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thorstein  +   1189d ago
Unfortunately. It was a barely used, uninteresting group of preteens. What did they restart it?
morventhus  +   1189d ago
eh its an alright service... it doesnt always like to work... still cant hook up steam to it correctly
P1NKY  +   1189d ago
I found I had to set my Steam profile to public, this includes your inventory. Then you should get an email from Steam.
Series_IIa  +   1189d ago
No, but some friends have on Facebook and it is pissing annoying getting status updates about how they are in the top x percentage of users on that game!
whitesoxfalife1976  +   1189d ago
so ....u mad?
JKelloggs  +   1189d ago
You could easily hide the posts from Raptr on your newsfeed...
MorbidPorpoise  +   1189d ago
Or just delete the friend.
Soldierone  +   1189d ago
I use it. There are too many communities though. Its like the PlayStation Boards before the recent re-organization of the forums. They had a forum for each little thing, then that broke down into a specific game, its just going by letter. But as a newbie thats a bit overwhelming at first.

Raptr is like that. It has a category for different things, some general, some specific, and then breaks down into specific games and communities. Can be annoying at times.
sourav93  +   1189d ago
I use it. I find it quite convenient sometimes e.g. I have the Raptr desktop app installed, so whenever one of my friends on psn start playing a certain game, I get notified. This is pretty useful when I'd like to play that particular game with that person.
Plus, since Raptr has access to all your data from your games library, it ranks you based on the number of trophies/achievements you have and/or the number of hours you have spent playing for each game. So, based on your rank, it shows you links and posts from other people with the same rank in that particular game, and you also get access to guides which are relevant to your rank.
Overall, though the service is still young, I feel it has the makings of being definitive way in which gamers interact i.e. the ultimate social network for gamers. Give it a go. There's no harm in trying, and, it's FREE.
DarthJay  +   1189d ago
I've enjoyed it for a long time. I liked it more when it let you compare my achievements compared to others on Raptr, or when I was one of the first X amount of people to get the achievement. That stuff may still bet here, but they did a great job hiding it and I kind of liked being able to see it.
Lugia5000  +   1189d ago
If rewards were avaiable everywhere then id use it.
whitesoxfalife1976  +   1189d ago
what u mean by that lugia
Lugia5000  +   1189d ago
Rewards are only avaiable in some countries.
DeadlyFire  +   1189d ago
Raptr is awesome I believe. I don't use it for facebook, but I can track friends on Xfire and Steam and get my whole crew together if I feel like it.

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