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Double_Oh_Snap  +   1170d ago
I would like to think so. But going by the way the industry responds to these types of things I doubt it.

As far as rapelay goes there needs to be a line to not cross. Seeing a full intimate sex scene in Heavy Rain? Fine gaming might be ready or not who knows.

Rape however is way over the line, and should never be a game mechanic ever. Brought up in a game fine, seen in a game for what ever reason if the narrative fits fine.

Actually interacting an rapeing women (be it only pixels) in a game is just wrong. Don't even try to bring up the killing in games either.

If you can't understand the difference and why one's okay and the other's not there's not enough time on earth for me to explain it to you.

As technology evolves, and games continue to progress more towards photo realism. More life like tendencies ect... This type of controversy will only grow larger.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   1170d ago
No I totally with the you couldn't partake in raping a woman as a game character, and it's not that it's not double standard, but still a line needs to be drawn somewhere and I'm fine with that.

I just think that by this time in gaming's evolution, we would have at least started to address those situation more, especially since there's still a lot of ignorance regarding sexuality and its many different it affects people.

It seems like all we get is war, kill this, kill that, and very few games are brave enough to step outside of that comfort zone, and attack other topics like movies, music, and even animes do.
Double_Oh_Snap  +   1170d ago
I absolutely agree, but looking at what just recently happened with tomb raider. Like many other games before it. Do really think people could handle addressing those situations more?

I do wish developers thought about and addressed these things more. How can they though the way people react to anything these days.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1170d ago
I know there's a risk there, but if they really want to, they'll figure out how to get it done.

It wasn't too hard to for developers and publishers to introduce everyone to DLCs, so I doubt that this is something that they can't pull off.

Edit: @ below
You're spot on with that, and that's the point being made in the article. Sure we'll have a line that we can't touch, but that's no excuse for the recycled ideas that we're being resold over and over.
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Double_Oh_Snap  +   1170d ago
I don't think it's a matter of can't pull it off. I think it's more about they really don't care.

I believe we will see this more and more. But your right this industry needs to grow up and mature.

There are more topics and themes games should address then just shoot x number of guys an win.
I'm not saying all games, or anywhere near all are like that.

Frankly no game is really that shallow, but you get the idea games need to grow up. They need to tackle these more mature complex themes in a very believable way, like sex as your article states. Not the way it's portrayed now.
knowyourstuff  +   1170d ago
What people are too simple, small-minded and stupid to understand is that this is an issue of bad taste. It's extremely bad taste to have rape in anything, it puts a bad taste in virtually everyone's mouth, moreso than graphic violence. It's like abortion, even though it is a fact of life it's just in bad taste to have it featured in games, movies, or any other entertainment medium.

Those who get it, understand. Those who don't need to get out of the house and get some fresh air, as can be evidenced by a great deal of morons commenting on this post below.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1170d ago
If gaming is to be accepted as a legitimate medium of entertainment, then yes.
Pornographic video games should be sold at adult stores just like pornographic movies.

It's that simple.
pixelsword  +   1170d ago
Kratos sez:

Old topic.
cleft5  +   1170d ago
One of main game developers that is brave enough to even attempt to tackle issues of sexuality gets hated on like crazy by hardcore gamers. I am of course talking about games made by Bioware. Despite flaws in games like Me3, Me2, and DA2 those games actually deal with the issue of sexuality and sexual preference.

Yet this is completely overlooked in favor of hating on those games because they where rush or had bad endings. We as gamers can claim we want more mature games, but when those games do come along they don't find the support they deserve.
madjedi  +   1170d ago
@Cleft5 Some of us are playing games to enjoy the story line, the combat, the environment, the lore.

Not because we can play a hetero or homo relationship simulator, with differing main character genders. And imagine being gay or straight ect.

" I am of course talking about games made by Bioware. Despite flaws in games like Me3, Me2, and DA2 those games actually deal with the issue of sexuality and sexual preference. "

"Yet this is completely overlooked in favor of hating on those games because they where rush or had bad endings."

