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nofallouthero  +   1240d ago
not going to be fooled twice
Vladplaya  +   1240d ago
Still have terrible taste in my mouth after DA2, gonna wait till this is released and then read reviews first.
Nocturne147  +   1240d ago
All what i want from DA:3 is:
1.DA:O Companions- Morrigan,Oghren,Alistair,Lelia na,etc.
2.Exellent story(40+hours long)(plus alot sidequests) like it was in DA:O.
3.Combat system similar as it was in DA:O, not fantasy hack'n'slash like it was in DA:2. I like more tactical combat.
4.Gret Wardens, Sandal & Bodahn, Flemeth.
5.Great soundtrack like it was in DA:O.
6.And alot more.

What i dont want in DA:3 IS stupid FROSTBITE Engine, i know it will ruin the game. We dont need real life graphics, we need great gameplay.
PooEgg  +   1240d ago
Although I am avoiding any game with an EA logo on the label, I would make an exception for this game IF:

They don't force Multi-player on us. I don't care if the game includes it, just keep it totally separate from my single player experience.

The ending ties up all loose threads and doesn't leave us wondering what happens next. I still have a lot of questions about DA2 that will never be answered, because they cancelled the expansion.

They don't take shortcuts this time.

Save the DLC for later. Release a full game first, with all companions included in the regular release copy, and then look for ways to expand on that. I do not want to pre-order to get access to a companion, and I certainly don't want to shell out more money on day 1 to get access to a companion. It is possible to make money on DLC without making your fanbase feel cheated.
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taquito  +   1240d ago
as long as its ps4/720 pc only, maybe a wii u port later then fine

don't gimp it by involving 8 year old consoles
Roccetarius  +   1240d ago
Pretty sure they're going to tack on MP for this one too. It can only go up for Bioware at this point, because they've been digging deeper for a long time.

I'm not impressed by Frostbite 2 at all, but they're obviously saving cash by using it.

With that said,i was dissapointed they didn't continue the mystery ending with Morrigan.
ShinraE5  +   1240d ago
I am not too excited for this one, as I wasn't that big of a DA fan to begin with.

DA1 had an awesome story, with dull and boring combat.
DA2 had fun combat (even if a bit too dumbed down) but a less interesting story.

I would love to see DA1 writing with a combat system similar to dragon's dogma, which IMO was a great WRPG combat system.
GrahamGolden  +   1240d ago
ok so it seems they r listening after the massive failure da2 was

deep custom,explorable world,and the best frostbite 2 omg
i hope this one wont be a failure .
hano  +   1240d ago
Like DA2 wasn't enough to murder the franchise...Now Bioware will put the nails on the coffin with this one I fear.

DA was a great game, I doubt DA3 will emulate it's successes.
v0rt3x  +   1240d ago
After what happened to the Mass Effect Franchise, I'm sorry - BioWare is phenomenal at story telling but I can't feel excited about any product from them anymore. And sadly - that's whether or not they are under EA rulership. :-/

And those who agree should do something about it and let your voices be heard.
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NYC_Gamer  +   1240d ago
100% agree,i just can't support Bioware anymore.
TronEOL  +   1240d ago
Nothing "happened" to it. It just didn't have the ending you wanted. The other 3/4 of players that played Mass Effect enjoyed all the games.

If you want a different Mass Effect, go out and make it, and try to satisfy millions of gamers. As long as you satisfy most of them, you have done your job since THEY are paying your bills. Not the 100 people crying on your forums.
v0rt3x  +   1240d ago
I'm sorry but a lot of things happened - which happens a lot to other franchises in this industry as well - however that doesn't necessarily make it right. Multiplayer was added - the franchise was turned and twisted in order to make it more appealing for newcomers (ie. more money) by adding modes like "Action" and "Story" which completely took away some of the experience what made Mass Effect great - and gave people a no-brainer to walk through the game.

The ending was just the anti-climatic crop of the crown.

At this point - seeing how many people were displeased with DA2 and ME3 - I have absolutely no idea why you would feel excited for DA3.
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ziggurcat  +   1240d ago
doesn't matter, they blew it for me when they refused to fix a couple of fairly serious performance/frame rate issues in dragon age: origins on the PS3.

i will never purchase another bioware game.
Romudeth  +   1240d ago
People give Bioware a lot of crap but at least they try to listen to their fan's concerns. I'm looking forward to this.
DARK WITNESS  +   1240d ago
they Listen... I think we will see if that is true or not as we hear more about this title.
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NeoTribe  +   1240d ago
Another button mashing weak rpg?
tubers  +   1240d ago
Ah yes! I actually loved the series.

Part 2 was really lacking in the map department but have you guys seen the nightmare runs w/o pause on youtube? It's pretty exciting and fun to play.

The requirement for that wasn't just button mashing but awesome strategy via Tactics commands.

I did appreciate the flashiness of 2 but surely missed the expanse of the 1st (story and scope).

A new engine huh? I hope it's gorgeous and that DX 11 is implemented well (unlike DX11 in DA2).

I hope there's no mandatory online DRM too.

Please bring tactical view back to the PC as well :P
FarCryLover182  +   1240d ago
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it had a "modern military TPS" multiplayer mode. Sure, this makes NO SENSE, but neither does any multiplayer in this game...nor does EA.
jamesensor  +   1240d ago
Let them release some REAL gameplay videos (not Hollywood movies) and more info to all gamers make an informed decision. As for me, if they don't make it following Origins feel and gameplay, I'm out.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1240d ago
I'm just surprised how many of you actually still have faith in bioware. After DA2 and ME3 ending i have 0 faith. lol
TronEOL  +   1240d ago
Well, I'm stoked for this. Rather than just being ridiculously negative like most of those posting here. We haven't seen it yet, so none of us can judge. And as for Bioware's previous games, none of them were casual. AT ALL. And most of them are some of the best games released this generation (and last).

I just hope they add a way to play with friends. I'd love to do that in Dragon Age.
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urwifeminder  +   1240d ago
Ahhh just what gaming needs more dragons the hyundai of mythology ,unless wait for it zombie dragons wow lol.<S
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   1240d ago
Da1 was and is still one of the best rpg's. I loved talking to people in that game. Da2... What happened?
glennco  +   1240d ago
not interested in the slightest. these game companies have to realise their dumbass decisions have consequences.
Bladesfist  +   1240d ago
Dragon Age 1 (PC) was a very tactical and fun experience. If you can remake that experience I will buy your game, if you turn it into a hack and slash I will play Torchlight 2 again.
Summons75  +   1240d ago
Kick a dead horse Bioware, you already killed DA with DA2 and you killed Mass Effect. We already know you are not gonna listen to the fans, make it even more casual that DA2, take out RPG elements, leave out the ending and 3/4 of the game for DLC. Oh and that's right too, your best writer who wrote the first game and ME1&2 quit so your story is gonna be crap too. Also don't start talking about choices matter, you said that with Mass Effect but the choices didn't matter in the least at the end of the 3rd game. Oh and multiplayer ruins the game automatically, again like Mass Effect3
ApolloTheBoss  +   1240d ago
I will never buy a new EA game again.
immortalskiss  +   1239d ago
I hope that this Dragon Age will tie in with Origins. I have to wonder what happened to several of the main characters. I am looking forward to this and have been since DA2 came out.
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