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Drummerdude41  +   1275d ago
I just hope the can't run on my pc happens because of amazing coding and rendering and not sloppy work that is just hard for the architecture of my hardware to run.
Steadyhndz  +   1271d ago
Poor coding or rendering would not allow a game to work on a computer that has poor specs...As long as you meet the requirements to install and'll run, just not at great performance.
Drummerdude41  +   1271d ago
Lol yah I understand that. What I ment to say came out differently than What I was thinking in my head lol.
Eyesoftheraven  +   1275d ago
Sure hope my PC can churn at least 40fps solid maxed. Phenom ii x4 955 @ 3.2, Radeon 7970 3gb @ 1125gpu/1575mem, 8GB DDR3 @ 1333mhz
Steadyhndz  +   1271d ago
You could actually run it at 60fps..the only thing I would do is upgrade to a higher speed for your RAM...something like 2100mhz...AMD needs higher speeds in RAM where Intel just needs to match the CPU...

The 955 is not a bad CPU at all, actually one of the best from AMD for gaming. I used to have a 945 and it could run Battlefield 3 like a charm, but my GPU was bottlenecking my GPU is bottlenecking my 3750k :p
ATi_Elite  +   1275d ago
Yeh but "Can it Run Crysis"?
As a PC Enthusiast Gamer and a certified graphics whore.....

Sorry Crytek I'll take gameplay over graphics! Crysis 2 was CRAP compared to the gameplay of Crysis. Bring back Crysis 1 gameplay for Crysis 3 and then we can talk.

I beat Crysis many many times but never played it the same way twice because of the unique set-up of the nanosuit and the ability to go from stealth to Rambo on the fly determined by how I wanted to play the sandbox and not the Linear level design like in Crysis 2.
capcock  +   1275d ago
not my pc at least :D
Steadyhndz  +   1271d ago
I'll go over some of the arguments in the comments...but first I'll start with the PC...

Before I do that let me mention this, I've been working with computers for 6 years now. I've been fixing them, building them, and always learning about them ever since.

So Crysis 3 seems to have an exhilarating look, and honestly the best to date other than GPU Benchmark videos. Something like this will eat up a decent CPU and GPU...but with todays technology of extreme handling of CUDA Cores from Nvidia, and ATI comparison...the newest of cards will have absolutely no problem handling this game. As long as you're running a 550 card or better from Nvidia, or a 6950 from will have no problem running this game AS LONG! as you don't have something to bottleneck it like less than 8GB of RAM, or a RAM that is less than 1300Mhz, or a CPU that is awful for this kind of gaming.

Even right now the top end graphical games can't even scratch the surface of the newest cards such as the GTX680, or the 7950.

For CPU's you shouldn't overlook at all. If you want no problems at all playing this game, you're going to need something pretty hefty. I would recommend Intel, but if you have to go the budget route then get a high end FX CPU from AMD, or even a high end Phenom II Quad or 6-core CPU...Phenom II's are actually optimized for gaming more than the FX series...

As for the question of the computer "Melting" this true? That seems to be an argument here. It's entirely true that this can happen, but what are you actually melting? Well your CPU won't start melting till....300+ degrees celcius which would never happen...motherboard probably a little less...but still would never happen. But you could start melting some pieces that use plastic, or a cheap metal for a the RAM's heatsink if it's a poorly made metal...or the fan on a CPU heatsink...these are possible at 120-150 celsius.

So actually melting your PC is not a true idea of happening, but certain parts of a PC, yes.
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