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Trenta27  +   1212d ago
Just give me my amazing Vita games and I will be happy. You already have my sales for Beyond, God of War, etc. I just want Vita games, damn it!
InTheLab  +   1212d ago
For all of this talk of Sony fanboys running this site, this article sure does have a lot of MS fanboys cheering on the bad news and pointing out "damage control".

I mean, there's more of that going on than people defending Sony.
Bladesfist  +   1212d ago
No there is not, you just see more as you are a sony fanboy. I don't own either console and I can see the bias on this site and this page very clearly.
mochachino  +   1212d ago
Sony has so many good products and ideas but they never seem to really get behind anything, with the exception of PS3 of course. But even it has so many half-assed projects (Move, web browser, etc).

I hope they turn it around, I shutter at a console industry dominated by MS.
neutralgamer19  +   1212d ago
For you analysts and mathematicians. These are official numbers and look closely at gaming (specifically)

Gaming specifically is profitable for them. We all know that these divisions are comprised of other things that end up negating that profit.
neutralgamer19  +   1212d ago
And yes thats only up until the end of 2011 beginning of 2012 but ppl always think that gaming hasn't been profitable for them and it has been.
Man_Among_Mice  +   1212d ago
Title: Sony posts $312 million loss for Q1 2013; Game division underperforms

Just wondering how do you post a loss for a quarter that hasn't happened yet? :P

Last time I checked we were only halfway through 2012. Unless I went rip van winkle there for a while. :/
neutralgamer19  +   1212d ago
Everyone has lost money this quarter but be sure that at the end of it all Sony will return to profit this year.
Dlacy13g  +   1212d ago
Look.. my take away from this isn't doom and gloom...but its not rosey either. Just like MS...hardware is slowing down on the console side. Tack on to that R&D costs that are happening most likely for the PS4 and you can easily see where numbers would be down. Vita is certainly a big concern, you can't sugar coat's just under performed big time. Price cuts may be a solution for Vita but its really hard to say at this point.
OldSnakePS3  +   1212d ago
as a sony fanboy im doing my job dammit!
got starhawk, twisted metal, journey, sly 2 hd, ME3,
and renewed my ps plus sub for the year

waiting for sly 4, the last of us, gow:ascension, beyond 2 souls , ps allstars battle royal, last guardian, r&c hd collection, and okami hd

btw all the sony haters are just jealous hoping they fail and the BEST EXCLUSIVE GAME LIBRARY in the business gets ported to their "system"

haters gonna hate
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Belking  +   1212d ago
I don't think anyone is hoping sony fails. That would be devastating for the industry and for sony. The truth is that they really need to turn things around. The sooner the better.
Feldman9000  +   1212d ago
I like how it's perceived that Sony loses this b/c of lack of playstation sales when it's not. When you see what Nintendo and Microsoft put up numbers, they have less merchandising than sony as a whole. If sony didn't charge out the ass for tv's that were equal to vizios maybe they'd turn a profit.
BuffMordecai  +   1212d ago
Its pretty disgusting when one of the only companies willing to take risks and deliver new game experiences is also the one with the most financial problems.
attilayavuzer  +   1212d ago
That's a lot of McDoubles...
Buff1044  +   1212d ago
Face it, PS fans...the goose is cooked!
richard72   1212d ago | Spam
Adolph Fitler  +   1212d ago
People need to start buying more of the awesome PSN titles like Journey, Dead Nation, etc, etc, there are sooooo many games on PSN worth your time that it is crazy for gamers not too buy some of these reasonably priced, awesome titles. I mean, Festival Of Blood is an awesome stand alone title, there is so much available on there that anybody that calls themselves a gamer that doesn't own 20-30 PSN titles is kidding themselves.

Then theres the full game releases, I mean, Insomniac racked off & gave away the previously awesome Resistance series thanks to mediocre sales, now that ain't Insomniac's fault as each time they put everything into the 3 Resistance's games for PS3 they made, & Ratchet, up to A Crack In Time were steadily better & always of a high Mario-esque quality, in fact, A Crack In Time was the best, most different, & last touch of Insomniac awesomeness the Ratchet series would see. So every PS3 owner worth there salt should have supported Insomniac....too late now as they've gone multiplat & may suffer like many that have gone from console exclusive to multiplat before (Free Radical, Oddworld Inhabants to name 2).
But, there are many like Insomniac used to be like ND, Sucker Punch & co who make great games & need continued MASS support.