Yes it failed to live up to the purchasers expections, so they failed in the most important aspect which is to be a fun game and good experience for the player.

Does this actually have to be addressed to gamers? You do realize these aren't marketed as dating/marriage simulators right.

"We as gamers can claim we want more mature games, but when those games do come along they don't find the support they deserve."

We as individuals should stop speaking for gamers other than ourselves, because mature content is subjective. Even them deserving support is subjective to the user.

And that is perfect example as to why sex should be left out of most games to me. Because the you can see the crusaders dying to use video games as a perfect medium to try and push a agenda on people.

Realize not everyone wants repeated drama, like when hitman's assassin "nuns" were revealed or the numerous white knight bloggers went apeshit over the girlfriend mode quote.

"One of main game developers that is brave enough to even attempt to tackle issues of sexuality gets hated on like crazy by hardcore gamers."

Too bad a healthy percentage of bioware fans, also consider bioware have really lost touch with their real fanbase and the kinds of things that are important to gamers. Judging by the reception of da2 and me2(complaints of the rpg elements being gutted) and me3.

Be a gamer first, then a "insert whatever category you want" second, if not you don't belong on a gaming website. Because you sound more like a political mouth piece than an actual gamer.
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Bloodraid  +   1170d ago
Nope, I can't understand why it's fine to brutally mutilate and torture people, but rape is way over the line.

Care to explain?
Pushagree  +   1170d ago
Watch the 2010 remake of "I spit on your grave." All of it. If you still can't understand after that, i'd advise counceling.
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thehitman  +   1170d ago
1 is pure violence. The other is an disgraceful sexual act. Its like going to prison for doing a crime depending on what u are there for inmates see certain acts of crime as disgraceful and will make your life hell for it even though they all there because they have done bad/horrible things. Certain things just shouldn't be played/acted out so ya raping some one in game would be quite over the line and if u cant see that then ya like hollow said not enough time in the world to help explain that.
Bloodraid  +   1170d ago
Not gonna bother.

So.. something is automatically worse just because society sees it that way, even if there's no reason to. Right, got it.
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Bimkoblerutso  +   1170d ago
Rape is a crime predicated on innocent victims. For the most part (and just to be clear, I am not attempting to justify the amount of violence in our games) violence is USUALLY presented in a very black and white environment in games. Enemies or opponents are either clearly evil, or at least willing participants in the violence.

Rape is just preying on the weak. Surely you can see the difference between shooting a bunch of armed, hostile soldiers and raping a seemingly unwilling, underage girl....
Pushagree  +   1170d ago
If you're not even going to take an objective look at the other side of the argument to see if what you are saying is total lunacy or not, then maybe you don't deserve to even have an opinion on this subject.

You think you are being deep and insightful, but you're not. You're being a close minded prick. Go ahead and report that if it makes you feel sad. You will just prove that i'm right.
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Bloodraid  +   1170d ago
You seem to be under the impression that every game that involves killing has willing participants, which is a load of shit.

Objectively, murder is far worse than rape. It's just become so commonplace in society that nobody thinks twice when it happens.

Edit: I think that I should clarify that I'm not defending rape in any way. I just think it's ridiculous and hypocritical to condemn rape and justify mass genocide and torture in the same sentence.

Murder(Verb): "Kill intentionally and with premeditation."

That's because games portray anyone who is an opponent as a bad guy. Subjectively, everyone that you kill is a bad guy. But looking at it objectively, that's not necessarily the case.

