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mafiahajeri  +   1235d ago
One of the most impressive looking games on the vita.
sinncross  +   1235d ago
cant wait to play this at TGS!!!!
definitely one of the first things I do!
ThanatosDMC  +   1235d ago
I hope this becomes the next Monster Hunter in fame, greatness, and sales. Screw Capcom.
LordMe  +   1235d ago

I was already gonna get the game, but this trailer is just awesome!
theunleashed64  +   1235d ago
shut up and take my money!!!!!
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1235d ago
Holy crap, that looks awesome!
thehusbo  +   1235d ago
100% buy!
Sanquine90  +   1235d ago
Damn , if this game comes out they can have my money. I only do not understand that sony has not more of this types of games for the vita. I know we are talking about money and not sugar. But to earn any profit you have to invest enough to earn any profit.
JAMurida  +   1235d ago
Sigh... Sony is really making it hard for me not to get a Vita. PSO 2 is making me wonder if I should, but seeing some of these games.....
Hicken  +   1235d ago
Despite what a lot of people would like you to believe, it's worth it. It's got a great current library, a ton of great features, and more excellent stuff on the way.
Studio-YaMi  +   1235d ago
I already have more than 37 games on it including Psone classics :D ! loving it xD
tubers  +   1235d ago
Now I know what an illegitimate child of Dark Souls and Monster Hunter would look like.
majiebeast  +   1235d ago
Inafune-sama *bows*
R_aVe_N  +   1235d ago
Daddy LIKEY!
r21  +   1235d ago
Looking great as always! :D
TENTONGUN  +   1235d ago
dang man this is the first ive seen of this game. love my vita man
DivineAssault  +   1235d ago
M**&^*&%&*^ &(^*(&(*&!!!! best &^*( ive seen in a long time! This game looks more fun than console titles.. I cant wait for this

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