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WeskerChildReborned  +   1284d ago
They should have never just released that ending in the first place..i mean if they just made a good ending that pleased most people, they wouldn't even need to make alternate endings.

BTW, i'm not one of the people complaining about the ending, i'm just saying.
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nullkrush  +   1284d ago
I honestly don't get what all of the fuss was about. I've been playing ME since the first one. I did not mind the ending. I was just as vested in my character as I'm sure MANY people were. Could the ending have been different? Yes. Could it have been "better"? That's purely subjective. I think it was a suitable conclusion to the series. People just need to drop their sense of entitlement and suck it up. Move on.
lastdual  +   1284d ago
Most of the complaints had to do not with the content of the ending per se, but with how little it reflected your decisions.

Mass Effect placed a heavy emphasis on player-driven choices and consequences, and when the ending seemed to reflect none of that, it was understandable that fans felt shortchanged.
nullkrush  +   1284d ago
The point I was making had more to do with the fact that people think they are somehow entitled to a certain ending. Whether that be an ending that reflected your choices more, or an ending that made them feel warm and fuzzy or whatever... It's all expectation. Just because you expected the ending to be different than it was doesn't mean you are 'owed' a different ending. Bioware knows that. that's why the DLC does not change the endings, rather it adds more depth. They are sticking to their guns and I applaud them.
aliengmr  +   1284d ago
People expected well written ending not a completely contrived plot full of holes. A trilogy with no resolution, I really didn't see that one coming. They couldn't even stitch together a coherent sequence for the end.

Seriously, if BioWare really believed in that abomination they wouldn't have changed it.
DigitalAnalog  +   1284d ago
And this is why video games can truly be called art. There is no arbitrary reason to why you play a certain game. In this case, a select group of people decided to play the story to see how their actions dictates their ending - which unfortunately did not bode them well.

On the other hand, many more others play the game for the journey but that does not mean the other group played it wrong, it simply wasn't catered to their experience.
MiloGarret  +   1284d ago
It didn't just have to do with taste, some of the complaints were based on the fact that a lot that occurs in the end simply does not make sense and ignores canon to a large extent. It's not all subjective.

And yes, we were most certainly owed a better ending.

But w/e
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da_2pacalypse  +   1283d ago
Perhaps if this DLC does indeed change the ending of the game I bought 3 months ago, then perhaps it should have been included in the game in the first place. I paid for a full product, yet I'm getting it in chunks of DLC.

I'm glad I sold this game three days after I bought it. I'll pick up the "GOTY edition" when its 15 bucks. Although I really hope this game doesn't win any GOTY awards as it's an awful game.
Irishguy95  +   1283d ago
If the ending was not going to be an ABC choice right at the end that decides everything, they shouldn't have said it wasn't going to be like that
Blacktric  +   1283d ago
"Leviathan Add-On Will Change Mass Effect 3's Ending"

No it wont and even suggesting that is beyond dumb. Stop trying to get hits by writing sensationalist bullcrap headlines -Mezzo-. The only thing that is gonna "change" about the ending is that you will get to see Leviathan at the end in some point, maybe during the space war, that is it.
BattleAxe  +   1283d ago
@ Nullkrush,

I think the problem that I had with the ending was that it appeared that they closed off all possibilities for the future. The universe that this game has is so rich and has many more stories to be told, and it felt like someone at Bioware must have just gotten tired of making the game and maybe even the series, and that they just decided to bring everything to a quick end.
MysticStrummer  +   1283d ago
It's not entitlement to expect a series to stick with a major selling point that made it different, in this case the impact of your decisions, instead of throwing that out the window at the end of the saga. You could say they did it to avoid plotholes, but they ended up with plotholes anyway. They just didn't want to go to the effort of making an ending that would take into account all your decisions so they took the easy way out. It's not hard to understand why people were let down by that approach.
ShinMaster  +   1283d ago
Shut your "entitlement" trap, fool!
This is not acceptable:

Can BioWare/EA do whatever the hell they want? Sure.
But you seriously can't expect people not to feel cheated when you put so much emphasis on player choices and sell your product based on that element throughout 3 games only to leave them with a disappointing endong.... sorry I meant endingS.

I understand why some fans would act so defensively when the series doesn't turn out to be so perfect (aside from the animations and clunky TPS). Sorry, too much :P
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Godmars290  +   1284d ago
The "trilogy" should have been honestly conceived and developed as one. With proper time money and effort scheduled to each entry. Then DLC like this would have made more sense.
aliengmr  +   1284d ago
This exactly.

People don't realize that there is a difference between making sequels and planning a trilogy. Trilogies end. In being very clear they were making a trilogy meant the series would have an end. NOT more questions.
AdjacentStalker  +   1284d ago
Doesn't really matter what they do at this point. The gameplay of mass effect was OK but the story made it great. So I will not be getting this DLC I'll just use youtube to tell me the "New Ending" and see what they did this time...
MattyG  +   1284d ago
Ohhhh boy. Just stop, let it die. If they keep adding and adding to the ending it can only get more muddled and worse. But by all means, keep digging Bioware, your grave is only getting deeper.
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jrbeerman11  +   1284d ago
what grave? Last time I checked Bioware is still doing extremely well despite the crying about the ending of one of their games.

