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DNAbro  +   1198d ago
Damn the Sony fanboys are out in full force. There is no way to spin this in to good numbers. Sony has to do something drastic in order to increase sales.
neoMAXMLC  +   1198d ago
Funny. Looking at the comments, it seems to be the exact opposite.
Brettman2008  +   1198d ago
One thing is pretty certain, if sales don't improve, and the install base doesn't become substantive, then third party game developers will stay away. It is a vicious cycle, less console sales = less third party games developed = less console sales.

I think they need to cut prices, and especially, pack in a memory card (at least 8GB) with every console (worldwide). Here in Australia, the Vita and 8GB memory card is almost $400, about $100 more than a PS3.
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kornbeaner  +   1198d ago
BLAH, BLAH TERRIBLE SALES BLAH! I have owned one since launch and its the most played system in my house. At this point I don't care if only Sony Makes games for it. They have a stock of great developers and have been able to make a portable system for which they can make ports of their PS3 titles with very little loss in Graphical fidelity. Add this with their, right now small but growing library of titles that use a cloud save function so that you can continue your current game on either a Vita or PS3 and what is there not to like? I use this more than my PS3, 3DS and PC for gaming in general basically because its much more convenient for those late night sessions where I just lay on my bed at 4A.M. and want to play something with some substance.

This is a great little system with the potential to become a must have addition for PS3 owners. The same type of stuff was said about the PSP, which never really took off but still had legs. The Vita is great and I think once it finds that sweet spot of having a great library of titles with an overall lower investment of purchase it will have greater legs then those seen on the PSP.
PhillipSantanaMusic  +   1198d ago
The PlayStation Vita will be fine, 6 months vs years to come, its still stitting down laughing its a$$ off at this nonsense.

PS3 still doing damage to xbox360 7 years later so Vita too will pick up its pace no to mention PSM.
ChronoJoe  +   1198d ago
I don't know how people can pretend these are good figures (first 5 comments or so).

These figures are bad relative to the Vitas competition / other devices on the market, and bad relative to other devices within the same market, in the past.

At this rate the vita won't even meet 50m LTD which is of course terrible. However I expect Vita sales to suddenly take off at some point, perhaps at the first price drop or when a certain games launch.

I don't expect it to be a failure long term but these sales are poor relative to every standard for comparison we have. Not sure why people pretend otherwise.
Gamerita  +   1198d ago
its a brilliant console,come on RockStar shows us what you can do on Vita,spill the magic ;)
urwifeminder  +   1198d ago
Thats worldwide for new tech WOW.
kingofe3  +   1198d ago
I can't tell what's going on here. Pretty much every comment is half and half with agrees and disagrees no matter what they say.
turgore  +   1198d ago
For a system with no good exclusives this is not that bad.
Subzero200  +   1198d ago
"You have hit my trap card ignore, it protects my braincells from reading your short incoherent comments, Subzero: "NOOOOOOOOO!!!"

