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Bathyj  +   1156d ago
Why can they yell Angle sucks, but DX cant yell Suck it?
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Christo  +   1156d ago
Because the word "Suck" in each of those 2 phrases has a different defintion to each other. The DX "Suck it" refers to a sexual act, whereas, Angle sucks just means he's no good.
2pacalypsenow  +   1156d ago
In WWE Sex is not allowed that's why they dress the divas in nun outfits so that they don't look sexy /S
ATi_Elite  +   1156d ago
rocky047586  +   1155d ago
No one said that DX or the audience won't SAY "Suck it" it won't be on Mike Tyson's shirt! Goodness gracious guys c'mon read and listen more often!
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1155d ago
Because suck it sounds sexual in a way.
HammadTheBeast  +   1156d ago
He should kick their asses.
DanielBryan  +   1156d ago
*Beats Kurt Angle down the back with a steel chair*
Fatty  +   1155d ago
Quiet goatface :P
DanielBryan  +   1155d ago
*Hits Fatty in the head with steel chair*
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FinaLXiii  +   1155d ago
lol ironicly he´s one of the best around.
FutureWWEChampion  +   1155d ago
I hope kurt ends up in the game that would make it a whole lot better if they had the olympic gold medal winner be in the game.
harshNrocks  +   1155d ago
if angle sucks chants are there that means angle is in wwe 13 or wwhy in the hell would the chants come
LayneInsane  +   1155d ago
Has it been confirmed that they are chanting Angle sucks? Or is it just speculation? To me it sounds more like they are chanting CM Punk. I think that would make more sense. Plus wasn't the chant they used for Angle U suck to the rhythm of his theme song and not Angle sucks.
goukijones  +   1155d ago
This is one of the most ridiculous stories of ALL TIME. Nobody cares about Kurt Angle. I can't believe that Vince is cool with the hottest topic about his new game being about Kurt Angle who is in another league. Worthless.
VicodinViking  +   1155d ago
I hope he makes it into the game with a broken freakin' neck!

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