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Drainage  +   1237d ago
they had a date for the ps3 preorders. the wii u was stealth announcment
BitbyDeath  +   1237d ago
Nintendo has a lot of casual fans who don't pre-order.
They rock up.
tweet75  +   1237d ago
i had marketing classes in college. This is what is known as false shortages to create more demand and make it appear that the item is more popular than it is and create hype. Nintendo have done it many times in the past.
ConstipatedGorilla  +   1237d ago
From a business perspective, it's very smart. From a consumer perspective, it's annoying as hell.
Qrphe  +   1237d ago
People here don't seem to understand that. This one is pretty clear as well specially since launch is months from now (Apple style).
kewlkat007  +   1237d ago
I went to pre-order the deluxe and could not..oh well I will wait.

I agree with the false's all Marketing.
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Buff1044  +   1237d ago
Wow...a headline that purposely mentions PS3 on a pro Sony website like N4G? I can't believe it.

No PS4 in 2013....sorry. Not happening unless Sony wants to rewrite history. You need at least two E3s before next gen systems ship.
Ayabrea123  +   1237d ago
I have friends that work at gamestop and their pre-orders stopped at 23 so I'm sure a lot of them will be sold at this point. I waited too long to pre order mine but i'm not too worried. It doesn't matter to me if i'm not the first person on the planet to have one but when they restock, i'll grab it. For the first week I won't miss out on anything but by the next week I'll be all set.
stragomccloud  +   1237d ago
Agreed. I don't understand the obsession with having to have it. I did get my pre order in, but even if I didn't I would never be one of those people waiting for hours, nor shelling out crazy amounts of money to buy one off of Ebay.
stragomccloud  +   1237d ago
It should also be noted that the release date was already known for PS3, and like the Wii, the first day for taking preorders was announced before the date.

For the Wii U, the price/models were announced then a few hours later pre orders weer available.
Arcanine  +   1237d ago
congrats to sony and and nintendo
Arcanine  +   1237d ago
thats great news
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Moonman  +   1237d ago
Douche article.
taquito  +   1237d ago
one is a last gen, sub-hd, jaggie machine that runs games (barely) at 15-25 frames per second.

one is brand new hardware, 4x the power, cool tablet controller, and hopefully runs games at 720p @60 frames with 4x aa or 1080p @ 30 frames with 2-4x aa

sony are lame for wasting any reasearch effort and advertising dollars on anything besides ps4, my ps3 was cool in 2006 when i bought it, my 360 was great in 2005

now, i just get a stomach ache everytime i hear about another game coming out for either last gen console, its like getting excited for a new vhs release, its going to look like shit no matter what it is, so, who cares!
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Ben_Grimm  +   1237d ago
So i guess people actually do pre-orders. hmmmm, I remember some N4G article where everyone downplayed pre-orders and said no one does that anymore.....what article was that??
ConstipatedGorilla  +   1237d ago
At GameStop, Wii U Deluxe sold out in less than 2 days. The PS3, in less than an hour...both models

Well, clearly this means PS3 is better than Wii U then! Thanks for the great article, tard.
wiwnsdfk  +   1237d ago
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NastyLeftHook0  +   1237d ago
good to see ps3 and wii u doing well.
Hazmat13  +   1237d ago
ok so there are the 4 models
1. launch day PS3 and very heavy.
2. a little lighter lighter but still heavy
3. PS3 slim
4. and the newest model light and kinda cool looking
correct? cuz all already have 1, 2, 3 gotta the last one. lol
sandman224  +   1237d ago
I just pre ordered my delux wii u today at toys r us. There were plenty of consoles left
bigtrucknd  +   1237d ago
I'm buying ten so I can sell them on ebay for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!
IHateYouFanboys  +   1237d ago
means nothing. im sure the PS3 "sold out" of presales quicker than the wii as well, but which of those is 20m+ sales in front of the other?

N4PS3G really is hurting with the amount of love the Wii U is getting from the general public.

i would preorder but i live in australia, so the 100 people who will buy one this year wont really need to preorder lol.

in reality, pre-order numbers mean next to nothing. if they were pre-sales where you literally had to pay the entire cost upfront then sure, but putting $10 down and being able to get that back if you dont want to go through with the purchase doesnt really show anything.
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Soldierone  +   1237d ago
It shows an interest in it, and gives an idea of how many to make for the launch date. If everyone goes back and cancels, then there is obviously a problem somewhere. However with something like this, going so fast and being in demand, if one or two people cancel there will be another 5 people waiting to take the spot.

For hardware it makes sense, especially since the down deposit is 50 dollars, not 10 dollars. For games I agree. They can print off discs like no tomorrow, so all the PR propaganda about how "pre-orders are breaking records" means nothing. Its still good for the company itself as its showing interest, but its nothing worth touting.
Soldierone  +   1237d ago
I had to camp out overnight to pre-order my PS3. There was a line of people doing it too, they had about 20-30 units at my Gamestop, but they also took pre-orders for the second shipment as well so more people stood in line for that. I camped out again to be the first one to buy a PS3, I had my receipt that said "customer 1" on it, but it faded lol. I'm a nerd, I enjoy those things, especially since it only comes around every 7-10 years.

WiiU was all but sold out in my area before I even realized it was up for pre-order. However when PS4 is announced and available for pre-order I'll be camping out for that too. Its just fun. Might even do it for Xbox just for the experience.
metroid32  +   1237d ago
Im buying a black wiiu deluxe version ive preordered cant wait AC3 in 1080p and Aliens and Black ops 2 not to mention fifa13 all in 1080p wow.
TheKayle  +   1237d ago
ps3 price...208

wii u premium pack price...299

ok there r just 32 giga on but is a system that have 4x the power of the cheap so is a good chance

xbox 250gb price 177
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Zonark  +   1237d ago
This is very trollish. From what I remember ps3 at my gamestop only had 8 consoles for preorder. I live near Chicago and have around 73000 people in my town and about 7 Gamestops. When i preorded my wii u i was 37th in line after an hour. This topic brings no comparison to the table.
chukamachine  +   1237d ago
Graphics will look no better, might be abit smoother.

I can understand WII owners being excited, but not PS3/360 owners.

Nintendo are again selling the machine the same way, by focusing on the controller. Could work. Might not.
MilkMan  +   1237d ago
How many times do I have to say this.

Nintendo is gonna make BANK on this system.
Wii U is made to win.
It has all devs would EVER need to make awesome games. If they cant come up with fantastic games, its an EPIC FAIL on their part.
I cant make it any more simpler than that.

Now, I have like 7 games to pre-order. Since I fully PAID for 3 black Wii U's myself.
I can't wait to play some REAL innovated games. Not Kinect BS or Move wanna be rip off games.

Let Nintendo show you how it's done.

You don't need face melting graphics, like Epic keeps pimping to make great games. What you need is imagination and great programming skills.
digitaleraser  +   1236d ago
Nintendo fans are "rejoicing" that preorders on the Deluxe set have sold out? Funny, all the Nintendo fans I know are either just relieved to have gotten theirs, or are complaining that they now have to preorder the basic one. Who rejoices about preorders selling out?
Dms2012  +   1236d ago
You know, looking at how this article got over 1000 degrees, I don't ever want to see you guys say that sales aren't important again.
bayonetta  +   1236d ago
sounds cool
andibandit  +   1236d ago
Me too
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