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Abash  +   956d ago
I need this game, it looks amazing
himdeel  +   956d ago
Yep yep I'd buy this day one :) Looking really good!
DarkTower805  +   956d ago
This needs to be on Youtube, can't watch it on my phone :(
Nimblest-Assassin  +   956d ago
This game looks great and all, and im going off topic...but why does sony refuse to show any gameplay of cod vita?

Not only is it going to be the most expensive vita game... but we have seen nothing off it...

I don't even like cod.... but thats extremely worrying...

You have a better chance of selling cod vita, than bloody bbc dinosaurs
DarkTower805  +   956d ago
"but why does sony refuse to show any gameplay of cod vita?"

That would be because it's not Sony's franchise. That decision is up to Treyarch/Activision.
morganfell  +   956d ago
Declassified footage closed the show.
darren_poolies  +   956d ago
Haha they have just showed footage dude. Wait till the show is finished next time before complaining.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   956d ago
@ morganfell

Yeah... saw it... hopefully it will move some vitas

But you can't blame me for facepalming when they mention the game, show no gameplay... and then at the very end show it... I jumped to conclusions my bad

Still id pick killzone over cod


My bad... i was just baffled at that moment... but i watched the whole thing...

Note to self: watch the whole thing before i make myself look like a jackass :p
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garos82  +   956d ago
perhaps if you were patient you would have seen the last minute of the show showing gameplay of cod on vita

@below. agree it doesnt look that impressive but for a portable console that looks pretty good
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DigitalAnalog  +   956d ago
Gamescom just ended the trailer with gameplay footage from COD. Frankly, it doesn't even look that impressive.
DigitalAnalog  +   956d ago
*double post
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samekratos  +   956d ago
call of duty looks awful.
BlindGuardian  +   956d ago
What is with all these NEW GAMES? I want more timed exclusive DLC for Third Party games instead!
torchic  +   956d ago
I wonder who stole this comment from who...
Blankman85  +   956d ago
Maybe if you bought all these new games sony wouldn't be going broke right about now.
ottoman_239  +   956d ago
Dude shut the fuck up. Stop posting the same comment on every article.
Sizzon  +   956d ago
Badass, and GG is making it :D
Awesome_Gamer  +   956d ago
My Favourite FPS...
I need this game right now, it's the only FPS franchise i care about.
ISNeko  +   955d ago
Yeah, when I heard about the game, I thought Sony might have had someone else do it. Glad it's actually GG.
VitaOwner  +   956d ago
I need this now!
JohnApocalypse  +   956d ago
Game looks nice, I hope melee is the only touch screen gimmick in the game
-Alpha  +   956d ago
There shoukd be options to turn gimmicky uses off but it looks to be a key part of the style-score gameplay
Knifing like a boss.
Dirty_Harry  +   956d ago
I think this is going to be better than Black Ops Declassified They Actually Showed Gameplay and Black Ops nothing :/
darren_poolies  +   956d ago
BOD footage closed the show.
JBSleek  +   956d ago
Is this a Gear of War Judgement type spin off where it isn't connected to the main branch of games yet still coincides with the universe?
moparful99  +   956d ago
Hey thats a good thing, the killzone story ended with 3 and just trying to milk more out of it would have done harm to the series.. I dig this new direction, I've always wanted a game where you got money for kills and bonuses for advanced kills and then to use that money to buy weapons, armor, upgrades etc.. I know black ops kind of had something like that but you only got money for completing challenges and the unlocks were still level based.. I want to be able to buy anything as soon as I have the money and I'm hoping thats what they are doing here..
Hicken  +   956d ago
Is this one of those comments where an unnecessary comparison is made?
JBSleek  +   956d ago
I asked a question if it was a main branch arch or a branching off of the story and I gave a franchise example. I wasn't comparing the two games..
ddurand1  +   956d ago
hopefully this will be available soon.

if they showed it, does it mean its playable at the conference?
abzdine  +   956d ago
time to buy Vita now, i have no more excuse
gijsbrecht  +   956d ago
I really liked what I saw in these few snippets of actual gameplay. Great atmosphere. Wasn't Cambridge Studio's supposed to develop this game?
DoomeDx  +   956d ago
Thats what ive heard too.
Maybe they are co-developing it
gijsbrecht  +   956d ago
I heard something similar; but one would assume their name would be shown also. Perhaps at a later stage. Anyway, a great looking game so far.
Shikoro  +   956d ago
Cambridge has been merged with Guerrilla in the way that they're called Guerrilla Cambridge. They haven't moved to Amsterdam. :)
wenaldy  +   956d ago
Fuuuuu.. i cant watch it on my mobile :(
SandWitch  +   956d ago
I wish I was a Vita owner :"(
Wait a minute...


asmith2306  +   956d ago
I was hoping for a new IP from GG. This will do! Finally, my Vita is not going to catch a break this christmas.
LOL_WUT  +   956d ago
So whats the story behind this game anyone have more info?
darren_poolies  +   956d ago
They've finally persuaded me to get a Vita, roll on christmas.
rmw2hot  +   956d ago
EPIC! This game is going 2 be amazing cant wait.
Qrphe  +   956d ago
Oh man oh man oh man!
mafiahajeri  +   956d ago
Ahh finlly Sony a EPIC looking FPS.. Really Surprised GG is making it! Beta please!! OK lbp CHECK! Killzone CHECK! AC CHECK! Bright future vita... CHECK!!
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telekineticmantis  +   956d ago
That looked, pretty darn good!
"WOW This is On Vita?" Good.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   956d ago
Looks good i hope it plays on ps3 too.
units  +   956d ago
another killzone already?
Krew_92  +   956d ago
Now this is one of the reasons I bought the Vita for. Keep the good games coming, I'm already getting LBP next month and that was my most anticipated game yet, now this is it.
ginsunuva  +   956d ago
My heart was pounding when I saw Guerilla Games logo. It looked like a new IP first. But it looked like a boring new IP. Then a helghast came and it became interesting again.
bothebo  +   956d ago
FINALLY. A game that looks like it utilizes the PS Vita's hard ware and touch screen. AC and LBP look good but this looks much better. After watching the Declassified trailer, I was pretty disgusted. I'd like to remind them that the PS Vita is not a 3DS
dorron  +   956d ago
Looks waaaaaaay better than COD. In fact, I was disappointed with the COD trailer. Pretty dull graphics and gameplay. This one looks promising.
Protagonist  +   956d ago
Getting this and I said before, this looks so much sweeter than COD.
nevin1  +   956d ago
Kind of lame most of the trailer consist of non gameplay. But after seeing the COD trailer, this looks like they cared.Im sorry but that COD trailer was aweful.

Anyway, 2 things

1. People say Killzone 2 and 3 looks better than COD games on consoles, but COD wins in sales. Can we see a repeat?

2. Am I alone of wanting another Liberation Killzone game?

I hope those swipe touch screen controls are optional. They look horrible.
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TheDivine  +   956d ago
Finally an epic, beautiful, fps for vita. Resistance burned my ass and Bl Ops looks like pure garbage recycled and regurgitated onto the psp then ported to the vita from the iphone beta version. YEA...

Im excited for all the awesome ps games on the way. This, Soul Sacrifice, Rain, TLOU, Beyond Two Souls, sony's on a roll baby!
r21  +   955d ago
Storywise this KZ's BO. This game looks tons way better than BO on the vita. It's great to see the brutal melee system back from KZ3 :D
ISNeko  +   955d ago
So you don't pick sides, but the actual gameplay showed nothing but killing the Helghast....
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