- Hitman Games
- Postal Games
- Grand Theft Auto Games (In general, you're a criminal).
- Payday: the Heist (In general, you're a criminal).
- Museum Scenes in Uncharted 2 & 3 (Not killing, but just goes to show that your enemies are not always 'bad guys').
- Dark Brotherhood in the Elder Scrolls games.
- InFamous (Evil Side-missions usually involve killing innocents).
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thehitman  +   1170d ago
@blood not all killing is considered "murder" first off. Thats like saying everyone in the army are just murderers because they have to kill people. In games usually killing is a form of objective against the enemy "bad guys". I have yet to play a game where your just killing random innocent people for fun maybe GTA... is the small exception but still if u do that they have mechanics to show that it isnt good to do that and cops will come after u. Even in that game they have sense of right and wrong, but leave it to the gamer to chose that. In terms of raping someone there should never be any reason behind it. NOTHING can justify raping a person. There is not even a slither of good that can come out of it, nothing can make it seem right to do. So to group rape with just killing in games is kinda retarded and u need help if u think they should be held to the same standard.
nukeitall  +   1170d ago
There are plenty of things I see wrong with society including religion, superstition and smoking.

Still it doesn't mean it shouldn't be available to others.

Therefore I believe rape in game (even though I would never play such a game) should be allowed just like violence is.

As a group, gamers are heavily stigmatized and stereotyped yet we do it to another group of people. Because you play a rape game doesn't mean you are going to rape people nor does playing a shooter game mean you are going to kill people.

Rape in real life tends to be about power, not about sexual desires.

Don't like it, don't play it, but don't stop others from doing it!!!
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inb4its2late  +   1170d ago

I totally disagree. Lets just put it this way. Would you rather be raped or just shot in cold blood? If you had to choose one which would you choose?
vortis  +   1170d ago

I'd rather be shot than raped. What kind of f***ed up logic is it to want to live with the shame and psychological impairment that comes with rape?

You do know that people NEVER and I do mean NEVER fully recover from rape right? Go read up some horror stories from real life victims of how they have to spend the rest of their life in therapy and counseling to deal with that.

Rape is worse than murder because it's like living in a tortured shell for the entirety of your life. Dying can be honorable, rape is NEVER honorable.

I could die defending a family member and die proud. Could you say the same about being raped?

Too many kids have no idea how real-life work and are just talking out of their arses on here.

There was a recent story about a jury who wanted to overturn a sentence on a guy after he murdered two people. The reason they wanted to overturn the sentence was because the two guys he murdered repeatedly raped him when he was young and it destroyed his life. He's been quacked up ever since.

As I said, read some real-life accounts of rape victims, you'll think twice about saying it's better than dying.
insomnium2  +   1170d ago

" I just think it's ridiculous and hypocritical to condemn rape and justify mass genocide and torture in the same sentence"

I would love to hear the name of the games that include torture and mass genocide. There is torture and over the top violence in Manhunt and we have all read the uproar that game got. It was banned in several countries for it.

We all heard the uproar with that one particular mission in MW2. People DON'T approve mindless killing. There's always a clear bad guy who is shooting back at you in 99% of violent games.

You talk about rape with a tone that clearly tells me you have never been around rape victims. It's kinda sad to read your comments. I'll just leave it at that.

Sex in games should be ok in my books. There has always been oversexualuzed combatants in fighting games for example and it's ok. When we talk about actual intercourse the game needs to show it in a proper way. As in real life too the women cannot be there just to satisfy men. This is what pornography has ruined for many women.

We need to portray sex as the way so that BOTH participants enjoy the ride. Do the woman first since we all know what happens after a guy shoots his load.

@ nuke must be under 20yo.

@ vortis

"You do know that people NEVER and I do mean NEVER fully recover from rape right? Go read up some horror stories from real life victims of how they have to spend the rest of their life in therapy and counseling to deal with that. "

I'm glad to see a sane person in here every now and then. This must be an age thing. Like I've said most of the time people under 25yo are effed up KIDS.
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Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1170d ago
Wow. Just talking about this with a rape victim, and you guys scare me.

To paraphrase...rape is more than just an assault. It is a violation, physical and mental torture. It takes your body, your very self and makes it a weapon against you. Something wonderful is made into something horrid.

Maybe Bloodraid needs to take Pushagree's advice and watch the damn movie. Maybe we all should for God's sake. From his viewpoint, he should rule a African country. Rape is used as a weapon in wars on the continent. He'd be okay with it.
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nukeitall  +   1170d ago

" must be under 20yo."

