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extermin8or  +   1277d ago
Honestly the graphics don't look that bad for a COD title, did I hear someone said it ws being developed by same people that did resistance burning skies? If so then I can't even blame activision- I just hope someone has the sense to shut down that shitty studio have they ever made a decent game?
And as for the 4 vs 4-it's early in the consoles lifetime and I think games like this are having to be pushed out the door quickly to keep people just like the ones moaning on here happy; wait till some better devs get their hands on the hardware and we'll see bigger multiplayer matches I'm sure; but resistance retribution on psp only had 4vs4 I think and it's great; hell uncharted 2 only had 5 vs 5; that's 2 more players per match and it was fun; I tend to mainly play team tactical anyway so for me that isn't too big and issue; generally bar a few exceptions I prefer the smaller playercount; causes less chaos in a game (exceptions being rresistance:FoM, BF3, unch3 and kz2/3)
CanadianTurtle  +   1277d ago
Wow, looks no different than the DS verison of MW3.
black911  +   1277d ago
Will this have Zombies?
kingofe3  +   1277d ago
Looks like a PS2 title.

4 vs 4 multiplayer?

Developed by Nihlistic?

50 dollars?!

Hell to the no!
SillyBastid  +   1277d ago
holy hell... was looking forward to this, even though I'm a battlefield fan boy. Looks very dissapointing, can we have a Battlefield vita?
Shadowolf  +   1277d ago
I really hate to regurgitate what has been said about the footage of COD Black Ops Declassified but I am extremely surprised at how bad it looks running on the Vita.
units  +   1277d ago
looks awful
YoungPlex  +   1277d ago
Wow, totally not cool! It looks like it's running at 30fps with a bunch of hiccups here and there... Why would they do this? I swear developers better start putting in some extreme effort in developing games for portables, as the Vita is one powerful machine that I know can do better than this! Shame on whoever developed this! It looks like a PS2 game and that's not acceptable for Vita!
CaptCalvin  +   1277d ago
Hope Nihilistic finally gets it with this overwhelmingly bad response. Maybe Activision can transfer the project to a more competent studio even? Even Infinity Ward and Treyarch were given 2 years between each CoD release, but Nihilistic just got done with Resistance BS and were probably working on CoD before BS even released. Quantity over quality for the lose.
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SSKILLZ  +   1277d ago
i was expecting to much from black ops and then killzone shocked me with its awesomeness
Technical World  +   1277d ago
Is this a new game? All I've seen so far is this trailer and it seems like a port of the original Black Ops (with BIG hits in graphics) so is it?
Qrphe  +   1277d ago
Hey guys, we're getting KILLZONE

jek7  +   1277d ago
i really though this game would be a system seller. i was really excited until i watched the trailer. made by the one who made the burning skies. no wonder it looks just as bad
UltraVegito  +   1277d ago
Wow worst looking vita game i seen yet :/
THC CELL  +   1277d ago
People need to look at it on a oled scree, out
SonyNGP  +   1277d ago
Laughable excuse.
Dlacy13g  +   1277d ago
I was shocked they closed the show with that. Maybe they feel the name was too big to pass up for closing the show. I think Sony didn't do themselves any favors with the Vita for Gamescom. It wasn't horrible but lets be honest the games that can be played on PS3 or Vita all for the most part look like they will play far better on the PS3. Cross buy is a good program for those that own both systems but it isn't really a system selling option, just really a nice to have. Cross play could be great but again, if I have the option I am playing on the PS3 not the Vita. Cross Control felt a bit "us too" and was just a direct knock off of the WiiU game play. I think it sells the idea of the WiiU more to me than it does the idea of buying a Vita to play with my PS3.
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chukamachine  +   1277d ago
Why would you go with a dev with a bad track record, does not make sense.
Krew_92  +   1277d ago
It looks exactly the same as Resistance Burning Skies. It seems as if Activision went the cheap route, and handed the game to Nihilistic Software just to get the game done faster on Resistance: Burning Skies' engine. I hope they treat the online better than they do with R:BS, because every time a match ends, the game hangs for over 30 seconds. Still no patch either.

All in all I wish they would have handed the project over to a more competent developer, oh well.
capcock  +   1277d ago
looks like shit
Killman  +   1277d ago
My excitement for this pretty much dropped to 2%. 4vs4 is just pathetic.
Straightupbeastly  +   1277d ago
lol this game looks like it's from the 90's.
stiggy771  +   1277d ago
lol. looks like they just took out the whole resistance vita port( forgot the name) and put in some Famas,and Ak74u and a nuke town and some shattering glass windows. Sad.
yet another sad day for Vita
Kinger8938  +   1277d ago
oh god glad i sold mine for now!

im not a cod guy but usually cod fans would buy it as its a cod game but after that THEY may even be put off!

it looks slow and clunky.

Wheres the decent RPG's that the psp was soo good for!
Qrphe  +   1277d ago
As much as I love KZ and how much better it looks (specially since CoD for the PSP sold 2mil units), this will definitely sell better than it :/
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TheNocturnus  +   1277d ago
Been thinking about getting a Vita again, this does not help it's case.
SwiftArsonist  +   1277d ago
looks absolutely horrible. lost faith on the ps vita, time to sell it
rpd123  +   1277d ago
Dude, wtf. I had high hopes for this. 4v4 is not what expected. I was think 8v8 at the very least. The graphics are sub par for what the Vita can do, but maybe it'll look better in person.

I also thought it'd be taking place in the future, but apparently it's just a Black Ops spin off, not a Black Ops 2 one. The futuristic part would have at least made up for some of the shit they're trying to pull.

Fucking 4v4...... I don't even know what they're thinkin....
swansong  +   1277d ago
Lets storm nihilistic's website with our concerns and suggestions.
Gish  +   1277d ago
Activision you are idiots! I wanted to give you money. All you had to do was make a half decent game.
90Supra  +   1277d ago
*Charles Barkley voice*

That's just turrible...
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