities. They have every right to find their own acceptance. When the rest of us grow the hell up and accept everyone as they are you'll find fewer minorities looking for safe havens. Segregation is often not a choice.
ftwrthtx  +   1243d ago
I'm going to have to agree with Biggest. Sometimes people just want to feel 100% secure in an environment.
Fez  +   1243d ago
Clearly this conference is just a way for gaymers to meet other gaymers who share an interest in gaming. A conference for girl gamers or old gamers would have a similar reason for existing.

What would be the point in having a young straight male conference for gamers? That's the majority of the demographic.

It's not really segregation because I'm sure all "gay-friendly" people would be allowed to attend. It's probably more just to remove the stigma around homosexuality and provide a place for more 'like-minded' individuals to meet and interact.
SilentNegotiator  +   1242d ago
"What would be the point in having a young straight male conference for gamers?"

He said hetero conference, not male conference.

And with homosexuality being normalized, male-to-male friendships are becoming less and less intimate. Look at older literature; so much closeness.

Call it "homophobia" if you must, but either way, males are less comfortable with each other than they used to be.

So, I'm sorry, but the "a place to be comfortable" absolutely does NOT only apply to a homosexual conference.
Fez  +   1242d ago
So, homosexuality becomes more acceptable -> male-to-male friendships become less intimate, with older literature used as evidence...

I'm sorry but I think I'll need to see some more evidence or a few more logical steps to connect those two. I'm just not seeing it. I don't see how someone being homosexual affects me in any way.

And I don't think you can take older literature as a barometer here. Most of the classics focus on the upper classes... and they're all queer lol.

But seriously, are you suggesting we should sweep homosexuality under the rug as it was in previous centuries and force people into sham marriages with members of the other sex so we can forget that homosexuality exists?
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joeyisback  +   1243d ago
wtf why does straight gay lesbian stuff have to come into the gaming world leave that in the real world
ElementX  +   1243d ago
Because people make a fuss over LGBT characters. If they exist in real life, why can't they exist in a video game?
Carl_Shocker  +   1243d ago
because it goes against what were fighting for...equal rights

Stuff like this makes us seem like hypocrites because were seperating ourselfs from communities, things we want to be equal in...which kind of makes us seem like we don't to be equal.

Honestly I'm ashamed to be a part of the LGBT community sometimes, it's like we don't know what they want

Next you'll be seeing Blackgamercon, Asiangamercon, Girlgamercon...and so on.

Being a gamer means one thing...a person who plays games, thats all it means you shouldn't try to seperate yourself from that. Were all the same at the end of the day...we love video games, who we are as a person shouldn't come into that
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Biggest  +   1243d ago
So the minorities should happily get bashed in the mouth for being themselves so that the majority can feel better about. . . What exactly? It isn't hypocritical to fight for rights while also allowing yourself the chance to feel comfortable. You WOULD have seen the conferences you imagined if the minorities you listed were still being treated the way gay men/women are. You think black people would have walked into a gaming convention in 1955? You think white people would have LET them walk in? Being a gamer doesn't change the reality that a large group of loud persons attack homosexuality at every turn. Instead of attacking their desire to enjoy gaming and themselves maybe you should try harder to include them in the "normal" conventions without fear of persecution.
Carl_Shocker  +   1243d ago

"You think black people would have walked into a gaming convention in 1955? You think white people would have LET them walk in?"

I think it would be even stranger for video games to exist in 1955, never mind a convention for them :)

Anyway E3, Gamescom, TGS, PAX are all friendly despite what sexual orientation you are
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ElementX  +   1243d ago
So do you think LGBT clubs shouldn't exist? Or LGBT scholarships? How about LGBT magazines and culture in general? Should everybody fit into a homogeneous society? They have the Black Caucus in politics, Spanish radio and television stations, and Chinatowns all over the place. Should those be abolished?
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crimsonfox  +   1243d ago
@Joeyisback I agree...I mean what's the point of bringing it up in every aspect of life. Keep it to yourself homeboys
SilentNegotiator  +   1243d ago
The dichotomy of the two categories makes such a convention pretty odd. It's like having a convention for smoking knitters; one is a broad category and the other is a specific, smaller category that doesn't compliment or oppose the other.