That is a very intelligent response! You really shed some light on what is wrong with my comment and opened up a debate there. /s

If anything, the comment shows you likely have the mental capacity of someone in the early teens. I suggest you come back with an argument or read more, and say less.

"I'm glad to see a sane person in here every now and then. This must be an age thing. Like I've said most of the time people under 25yo are effed up KIDS."

I have met plenty of kids far more mature than legal adults! Perhaps you are one of those adults since you keep talking about others as "kids".
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Imalwaysright  +   1169d ago
Great now we have a war on wich act is worst! Killing VS rape. Both those actions are equally despicable and condemned by society as it should be. Performing one isnt better or worst than performing the other one so i dont understand why is it ok to portray one but not ok to portray the other! Should they both be portrayed in videogames? Maybe not but videogames, like most art forms, are a reflection of our society and we cant run away from reality so wether we like it or not those acts will be recurring themes on our movies, books and even videogames.
TheTimeDoctor  +   1167d ago
rape is egregiously worse. there are plenty of good reasons to kill, but there isn't a single reason to rape. heinous. still should be in games if it is part of narrative. games are stories.
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Blaze929  +   1170d ago
The way I see it, they didn't make that AO rating for nothing.
terrordactyl  +   1170d ago
So, it's ok to murder 500 prostitutes in GTA, but totally wrong to have a rape scene?

Are you suggesting rape is worse than mass murder?
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1170d ago
Personally, I don't kill the prostitutes unless I'm in a car. Then I'm killing anyone on the sidewalk with the cops chasing me!

Having a game put you in a open world with guns and people running around doesn't justify a rape scene.

Really, are we so sick we're justifying rape in games? Women play games, so we're just going to be insensitive to a demographics that makes up at least half the frickin' world.
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MDC31   1170d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
corrus  +   1170d ago
I think that in the games have to have and little sex
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WiiStation_360  +   1170d ago
Like Crash Bandicoot? ....No.
ninjabake  +   1170d ago
I say no, considering it's impossible for those kind of games that explicitly depict sex or any extreme nudity in any way, to be put on consoles. They'll warrant an AO rating and essentially receive the kiss of death. There is hope in the PC market tho
vortis  +   1170d ago
There's also porn.

Just sayin'.
ninjabake  +   1170d ago
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Getowned  +   1170d ago
I say yes, maybe not a full out sex game but sex in a game. For example Dragon Age Origins had dry humping LOL it would of been nice to have seen them have actual sex instead of rubbing themselves on each other in their undies. Maybe a mode for anyone under 18 to censor out the naughty bits.

Censored version

Adult version(not sex but a nude mod) WARNING ADULTS ONLY naked cartoon girls
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violents  +   1170d ago
I think its because the world still views video games as something childish and when you begin to put very adult themes on something the general public views as childish all they can think is "your going to let my children view rubbish like this" even tho it may have the mature rating on the front. Just like COD or something, its not supposed to be for kid but you know they will get thier hands on it eventually so everyone freaks out and the few that are offended ruin it for the rest of us.

I will agree however that it seems rediculous that you can dismember burn and piss all over others in video games and thats all well and good but you bring up a sex scene that a little to graphic or even mention rape(if you pretend it doesnt happen than it doesnt exist right) then people get all bent out of shape. For god's sake, sex sells people its in nearly every aspect of our lives, if it wasn't than why does the cereal commercial need at hot chick with big titties in it?
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1170d ago
You make a good point about the worlds view on gaming, and that also needs to change, because movies aren't looked at in the same light, neither is music. You have kids movies, and family movies, then you have mature, and adult ones.

I also think that parents should take it upon themselves to educate their children about sex. I mean think about, If a young 13 year old girl is hungry, her parents will tend to her needs and get her food. If this young girl needs more clothing because she wants to look a certain way, the parents come to the rescue again. She needs books for school, money to name it, the parents provide that. But the minute she goes through her puberty and start to get horny and want boys and what not, then most parents goes absent, as if it's not their job to educate them on that topic.

