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tigertron  +   748d ago
R.I.P, he was a great actor, such a loss. :(
Blitz001  +   748d ago
"Please boss, don't put that thing over my face, don't put me in the dark. I'm afraid of the dark." :(
TrevorPhillips  +   748d ago
A video tribute I have made for Michael C Duncan

Related video
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CYBERHATER  +   748d ago
Will be sorely missed RIP.
lorcraven  +   748d ago
Why do awesome people keep DYING!!!!!
PS3Freak  +   748d ago
Just watched a funny ass episode of two and a half men with him in it. He will be missed.
Jamaicangmr  +   748d ago
Rest in Peace Michael, I have no words this was such a shock. His death is a great loss to us all.
FaSCoRP  +   748d ago
I'll miss the big guy. Almost anything he did was good, even voice acting. Very few guys can give a first impression like him, with his voice and body. Loved him in Green Mile and very fun with Charlie Sheen being Celeste's father.
ado908  +   748d ago
Wow what a great loss and what a great actor. He will surely be missed by alot of people. When I saw this on the news headline on I couldnt believe my own eyes man.

Also who are the idiot,immature, selfish bastards that are disagreeing with people who are paying their respects to him. Is something wrong with you? Have you no shame? My God this society is a mess with people like these.
Getowned  +   748d ago

RIP! God bless this man he was always a vary entertaining actor

I was just looking at all the shows,games and movies he acted in, he had an amazing career.

its a shame, my heart goes out to his family.
linkenski  +   748d ago
Such a great actor, and such a shame to see him go at such a young age!
Unztayble  +   748d ago
rest in peace.
Rupee  +   748d ago
RIP Michael! We'll miss you...
Loki86  +   748d ago
R.I.P. MCD you were one of the greats, prayers and condolences to your loved ones.
Tacklebait  +   748d ago
Tarvitz  +   748d ago
Hell. I'd not even heard about the heart attack.
dubal-e  +   748d ago
R.I.P. M.C.D
KrimsonKody  +   748d ago
"I looove Baby Michael (Jackson)!"

¦^D Lol

frankiebeans  +   748d ago
When I herd of his passing I went and re-watched the green mile has to be one of my favorite movies off all time.
there is no other movie that can keep you engaged for 3hrs without getting tired like that movie can.

RIP Michael Clark Duncan
BudMcMuffin2go  +   748d ago
RIP Friend see you on the other side, wonderful actor never to be forgotten
Aclay  +   748d ago
A shame he had to die at just 54...he had so many more good years ahead of him if he was he was in good health. He did some great voice work though--That deep voice of his was always unmistakeable.

It was only just several months ago that I just saw The Green Mile for the first time, what a performance that was! Rest in Peace big guy.
stumpa  +   748d ago
Sad news green mile is a classic film made all the better for his sterling performance and by all accounts he was a good bloke and no matter what anyone on here says 54 is relatively young to die considering todays life expectancy in modern society RIP Mr Duncan
forcefullpower  +   748d ago
Sad when such great people that give so much to the rest of us pass away. RIP you will be missed
Premonition  +   747d ago
R,I.P you will be missed. Also don't forget he was on another TV show called "The Finder". Still a fresh show and its sad he wont be in it anymore.
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