And it's not like homosexuals are banned from gaming conventions, and unless you're running around E3 in a speedo and a rainbow scarf, I don't think anyone is going to hassle you. And even if people do....uh, welcome to absolutely anywhere you go - those people can be anywhere and a gaming convention isn't necessarily going to have a higher concentration despite the stereotype.
cleft5  +   1243d ago
I understand where you are coming from and what you mean. What you mean isn't hurtful at all because you are trying to say that sexuality shouldn't matter in the gaming community. The only thing that should matter is what sort of games you are into and the fact that you like games at all. Unfortunately, the reality is that sexuality does matter and a lot of people can't be themselves because of fear of being targeted by other gamers.

If you have ever been in a conversation and then someone starts in with the homophobic slurs, says something racist, or otherwise stupid that does affect people. For instance, someone says that guy is such a fag. They aren't homophobic or anything, they are just messing around. But what happens if that guy is gay? Those comments aren't necessarily meant to be hurtful, but try to understand they are slurs against someone that says they are bad or dumb because of their gender, sexuality, or ethnicity.

GaymerCon isn't about separating gays from straights or saying anything bad about anyone, it's just a safe heaven for a bunch of like minded people, both gay and straight, to go and relax. Unfortunately, that safe heaven is needed because a few individuals within the majority behaves horribly towards gays and lesbians. Then the group goes along with it thinking that it's all just a joke.
ziggurcat  +   1243d ago
homophobes... homophobes everywhere.
SilentNegotiator  +   1243d ago
The COD convention is next door.

Trekkies vs Star Wars conventions would look like chocolate vs Vanilla discussions between Carebears.
SilentNegotiator  +   1243d ago
The same company that held a Best Sexual Harassment picture contest?

Good for them. lol, now we can get a contest going where you can sexually harass everyone!
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XiaoSet  +   1243d ago
Sexual orientation has nothing to do with video games. It's not like you're in public while playing the games, you're in your home mainly, so why does this matter? Tired of Political Correctness.
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Anon1974  +   1243d ago
How is this political correctness? If members of a specific community want to attend events with other members of their community wtf difference does that make to you? Do you go down to your local, Polish Hall and yell at them all to stop holding events? Do you crash women's conferences where they discuss issues related specifically to them? Why don't you go down and tell them they shouldn't even be discussing women's issues, because the mere fact they're getting together works counter to "equality" somehow.

If someone put together a gay hockey team, would you protest, or just tutt tutt and say "How unnecessary!" What if someone wanted to put together an all Asian hockey team? Or a meeting of hockey players over 6 feet who like peanut butter and banana sandwiches? What gives you the right to think you know better than anyone else on who they can or can't associate with? What gives you the right to judge?

I hope they have a blast. It's open to straight gamers as well. Why not show support? Anyone that thinks they're somehow affected every time a group of gays wants to get together needs to take a hard look at why they're even giving it a second thought.

"We should do a Straight-con!" omfg. What the hell is wrong with you people? Go ahead. Hold a "Straight con." That's your right. Would it shut you up then about what other people should be doing with their time? Somehow I doubt it.

Good on EA. Gayme on, fellow gamers.
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DarkTower805  +   1243d ago
Segregation is segregation. In any form it's a bad thing. Minorities shouldn't get special treatment, they should get EQUAL treatment. Imagine White Gamercon, Straight Gamercon, etc. I've never heard of unequal/bad treatment of gay people at any gaming convention. Sure,
online we all hear things that some 14 year old is spouting off, but at conventions? No.

Gaming is an activity that should have no boundaries, and until now it didn't. If you were a gamer, you were a gamer, that was it. We were somehow connected to eachother through a wonderful hobby whether we were black, white, mexican, or gay. But somehow that wasn't good enough, no. Now we have "gaymers" who have their own convention, because somehow being in a room with straight people is ironically uncomfortable, hmmm, go figure.
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XiaoSet  +   1243d ago
DarkTower805 pretty much said anything I needed to reply with, to your post, darkride66. You're part of the problem; those who don't see how wrong it is to segregate, and that you're even doing it. Maybe you should open your eyes and your mind, because what you just said is very closed minded.
Christopher  +   1243d ago
It's not segregation. Everyone is welcome to attend Gaymercon.
DarkTower805  +   1243d ago

"Noun 1. The action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart."

