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princeofthabay  +   1258d ago
That's why I'm not get a CE.
venom06  +   1257d ago
because they know dumb sheep people are going to buy this stupid game, even without Elite because all this sites are making people believe that this is actually something new when its the same campy, laggy gameplay.. (as seen from the streaming videos)... enjoy paying for 2 games sheeple..
jimbobwahey  +   1257d ago
This is hilarious coming from a dumb sheep that gobbles up every regurgitated shooter that EA dumps out with more regularity than even Activision could dream of.

You're such a blind fanboy that you can't even see that you fall for exactly the same tricks that you accuse other people of falling prey to, just for a different company.
3-4-5  +   1257d ago
Stop speaking on behalf of other people.

You don't know how or what anybody else thinks, except yourself.

I am a human, not a sheep. I play what I like. I love strategy games, but something about FPS....the quality ones at least, have appealed to me.

If you have actually taken the time to pay attention to the videos and not just look at them, then you wouldn't have even made the post you did.

Who gets mad at other people for enjoying something ?

like " damn you for liking something I don't "

^ Your thought process is very........2nd grade
Mini0510  +   1257d ago
some random kid on the N4G hates CoD. Classic.
You clearly need get a life or gtfo
GasTankKiller  +   1257d ago
As much of a fan I'm not of Activison. They would be crazy to include the service in the collectors edition. Yes, I know its a better value for the consumer including the service. And if the service hand not sold so well maybe they would have included it. You still save around $11.00 vs buying all the map packs with Elite. If you don't find value in something just don't buy it. Plan and simple. I know that can be hard for some to understand.
jay2  +   1257d ago
PMSL guys, you kiss acties bums yr on yr with COD, so you'll keep getting ripped off it's your own stupid faults.
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vallencer  +   1257d ago
In all honesty I would much rather have all the in game content that they're giving me then elite. Would it have been awesome if they included that well of course. But the hardened edition for mw3 only had elite in it and some avatar things if I remember correctly. So I believe treyarch is offering much more even without elite.
SleazyChimp  +   1257d ago
Well they only included it last year to get the mindless ones hooked on it. Now that they have tasted the crack theres no more freebies. Why so surprised?
GamerElite  +   1257d ago
You can bet their is a lot cod fans out there due all the disagrees on the comments here. I'm sure I will also get disagrees.

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