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NYC_Gamer  +   897d ago
Valve,needs to change that agreement.People shouldn't have to worry about not being able to access their bought software.
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DaThreats  +   896d ago
Instigator  +   896d ago
I agree. It hasn't really affected me till now, but the only reason I bothered accepting it was because I'd lose access to 50+ games I still haven't played through completely.

I don't mind the content of the new user agreement as much as the fact that if you don't accept it you'll lose the games you bought under the old user agreement.
AO1JMM  +   896d ago
Only reason I agreed was because of the size of my Steam library of over 50 games which alot I have never even touched yet.
Hufandpuf  +   896d ago
they don't have to now. we already agreed.
vega275  +   897d ago
this was my main issue i had with valve. atleast with MS and sony ToS if you didn't sign it, you could atleast still play games but couldn't use the service until you sign the ToS. but valve you either sign the ToS or you can't access the games you bought and on top of you lose your profile and everything you have earned over the years.

before anyone comes and say "Bu Bu But valve is only protecting themselve from lawsuits" I'm sure if valve just put a new ToS without holding people games ransom to do it, many would have still signed it because valve care about gamers. but doing this only shows that valve is no different from many other companies. I've lost a lot of respect for them because of this.

honestly i have to think valve for this. because it opened my eyea to what companies can do when games go full digital distribution. that if you don't bend over they can and will take your games away when they feel and there nothing you can do about it.
vortis  +   897d ago
Same here man.

I know EA, Ubisoft and other big corps keep talking about an all digital future, but really, this is the main reason why we DON'T want an all digital future. This sort of stuff right here.

You can pay out thousands of dollars for gamers that can be lost to the simple click of "Cancel" when the EULA pops up.

I think about my collection of hard copy games for consoles and it's cool knowing that whenever I want I can still play them. The thing with Valve/Steam is that this sort of thing can prevent you from accessing the games you paid for.

Scary stuff.
Axonometri  +   896d ago
Almost all software is a license agreement. Your agreeing to use it according to the license the company issues with the software. In that license is typically a clause that states that they may change the content of the license at any time without your consent.

Although they are not entirely right how they went about it to their loyal customers and regardless of how good they have been or poor... it is more than likely their legal right to do what they did.
Gamer-Z  +   896d ago
This is why i would never be in favor of cloud gaming or digital distribution, it takes the power out of the consumers hands.
Axonometri  +   896d ago
Actually, in most cases when you buy a digital product, you may download it again at any point free of charge... when you go to a brick shop and purchase a disk, your stuck with that disk. If you get your finger stuck in it and have to break it... your shiitake mushrooms out of luck.
Getowned  +   896d ago
" If you get your finger stuck in it and have to break it... your shiitake mushrooms out of luck." O_O!
Axecution  +   896d ago
hahaha xD agreed >.>

But technically, in this case, the cost would be agreeing to the licence agreement even if you dont want to, no matter what the license agreement says.
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Imalwaysright  +   896d ago
You may download it again IF they dont take the game down. Look at EA. They close the servers of Fifa games to force us to buy the yearly sequel. Who is to say that if the industry goes DD only publishers wont do the same, not just the online portion but with full games? When we buy games we dont own them, we're essentially renting them, and publishers can do w/e they want. Its a scary thought leaving all the power on publishers hands because this gen has proven that they dont give a shit about us, the consumers, and only care about making profit.
vortis  +   896d ago

You hit the nail on the head. Pubs have treated gamers like dirt this gen, ripping us off left and right and just like with EA, I don't see why they would magically become nice in an all DD future if they already aren't nice to consumers in a hybrid model.

I'd hate to buy a bunch of games digitally only to have EA do some dick move like close down their servers and the only way to gain access to the games again is via piracy.

I imagine in an all DD future piracy rates will probably skyrocket if pubs abuse the system and start mistreating consumers even more.
Game-o-holic  +   896d ago
It's about time this gets addressed.
Dasteru  +   896d ago
Companies like Valve need to remember the next time they decide on some anti consumer bs like this, They need us, we don't need them.

If Valve ceases to exist, gamers go to another company for their gaming fix, If we cease to exist (stop buying their products) they loose their source of money and they go the way of the dodo.

Just remember Valve, next time you do something stupid like that, Your companies entire existance depends on consumers remaining happy with your products and services.
spartanlemur  +   896d ago
I don't understand what is so difficult about this situation!

When I bought my Steam games on sale I KNEW that they would be for me only and accessible for the duration of MY LIFE. Nobody else's. Anyone who says otherwise is either a moron or a liar.
Once you finish a game, *most* people no longer want to play it again, because that's the kind of content it is. Hence, in selling it on, you reduce developers' income (in this industry where indie devs are growing).
Now, let me just make clear that I am a university Economics student, so I'm not talking out of my hat here.

If resales take off, then prices will need to rise and number of copies out there needs to be reduced to compensate for the new "circulation" of each CD key.


I take great pride in the fact that when I buy games off steam, my money goes to funding new games; persuading devs to make more in that genre.
If we can resell our games, then single player games which you don't really play twice such as Bioshock no longer get made.
Multiplayer rubbish which people "never get bored of" becomes the industry.

So can all you cretins who support this disgusting act of stupidity from a short-sighted consumers' group please wake up and think about the bigger implications of this. Games are cheap enough as it is, so please show some wisdom here.

Valve should legally bind the right to play each game we own to us for the rest of our lives, so that if it goes bust, we are able to generate an open source steam library for downloading our legally owned games without complaints from publishers and devs.
HOWEVER. We should not be able to resell our games as this breaks the industry.
If this goes ahead and Valve are forced to allow resale, just wait and see what happens to our beloved steam sales. just wait and see.

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