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blue_flowers  +   933d ago
finally, we need Beyond Good and Evil 2!
Parappa  +   933d ago
projects "LIKE" Beyond Good & Evil 2.
blue_flowers  +   933d ago
no, i understand what he said, im saying we need a Beyond Good and Evil 2, even if they're not currently working on it....
Freak of Nature  +   933d ago
BG&E2 and the Last guardian wait has been quite frustrating. The next Oddworld game beyond cash cow remakes has had me waiting for more than 7 years now. Dark Cloud has virtually disappeared...Insomniacs Overstrike is now over 1 year of nothing, looks like my gaming taste is all about vaporware LOL...

So it's great to hear something about 1 of my most wanted having a chance at gaming life...
doogiebear  +   933d ago
Yeah, and make it be much longer than the first game (which was awesome).
prototypeknuckles  +   933d ago
finally its about time we gets this sequel, now alll i need is a prince of persia 08 sequel and im good
Venox2008  +   932d ago
I want bg&e2 soo badly! I hope it will come to wii u & pc & etc..

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