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quantae06  +   1272d ago
Dude never played or even worked on the Wii U & I'm supposed to take him seriously hahaha. This guy's a joke!
Defiantmac  +   1272d ago
Too bad Microsoft doesn't have games like Mario and Zelda that people would kill for to have in HD.
Soldierone  +   1272d ago
To be entirely honest his stance kinda puts himself in a bad position to say this. However let wiiU defend itself. If it isn't just a 360 several years late, then prove it. Show the games that are substantially better and show off the potential and reasons to why it isnt. Having developers with games releasing on the console say its "godly" doesn't say anything to me thats just "we have a game coming out, a relationship with Nintendo, so yeah its friggin awesome!!!" Prove it

I'm waiting to see what the next Xbox and Playstation offer before pressing judgement on it.
MRMagoo123  +   1272d ago
So basically its worse than the ps3, lucky i wasnt gonna buy one they stung me with the wii im not falling for it again.
Kratoscar2008  +   1272d ago
Poor WiiU, i say remove the "Wii" from the name and people will stop bashing at it.
blackhammer  +   1272d ago
I put maybe a total of 50 hours into the Wii, and I've had it for two or three years. Obviously, because my taste is absolutely not what Nintendo's taste is(casual, more child/family-oriented games).

So, from the past consoles they made over the past ten or so years(which I think have been pretty weak), I have to agree with the guy.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope they start throwing some real good shit that isn't just more Mario and Zelda and all that retro jazz.
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abzdine  +   1272d ago
i dont care as long as there is a Zelda on it it's worth all 360 games combined. Wii U introduces a new way to play and creativity has no price.
I understand why he is an "ex"-developer.
Wizziokid  +   1272d ago
Will these articles ever end? I'm probably going to get a Wii U, not for the graphics but for the games, I've said before that the Wii made me miss quite a lot of games I love due to the stupid controller but the new controller is actually appealing and it gives me a reason to invest in Nintendo again.

Some people would rather have the best graphics in the world on the worst possible game. Look at COD, those graphics are beyond dated but the fanbase doesn't care? that's because they enjoy the gameplay. I'm not saying graphics aren't important I'm just saying you don't need the best to have a great game. gamers need to remember that
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1nsaint  +   1272d ago
A 7 year late 400$ 360, no better way to describe the wii u

Apperantly nintendo doesnt know that gaming on a tablet sucks (typing this on a ipad)
Its cool that nintendo is trying to be innotive, but the tablet thing is probably the worst mistake they ever made.

It will probably ruin awesome games like zelda or mario by forcing you to use the tablet.
Oh well stuff like this gets non gamers interested, and thats what nintendo cares about lately.
It doesnt matter to them if their console gets bought by some mom who playes it twice a year.
beerkeg  +   1272d ago
The difference between an ipad and the wii u controller is that the wii u controller is, obviously, a controller, and it has buttons and thumbsticks.

Which automatically makes it much better to use for gaming than an ipad. It's similar to a tablet, but it's not a tablet. It's a controller.

Just to make sure you understand the difference again - IT'S A CONTROLLER.
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SephirothX21  +   1272d ago
This guy is just a whiner because he got fired. Whether the Wii U is a failure or not remains to be seen but this guy certainly is.
abzdine  +   1272d ago
i couldn't agree more :) that's also what i was saying a few comments above.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1272d ago
"I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything (luckily). But, y’know, I very early on raised my major concern about this."

It already has more memory so how can it be am xbox 360?
Smokingunz  +   1272d ago
What doesn't make any sense to me is, this guy says he never developed or played a wii u but he calls it a 360 lol. That's funny. How can u judge a system you've never developed for or played? It doesn't make any sense. Also, how is the wii u a modern 360 after seven years where as the wii uses a better CPU and current gpu, power pc7 tech, 1.5gig of ram and is able to run games actively at 1080p at 60 frames per second? The games iv seen so far looks better than the current gen and the system is t even finish yet. I think people compare the wii u to the Xbox a lot because it also has 3 cores, but how many cores do you need actually in a system to make great games? We'll all see what the wii u is all about when it drops.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1272d ago
Nintendo just needs to take a break from the consoles. Release their titles as multi platform games and please everyone. It's crystal clear they are never gonna go back to the NES/Super Nintendo days where they had piles of games Both good and bad.

Where's all the potential hd remakes they could release. Double dragon, tnmt, (Mario's guess those are getting it now kind of) duck hunt :), zelda, metroid, Ice climber, wrecking crew, donkey kong, etc....thousands of games they could start back up. Rayman origins is based off an old ass side scroller and is awesome.
I tried the wii just couldnt get that feeling I had with the old Nintendo systems, this new system is just playing catch up and will sell lots probably I just know this time I won't be buying.
Broburger  +   1272d ago
I'm so tired of seeing articles and rumors on this site about ppl bashing the Wii U. I understand that you (N4G) hate nintendo, but could you at least wait until they actually release the thing first so you can play it and see if it really sucks or not.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1272d ago
I thought this was pretty obvious that Nintendo is always behind the curve... but it's still a beast for a Nintendo machine... just not enough to compete with Sony or MS...

Although this is an obvious statement... it's nice to hear that someone in the industry isn't afraid to call it what it is!
kingduqc  +   1272d ago
Gotta love the nintendo fanboys deffending gimmicks, old hardware at high price tag and casual console.
skipper  +   1272d ago
Really? A $400 dollar 360? LOL!!! I also read on here people saying Wii You couldn't do 1080p. Really? Here is a link from THIS site.
360 cant do that. Here is yet another developer telling you it is powerful, they even state they are tired of people spreading rumors it isn't powerful
In a nutshell. 360 is over a year off and PS4 I would say at least 2 years away though rumors state 2013 holiday. Here is a link to that too...
skipper  +   1272d ago
LMAO at myself...I just saw on my post I wrote Wii You....instead of Wii U...Duh!!! Honestly though I don't know how anyone can disagree...It isn't me saying the stuff. I gave you links to people WORKING on the console. Not this jerk who was fired and never even picked up a Wii U controller...I honestly could care less what someone who hasn't worked on the system had to say. I also know he shouldn't have been so opinionated. Bet he has a hard time getting a job now, I wouldn't hire him if I saw him bashing past employers publicly, not to mention what he said about a system he never even worked on!
Ziggyvertang  +   1272d ago
People keep saying that the Wii U is powerful others say it isn't. All I know is that the tech demos are nothing special
Tzuno  +   1272d ago
Again the Snes is their best console ever :). Make Snes 2 Nintendooooo :)
Kidmyst  +   1272d ago
As soon as I read that he hasn't worked on any WII U titles or done much of anything besides offer his Opinion and concerns. This article stopped for me. Pointless opinion article trying to stir crap up. I don't currently plan to buy a Wii U but I do look for articles to either change my mind or solidify it. This artical was neither.
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