At one of the most important stages of his or her life, he/she will suddenly find themselves navigating it alone. Parent, filled with shame,will usually let some stranger introduce him/her to the topic as opposed to guiding the kid through it. And to me that makes no sense.

Yet, by this age, boys and girls are already sexually active, parents normally can tell, but they either pretend it's not happening, or goes completely over react to it.
prototypeknuckles  +   1170d ago
no, why people still bitch and moan about a scantily clad woman in videogames, heck videogames still get blamed for violence the most, but its perfectly okay for comics, tv shows, and movies to do it.
Wintersun616  +   1170d ago
If internet, books, movies and even music is ready for sex, then gaming sure as hell is ready too. Some gamers may not be, but that's no reason to keep sexual content away from games.
SageHonor  +   1170d ago
If it's necessary in the game. Sure
Moncole  +   1170d ago
I would say no. Look how people react when Bayonetta 2 was annouced as a Wii U exclusive, that shows people aren't mature enough. And these mothers and fox news would go crazy.
bubblebeam  +   1169d ago
Completely different. While not a fan of Bayonetta (Havn't played it to tell you the truth), I can understand why fans are pissed.

Besides, the ratings we have for games dictates (or at least implies) who should be playing them anyway.
Most gamers are ready, maybe not the vocal minority.

I think the real question is, are YOU ready for sex in games. I know I am ;)
KillerPwned  +   1170d ago
I wish more mature games would take in the drama and romance that is in sex. Take The Witcher 2 for example the way sex was implemented in that game I though was fantastic. It proved to be a strong point in the story even though on the side you could go find a whore.

As a hole people need to grow up, its sex and when the topic of your child comes into play. That is when the parents needs to be a parent and know what their son or daughter is playing. Just like a movie they should know what they are watching. If we can have other media use sex then why not mature games. Its the developers responsibility to implement it in their game in the most appropriate way. Then the parent to know what their child is getting into.
MiamiACR21  +   1170d ago
If clipping issues are still there by the time they think they are ready, then things are going to get kinky real fast.
MadMen  +   1170d ago
Yes, Art, movies etc already have this and call it "expression" no reason games should not join.
vork77  +   1170d ago
sex been in gaming mostly in japan
Tdmd  +   1170d ago
Sex in gaming?! Don't be ridiculous, that's imoral! Although...
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l3Display  +   1170d ago
The question is...Are you ready for sex?
omi25p  +   1169d ago
My Body is ready.
GTRrocker666  +   1170d ago
I dont see how it would fit. Sex in movies is cheesy for the most part. If it had to do with the story or gameplay then im for it , i doubt it ever will though. Just dont shoe horn it in because there needs to be a love story or whatever. Im Sorry but the sex scene in Mass Effect were hilarious and so stupid. Also the sex in god of war and gta 4 were also funny, But i think the last two were meant to be.

Thats why i cant stand most movies now. Im not offened by it. I just think it is pointless and isnt necessary and often cheapens the experience by making it stupid and formulaic. Kind of like the love scenes in the Michael Mann film Heat. Adds nothing to characters or story at all.

If you are going to have sex in games, just make a porn game. Have sex be the whole point of the game. Dont do a stupid steamy love scene with a saxophone playing in the background like Top Gun or some shit like that. No one that actually takes story telling seriously wants to really sit through that crap. Thats what youporn is for.
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IcarusOne  +   1170d ago
Couldn't disagree more and I feel sorry for you that you're unable to experience the intimacy of some of these movies. Heat is a masterpiece on every level. The sex in Good Will Hunting is sole of the best character development in the movie. Also The Cooler with William H Macy. And for the all time high, watch The Dreamers.

If you're unable to enjoy sex in movies when it's done tastefully and with purpose, then it sounds like you have a problem with sex, not sex in movies.