It is segregation, not in the sense of what we all learned in school about the black/white segregations in the U.S., but it's still segregation. And yes, everyone is welcome, but labeling it Gaymercon is not particularly inviting to someone who's not gay and a gamer. Furthermore, it's
putting primary importance on sexual orientation than it is gaming. I'd rather go to a
convention that's about the games first and foremost, not
someones race, creed, color or sexual orientation.

Comicon is a great example of a convention that puts emphasis on peoples hobbies while maintaining a VERY friendly attitude to all people.
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humbleopinion  +   1242d ago

Are you opposing the Eurogamer expo the same way because the label implies that it's not for non-europeans although *everyone is welcomed*? Your logic doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
Christopher  +   1242d ago
@DarkTower: You do know that by citing the definition, you are proving me correct, right?

Does Black History Month mean that no history can be taught during that month? No, it only focuses on one aspect to show awareness of that specific type of history. It doesn't require that you learn black history, either.

Does Veteran's Day mean that you shouldn't celebrate others who deserve being celebrated and shown respect? No, it only focuses on one aspect to show awareness of those specific type of people. It doesn't require that you celebrate veterans, either.

Does GaymerCon mean that you shouldn't celebrate other dynamics of the gaming industry or that people other than LGBT aren't welcome? No, it only focuses on one aspect of the gaming community and industry to show awareness of those specific type of people and concepts.

None of those segregate anyone, they only go to show a focus on them without saying that you can't personally do something else.

That's not segregation, by definition. Any and all are welcome to attend GaymerCon and no one is forced to attend or not attend based on their sexual preference.
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1upgamer99  +   1243d ago
As a gay man, I could care less if these people make an "announcement" I mean why not just implement the stuff into games instead of making a big deal out of it. It would draw less attention to the people who are going to freak about it.
SCW1982  +   1243d ago
I am glad that you said this, its ridiculous to feel like you have to push such an agenda when it comes to an interactive experience that has no race, and no religious beliefs of its own. Your console loves you whether you are gay,bi,or straight. Why isn't that enough?
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thebudgetgamer  +   1243d ago
Could you promote this same kind of conference for heteros without getting destroyed by the media?
NYC_Gamer  +   1243d ago
Nope,that kind of conference would be attacked by the media like crazy.
SilentNegotiator  +   1243d ago
And you could tack the exact same silly justifications to such an event, too.
Biggest  +   1243d ago
Or more accurately. . . That is what every other conference IS. Don't you wonder why we have a Black History month? It's not because black people think they're more important than anyone else. It's because without it, black history would be erased from the record books so that the majority at the time wouldn't look like the terrible human beings they were. When you're in charge EVERYTHING is your thing. Don't cry because someone not in your group wants to have one day to themselves. Fight the people that make them feel unwelcome and you'll have fewer reasons to cry about one conference.
SCW1982  +   1243d ago
This conference is an absolute joke to REAL GAMERS worldwide. Equal rights my ass. This shit is pathetic.
zgoldenlionz  +   1243d ago
Try a little empathy. You're comment makes you look pathetic, for your sake I hope your a Tween.
memots  +   1243d ago
Here's an idea .. Lets make a StraightCon and see how they feel. Some people would be outside with signs saying that we are intolerant and such.

This is why people do not like it. There is no need to separate yourself this is 2012
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zgoldenlionz  +   1243d ago
Good to see big companies showing their support, I really didn't expect this to be much bigger than a non comicon/wondercon comic convention.
2pacalypsenow  +   1243d ago
gays/lesbians bitch about equal right but then separate themselves from normal people?
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1243d ago
I dont understand this being gay does not make you special so why are they choosing to seprate themselves from others?
TABSF  +   1243d ago
Probably because of the hating in the world.

Why do people stay within a community of people like themselves, example would be multiculturalism.

Most people are accepting of other cultures but they prefer or find living in an area with another culture very undesirable.

So they are not accepting in a way, just tolerating which can be seen as worse.
turgore  +   1243d ago
I'm gay and I find this event offensive.

Basically some gay people (like me) want inclusion and acceptance, while other fools are basically advocating apartheid.

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