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GribbleGrunger  +   801d ago
The great reviews just keep on pouring in. This has got to be the best Vita game so far
MattyG  +   801d ago
This may be the killer app the Vita needs. It is incredible.
ChiTownDoc  +   801d ago
This game is phenomenal. The touch aspects are just perfect...and I thought I would dislike them. This really is the quintessential Vita experience...I hope this helps Vita take off!
MattyG  +   801d ago
I will update this review with my impressions of multiplayer next week.
Xperia_ion  +   801d ago
Million times more replay value compared to any Mario game.
MasterCornholio  +   801d ago
Yep at least its much better than New Super Mario Brothers 2 which was a mess in my opinion.
Big_Mex  +   801d ago
Man my wallets hurting this month guild wars 2, borderlands 2, torchlight 2, mark of the ninja, mists of panderia and probably going to pick this up since my vita needs some new blood.
dboyman  +   801d ago
Preodered it at my local ebgames (Canada),they did not have early. But I can wait. But will pick it up when it does and enjoy playing it. I waiting because I want the preorder bonus
Gridloc  +   801d ago
Is this coming to Kinect? J/K. It wouldn't be getting these

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