And I believe games can and should try to achieve this level of artistic expression. But so long as the money controls the content, we won't be seeing a lot of it. That's why I applaud games like ME and Heavy Rain, for trying to weave human relationships into their sexuality. Pass or fail, we should all applaud the attempt if we want the gaming industry to mature with us.
KillerPwned  +   1169d ago
Have you ever played The Wither 2 or even the first one? Romance along with sex plays a big part in the story.
Angerfist  +   1170d ago
Is N4G ready for Sex?
bubblebeam  +   1169d ago
I think too many people on here already are having sex...... with their consoles the way they talk about them. Xbox, PC, Ps3 and Wii included.

Hopefully the vocal minority and psychologists don't get to dictate what so many of us gamers are ready for.

Gaming has come a long way since the hardcore basement geeks ( AKA tha legends) and I think if lame ass romantic comedies that our mums watch can have it, so can the games that are made by hundreds of talented individuals.
GTRrocker666  +   1169d ago
No one is having sex with a wii anymore.... well maybe if you have some friends over and you are all drunk...
KMCROC54  +   1170d ago
Don't know about gaming ,but am always ready for sex.
bubblebeam  +   1169d ago
So is your hand.........
KMCROC54  +   1169d ago
Yeah she been on vacation for last ten years.
ninjahunter  +   1170d ago
Im ready for sex and that aint happening ZING!!! Wait... What have i done?!
tubers  +   1170d ago
LOL I feel like sometimes, some big hidden group is trying to control society making violence much more acceptable over some more controversial sex stuff.. for you know..


(Yeah I'm crazy) xD
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Hassassin  +   1170d ago
M83_  +   1170d ago
I think gaming as a medium will mature and branch out. It's only natural that sex might become more integral into certain types of games *if* it is handled appropriately and maturely. Even if it was for fun like in a GTA game, then I think that would be harmless too.

But I'll say one thing, we are far off that mark if the negative articles about Mass Effect's "sex scenes" involving gay sex are anything to go by. If you want sex to be implemented maturely then you have to look at all aspects of sexuality.

Either way, I'm not too pushed about sex being brought into games mainstream. I have no aversion to it at all but for right now, and given the current mentality surrounding the subject, I just don't care about it.
MonopolyRSV  +   1170d ago
Look at how dumbed down and stupid you all are. You want to be conquered by the foreign introduction of pornography just like the Japanese? Guess it's no great surprise that that's where a major portion of the games are made.
GTRrocker666  +   1170d ago
Wah people have different opinion than me and i view myself better than them wah

It must such a burden being so smart GTFO
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1170d ago
I don't see the point of pornography games what you expecting a Kinect porn game so you can have a good reason to masterbate
ShadowKingx  +   1170d ago
There will be a lot of error messages “Please Move Closer To The Kinect Camera Object Is Too Small” lol
mamotte  +   1170d ago
hahahaha, oh, god. That made my day.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1170d ago
mamotte  +   1170d ago
This is some kind of new fashion in N4G. Sex in games isn't anything new, we just hace a suddenly lack of memory. There in Japan are A LOT of hentai-pornography games, I can even remember playing strip solitaire and tetris when I was young, there was a game called "singles" in Europe, it was some kind of game like The Sims, but the end of the game was having sex.

But it looks like some people isn't prepared to sex in theior full of violence and guts videogames.
Getowned  +   1169d ago
true if only more people watched GameFap lol He plays sex games with commentary.. Its sooo hilarious XD

ryusdwnbnmfjwh   1170d ago | Spam
JoeSchmoh  +   1170d ago
I just laugh at everything we make fun of that the japanese do or create, we copy and adapt it years later. Cameras on erotic videogames..i'm waiting for arcades to come back to america...then we'll be all good. LOL!
Skateboard  +   1170d ago
Has there ever been sex on a Nintendo console ? Doubt it no Nintendo character gets laid even Mario doesn't get laid XD
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Xenomorph  +   1170d ago
Considering they had sex games in the DOS era, I'd say yes, for some time now?
C_Dub  +   1170d ago
mmmmmmm yeah.....that 8 bit sex was intense.
rainslacker  +   1170d ago
I miss the original Leisure Suit Larry with the black censor bar. :)
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