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spektical  +   1242d ago
heres my take.

if someone people get off to rape like simulaters, kudos to them. Anything goes as long as it doesnt harm others, and i say that in an educated tone. Just because you don't like something doesnt mean someone else can't enjoy it if its in the privacy of their own home and legal. Virtual is not the same as realistic, if the person becomes a headcase blame the person not the game.

and no im not into those sims, but there definitely needs to a level of freedom to enjoy things you like.
claud3  +   1242d ago
Sex as always been in games and you have to be blind to miss it
2pacalypsenow  +   1242d ago
sex in games yes porn games no
level 360  +   1242d ago
Anything concerning sex is risky and mixing it with gaming riskier.

When you say gaming it's always assumed the word is connected to kids so adding sex is a no-no.

Add to that the very juvenile acts and often confrontational attitudes shown by a lot of the gaming community in general.

Think some are ready but most are not.
AlucardFury  +   1242d ago
Now that's something I'd prefer doing personally than just playing a simulation of it, just saying....
Jason143  +   1242d ago
did the author never here of panasonic 3do and voyeur or blonde justice :) Sex has been in gaming for a long time
optimus  +   1242d ago
Well he did say he's been gaming for ALMOST 20 yrs so seeing it now is pretty much new to him... For the rest of us one button joystick wielding old coots we remember sex in games from waaay back...(does anyone remember the dildo boss from Forgotten Worlds?)...

I think the issue today is that game ratings aren't really enforced and whenever a violent act or misbehavior happens that is remotely similar to a video game that individual may or may not have played then everyone immediately points the finger if they can't find a better explanation.
So it is best to ban or try to ban those types of games in order to "protect" the "fragile" and "innocent" minds of our "children"...(as Fox News will have you believe).

Personally, i don't mind sex in games as long as it's done tastefully like the pc leisure suit larry games.
Jason143  +   1241d ago
I never did beat the old dos one. I always got to the casino and could never figure out the next step. Yes those were fun back in the day and tastefull.
sharkraiden0  +   1242d ago
no.. sex is ugly in games way UGLY... with these technologies... just look AC2 or bioware games UGLY sex or sexy scenes...
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Mkai28  +   1242d ago
Too many kids on games as is, so no.They seem to be trying to make games less like a game and more like movies. I like seeing girls doing such "activities" as the next, but does sex have to be in everything? What extent are they talking about, a full interactive porno game? Evenso, they already have those. This sounds like a pervert who wants more to do then just take a woman's clothes off in a game. Ppl need to get on with the ways of life and find someone, instead of having limited fantasies on a game.
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ApolloTheBoss  +   1242d ago
Is this a joke?
claud3  +   1242d ago
I might hate the fact that people put sex in games and do not get out more. But sex sells and its always been in games and its nothing knew. This article does not surprise nor change the fact sex was always there
Elvis  +   1242d ago
Yes, I want gay sex scenes in every video game I play.
kopicha  +   1242d ago
games have their own ratings just like movies. it's just another form of interactive entertainment. it still boils down to the mentality of individuals on what they should or should not be doing in reality as oppose to in video games or watching a movie. don't blame the game or movie. anyone committing a crime is a fault of their own. just like games have a lot of killings, does that mean we have to go out there to kill someone? no. there are a lot of murder case and etc out there too. does that mean dev should stop making games that kill ppl? its just about the same thing imo. if thats the case then everyone just go play mario. no other game should ever existed.

so to me, raping scene in a video game is nothing. its so common even in movies. from my pov, anything that movie can make, so video game can. it's just that simple. becuz if a game with those design should not be release, so movies should not be made with those stuffs as well.
madeinLeeds  +   1242d ago
Fanboys with erections can NEVER be a good thing!!! U HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!
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