umm it's still poor lolz
extermin8or  +   1198d ago
I love how people are comparing this to the ps3's sales, a full console with a larger market appeal launched in a much better economy; as apposed to the vita launched in an awful economy; with hate from the games journalists since bwfore it's launch more competition than ever before, and a small initial target market; also people talking about predicted sales by sony: those sales were for both vita and psp; and there have been alot of economic developments since they made those predictions; and then they moved them down I think it's more than likely they expect about 6million vit'as moved and up to 6 million psp's- especially considering the psp is selling extremely well in japapn still-considering it's age. Sony wouldn't have released these figures if they eweren't happy; usually they hide the figures with obscure bundling the numbers in with other hardware; it really isn't selling that badly for the summer typically a slow period anyway-if that's all it sells over xmas period then we'll talk again.
TheLastGuardian  +   1197d ago
I'm happy to be one of those 2.2 million. Thanks for the greatest handheld of all time, Sony. Pleasure doing business with you.
nerdkiller  +   1197d ago
damn what a sheep know wonder you only have one bubble i like sony stuff to but damn......
Mkai28  +   1197d ago
I wonder why the most advance hardware Sony makes has a hard time selling. Here could be the reasons.
1. Consumers could see the price point to be too expensive for handhelds.
2. The 3DS costing less.
3. Lack of innovating games to take advantage of its features.
4. Today's economy.
5. Having to compete with POKEMON.
6. Gamers may think its like having another PS3.
7. Sony's questionable advertising.
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takohma  +   1197d ago
Your reason number 7 is how I got a pretty much brand new Vita. The guy had it for a month and said it felt like having another PS3. sold it to me for $150. I couldnt pas that up. The 3g/wifi verion with a 4Gig memory card. I did feel a little bad because I didnt support Sony but all the games I have for it are brand new. once that Vita game price drop comes that Sony stated I'll buy more. I'm really waiting for Soul Sacrifice ans SFxT.
stoepkrijt  +   1197d ago
Wasn't Rockstar working on a GTA exclusive for the Vita hardware..
You'll see numbers skyrocket when it's released.
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Dark360  +   1197d ago
Wait it's seriously about to cross streams with the Dreamcast?

Poor Vita

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takohma  +   1197d ago
People are comparing it to the 3DS which is understandable. But I wonder how Nintendo was able to price drop the 3DS as soon as the Vita was announced. Makes me wonder about how over-priced it was to begin with. Correct me if I'm wrong but didnt they drop the price to half of what it used to cost? Well the least everyone can be thankful is that if the Vita didnt come out the 3DS would be almost twice as what it is now lol.
nerdkiller  +   1197d ago
i know vita and a ipad are kinda two different items but its hard to convince adults to chose a vita over a ipad ppl think [like well for only a hundred bucks more or not i can get somthing that does more] parents will most likely buy 3ds for there kids because its cheaper and kids want cuz nintendo does have the exclusives they want.
GamerzElite  +   1197d ago
I sold my Vita after using 1 month. No doubt Vita is great device but due to lack of game and long wait for new games I sold it. Another factor is price is very high....
listenkids  +   1197d ago
TGS price cut, CoD, Christmas - Sales.

We'll see.
Raoh  +   1197d ago
Very low sales.

I bought one and love it. My only regret was buying the 3G model, should have bought the wifi model.

Not that it matters, I traded in my 360 4G w/kinect toward it and a few games, only paid $8 for my VITA.

A smart priced bundle would do wonders, but price alone isn't it, it needs better marketing and internal support.

THey should work on a simple export tool that allows ever psn game in the future to port to the vita.

Apps, apps, apps, apps.. my iPad is out for repair. Since then I've been using my vita to watch netflix, remote play to connect to my ps3 to watch dlna apps (where my vita dlna support sony?)

It's a good media device that needs to be able to do more, I know it can.
feraldrgn  +   1197d ago
I think the (supposedly) "low sales" comes from hesitant buyers.

The cause is quite simple: All of the bad press the Vita has gotten since launch.

That effects developers also, so less 3rd parties taking a "leap of faith" & less games being developed for it.

Although to be honest, I haven't seen a single Vita advert on television.
(ok, maybe I remember those awful ads that were trying to be too "smart")
Show a fun game being played, advertise the remote play.

Hopefully they'll start doing this once Sly 4 releases (since it's on the PS3 & PSV).
Gr81  +   1197d ago
Some of these comments are mental. Vitas market performance is awful. I know you are fans of Sony but be honest about things. This has nothing to do with 3ds or smartphones. But rather sony's handling of this product.

You fans should be more honest about their actions and allow them to take responsibility in righting a wronged ship. But to be oblivious or rather remain ignorant to facts makes you guys look like clowns. Call a spade a damn spade.
Game3s  +   1197d ago
Well said.
Xperia_ion  +   1197d ago
Anything positive said = being "Dellisional" ? Whatever you say.
Gr81  +   1197d ago
Exactly is positive about selling 2m units in that time frame? That's positive? Whatever you say.
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