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wwm0nkey  +   1250d ago
Hopefully they put it up again soon. I imagine a lot more people want to play it now since Gorund Zeroes was revealed.
TrendyGamers  +   1250d ago
It's most likely a similar situation to Hybrid. Pulling it from Live to fix it, then putting it back up soon.
StayStatic  +   1249d ago
The S3 Plan is in full effect
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1250d ago
I bought the MGS Collection just recently so yea i'm happy i did so and makes me more excited for Ground Zeros.
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AO1JMM  +   1250d ago
That sucks! I was attempting to buy it all weekend too.

Seriously? a disagree? What are you disagreeing with? N4G needs to get rid of this agree/disagree system as its just abused.
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BringingTheThunder  +   1250d ago
if you dont have mgs 2 and 3, its probably $10 more to buy the collection in stores.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1250d ago
I think a better alternative is to reveal who agree or disagree with a comment......
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QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1249d ago
You can see who agrees and disagrees with submission reports, so why not?
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SolidDuck  +   1250d ago
Haha oh fanboys, ground zeroes will be multiplat. I really don't get fanboys. I mean I understand wanting good games for your platform choice. But why the lying and hate, its a piece of electronics. And this is coming from someone who games exclusively on a ps3. But I don't hate 360 gamers. And I can't wait for ground zeroes, I love metal gear and the gameplay they showed looked fantastic. And peace walker is a great game, hope its back up on xb live soon. Playing metal gear Co op is a great experience.
clevernickname  +   1250d ago
This doesn't make a lot of sense considering that you can still buy the HD collection that features the game.
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Mono-san  +   1250d ago
Without any fanboy-bullshit:

I don't get why anyone would want to play either, the MGS HD Collection or GZ's on anything, but the Ps3/or a sony console for that matter. If you like the series, why not like it as a whole, and get the console that features the whole saga? Or does a game suddenly become better because it's on the console you own?

Why would anyone even want to start playing a series without true beginning or/AND end?
Septic  +   1250d ago
So by your logic, people wanting to play Mass Effect completely should buy a 360 as opposed to PS3?
Mono-san  +   1250d ago
I wouldn't say that is a fair comparison, since part 2 contains part 1 as some kind of graphic novel. I for one, prefer to play the game myself, so yes. I'd get it for my 360 or pc.

But as I said, it's not really the same. Imagine Halo 2 and Reach being rereleased for ps3 with Halo 4 going multiplat. People getting it for ps3 still would not be able to enjoy the series as a whole, they would have to buy a 360 to do so. But then they would have one series across two different sytems, which would be kinda awkward.
aviator189  +   1250d ago
Maybe because some people already have an xbox 360 and can't afford to shell out any more money for a new console??

That argument can be made for the ps3 as well. Suppose you can take the mass effect series or the prey games. The old prey game is a little under $10 now. Do you honestly expect someone who has a ps3 to purchase an xbox 360 for the sole reason to play a now-$10 game just so he or she could experience the full story and franchise history with prey 2 coming up?
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Mono-san  +   1250d ago
The first prey game is availlable for Pc as well, with 2 being put on hold. All I'm saying is, that if you really are into gaming, you put the games first and the system second.

That is why I own a 360 and a Wii as well, and it's not like I'm super rich or something. I'm just very dedicated to videogames of all kinds. Not to forget that this has been one pretty long console cycle so it's not like you would have to get 'em all at once.

All I'm saying is: If you enjoy MGS you really shouldn't miss out on 4 because of a console barrier. Not only is it an excellent game, but one huge part of the MGS saga, and aside from that, there are a lot more games, you might enjoy.
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lilmetal  +   1250d ago
Ummm, when can the Vita get Peace Walker HD...? Let's talk about that...
Tito08  +   1249d ago
We don't know for sure, but I highly doubt it'll see release, but you still can play the original PSP version which they added support of both analog sticks on Vita, it still looks pretty good on the Vita screen...
Bumpmapping  +   1250d ago
360 controller=Disgrace to the franchise
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M1chl  +   1249d ago
Its kinda wierd, because there is a huge ad in marketplace with PW. That sucks, but I have my HD edition for both consoles, so doesn't bother me : )
NBT91  +   1249d ago
Out of interest, why buy it for both? Collection purposes?
M1chl  +   1249d ago
Actually no, I want a collectors edition, but also play the game soon. I ordered a PS3 collectors edition, but when the game launched the collectors edition was nowhere to be found in my country. So I went to game store and they have only X360 version, so I picked that up. After maybe month (!) PS3 version arrived and I still haven't finished the X360 version and collectors edition is so nice, that I kept both version : )
clevernickname  +   1249d ago
Have you noticed any differences between the 360 and PS3 versions? I know the 360 version comes on two discs, but beyond that are there any perceptible differences between them?
M1chl  +   1249d ago
I am pretty sensitive to framerate and is seems to me that PS3 sometimes oeprates at lower framerate. But its not a big deal,its mostly in cutscenes and it is always in range 30-60, so there is no stuttering. If you don't have direct comparison, you probably wouldn't noticed a thing : ) Graphics is same on both version and PS3 have the advantage on original control scheme (analog buttons on PS3 controller) its really down to your preference. Hope that helps : )
clevernickname  +   1249d ago

Thanks for your comments!
wenaldy  +   1249d ago
Real grown men plays Peace Walker on PSP :p
Gamesgbkiller  +   1249d ago
Ohh man!

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