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b163o1  +   1256d ago
Been with FIFA since 06, I see no reason to break tradition.

S/N When did Robinho start play for Barcelona? /sarcasm
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3-4-5  +   1256d ago
Been with Fifa since same here.

Game looks awesome . Can't wait to start my Manager mode, Create a team ..ect...
Wh15ky  +   1254d ago
FIFA 98 - FIFA 2003
Pro Evo 2 - Pro Evo 6
FIFA 08 - present

I don't see any advantage to me as a gamer/ consumer in pledging allegiance to one franchise for the sake of it. FIFA is a better game at the moment.
Belking  +   1256d ago
To much arcade game play for me.
Slysi  +   1256d ago
Can I have the game now plz pretty plz

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