Exaggerate much?

Disclaimer: not a fanboy, i still dont like ME3 as much as ME2 (the new endings are much better fyi) but the leveling system (all imports become gods) and difficulty (insanity is easier than ME2 hardcore) was destroyed in third game. if you want any kind of challenge you have to play multiplayer.

Also the fact that they removed so many good enemy types from 2 ie: Humans, Vorcha, Krogan, Asari, Collectors ect.... didnt sit well with me. Not to mention the protection of enemies was nerfed so that you could spam any ability to hearts content with good results.

My opinion doesnt change the fact that ME3 sold Buttloads though.
InTheLab  +   1283d ago
"what grave?"

They failed with DA2.
The ME3 ending controversy.
The dumbing down of their franchises.
Their MMO has tanked after 7 months and is going F2P.

Bioware is on a downward spiral.
jrbeerman11  +   1281d ago

I agree with everything you just said. (although MMO's are a whole different discussion)

But they are still raking, so digging a grave is still an exaggeration.

Sometimes its hard for us to see that they are much more profitable now that they are dumbing down games for the masses as opposed to making gold like baldurs gate. It sucks but people on this site are not the majority.

so while we agree that bioware creatively is a shell of its former self......but as a company they are still growing.
DaThreats  +   1284d ago
Luckily I sold the game after the few first hours I played it.
I am the lucky one.
Get to enjoy the full ME3 experience when I play it the first time. Don't have to redo things just to see a new ending multiple times.
Moby-Royale  +   1284d ago
You're so lucky that you get to buy it a second time.

Riiiiiiight..... -_-
TekoIie  +   1284d ago
"Luckily I sold the game after the few first hours I played it.
I am the lucky one".

..... So basically buying a game and playing through the first few hours (what's that like 4-6 hours out of a 20-40 hour game?) and then selling it makes you lucky? More like stupid since you could have bought a game which you know you would have enjoyed and kept.
Lord_Sloth  +   1283d ago
Not everybody enjoys, adores, and loves Mass Effect. There's no guarantee he would have liked it, especially since he only made it a few hours in.
TekoIie  +   1284d ago
Depends what they mean by "new ending". Is this just adding leviathan to the cutscenes or are we going to get something meaningful? Either way I planned on buying this so cool I guess :)
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Tzuno  +   1284d ago
Who the hell plays it anyway. I'm done with it and moved along.
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Bercilak  +   1284d ago
Underwater mech. Awesome. We'll get more of this:

Did EA/Bioware somehow NOT learn that a sequence where your character plods along in slow motion is not only boring but frustrating as well?

Well done, mates. Well done.
Nate-Dog  +   1284d ago
Yeah because Bioware have always told the truth about ME3 and everything relating to it.

...not. The giant magnificent elaborate ginormous incredible change is... an addition of 100 to your TMS.
Thatlalala  +   1284d ago
That Leviathan poster is sick though, looks like some sort of super Reaper occupying a whole hemisphere.

On another note yeah they screwed up. But at least they tried to appease the matter, more than any other company has done. ME3 is still a solid fun game.
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Ethereal  +   1284d ago
Wait you have replay the game for this DLC?
007Bond  +   1284d ago
They should have never made a different ending in the first place, its THEIR game. Fans should have dealt with it other than bitching for a different ending. Its not the fans job to decide the ending its up to the MAKERS.
FreshRevenge  +   1283d ago
I love Mass Effect! I think this might be good. I hope they introduce another squadmate on the Normandy. I felt the squad was too short!
Megaton  +   1283d ago
"I played a late-game mission aboard a ship soaked by aggressive waves and heavy rain. BioWare is conscious of fan demands to make combat more challenging, and Leviathan is unflinching. Cargo creates tight corners and small spaces aboard the boat, which makes it remarkably difficult to diffuse situations involving multiple Brutes aided by flanking Cannibals. The battle is tough, but Leviathan throws another curveball at you here. Because Shepard's trying to open a door, you'll need to carry power cells to a control point, charge the generator, and go back for another cell -- all while the power percentage ticks down to zero."

Great, sounds like one of those pointless multiplayer setups they threw into SP for no good reason.
PirateThom  +   1283d ago
The battery thing sounds like an pointless time wasting exercise to make the DLC seem longer than it is... like those Banshee enemies in the game who aren't hard, they just take a lot of hits.
Megaton  +   1283d ago
They added the battery thing to multiplayer not too long ago. Your teammate fetches while you protect.
PooEgg  +   1283d ago
I am confused...

Didn't BioWare fight changing the ending in the first place, siting artistic integrity, and rallying all their lap dog game journalists like IGN to call their fans entitled babies?

...and after their fans revolted and refused to back down they decided to create the free 'extended' ending, which SHOULD have ended the ME story...

but now they are going to sale us the REAL ending as DLC???
Valkyre  +   1283d ago
so....much....bitching....and whining...

seriously many of you people need to take a chill pill...

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