Then there are the Sony owned guys like Guerilla, Santa Monica, etc, etc, in which already some really great inhouse studios have suffered casualties like London & Cambridge studios who are responsible for such greats as Medievil (Medievil for f%$ks sake people), & The Getway, Primal, Ghosthunter, The Mark Of Kri, (these are 2 studios that have never really made a bad game), yet, this gen has seen Sony can games they had in production (The Getaway 3 & awesome looking 8 Days), in favour of (mis)placing them on Singstar games, & screwing around with Home, then cutting staff & merging 2 once great independant studios into one. How crap is that?, they never even were given the chance to fight for there lives with a game each this gen. And that is in large, thanks to me-too gamers all buying the same crap (like constant Madden, Fifa, NBA Live, etc, etc updates), instead of trying something new, like the exceptionally good new IP that released on PS2 in Primal, & awesome graphically beautiful beast (I mean this game showed that Xbox didn't have such a power gap on PS2 at all, it was that visually splendid), also The Mark Of Kri (another 1 of last gens. best & most fun games IMO) was largely ignored even though it had a strong pedigree & was an awesome game.
Mkai28  +   1212d ago
Indeed, that's the thing. Sony having all these companies could end up being a double edge sword. Sony surely loves they're consumers with all these exclusives. But how are they selling, are ppl like you and me buying them? Are they using the ps3 as a media hub? It's like giving good things to your spouse but they don't take heed to it.

Fanboys talk about how great Sony is( most of them kids) yet they don't buy the games, either because they rent them or they just can't afford them? This is the reason why I think Microsoft holds back on buying companies, I believe too many of them ( as crazy as that sounds) would end up hurting them. I don't think it would be good in a business since. With most ppl buying third parties via COD, assassin creed, mass effect, madden, nba 2k, ect. To be honest I would love $m to have more exclusives, but if they had the amount Sony has you end up competing with yourselves and it is showing.

Having too many sweet cakes in one place can be a problem, because you take two or three to fill your appetite and disregard the rest.
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Adolph Fitler  +   1212d ago
The Twisted Metals, Starhawks, & others that people are holding off buying, need your money.....hell, if you already own the game, squeeze your stingy mates, & force there hand in there wallets by constantly big noting the game, so they'll buy it...preach to them how much better than COD it is online.
It is actually beneficial to you & all other owners of these games to get more people playing them, as otherwise with too small a number, the online portion of some of these games will die far too early.
I mean, Resistance 3 should have nutso ammounts of people online, yet it doesn't, as it didn't sell well. WTF, anybody who has played the game, knows it's sacrilidge for this game not to have millions playing it. It is one of the best online shooters going. Well, one of the best shooter full stop.

So comon people, I know there are many like me that buy anything & everything of quality & especially from studios synonomous with franchises we love & of quality, & many who maybe can't afford such luxories (just buy what you can, when you can then).......but there are also just a bunch of stingy, tighta$ses out there that think they can take there money to the grave with them, or only think Call Of Duty Rip Ya Off Rape Yo' A$$ Map Pak 4 for MW3 is worth taking there wallet out for, that is until B.O.'s 2 arrives. Comon people, experiment & give some of these other games a try, I mean Sony has THE BEST inhouse developers going today, but these financial woes have already seen casualties & if they keep losing money, there inhouse studios will suffer, meaning when it gets down to the biggest losers.....well, that is undenaibly US...The gamers.
Adolph Fitler  +   1212d ago
And Richard....Get over yourself douche. Rack your brain back to Giant Enemy Crab Weakspots, & Riiiiidge Racer & all the ridiculous nonstop Sony bashing that went on for 12months before PS3's launch & for 2yrs after, or more. Even MS, with a console that was 100% faulty for it's 1st 2-3yrs didn't cop hardly any grief, compared to how Sony, Ken Kutaragi were treated for almost nothing. I mean, Kutaragi's huge crime against humanity was stating that, "PS3 would want to make you work overtime to afford one". A statement that is totally innocent of anything wrong when thought about logically.....I mean, all it says is that you'll want a PS3 bad enough, you'll be willing to work harder & longer to get one. It just hypothetical marketing that morons in mass media misconstrewed into, "the only way you'll afford a PS3, is if you work extra hours to be able to afford one".

Sony copped THE SINGLE worst bashing by mass media, & rabid Sony hater fanboys alike, of any company in the enntire corporate world, let alone merely just the console manufacturing world.
So to hear you crap on that Nintendo cop a walloping from the media & such is all in your little Ninty fanboy mind, as Nintendo have been THE MOST praised of all 3 this gen. & any stories you see on N4G's relating to Nintendo'd demise or potential for, have all been done & are continued being done on both Sony & MS, probably even moreso. So remove those fanboy blinkers & you'll see plenty of negative media relating to your non-favoured console manufacturers.

And, step back 5 & 6 years & google stories on Sony, & you'll see one of the worst cases of media bullying, & media bash up's against Sony, merely because they were the "TALL POPPY" for 2 years running & sold record ammounts of consoles that still haven't been equalled. They copped the harshest, most unfair, horribly misconstrewed, twisted, media/fanboy beat ups EVER. All done for 2 reasons in my opinion, 1. The only reason most attribute it 2 & the most logical for people who think the better of people & Nations. 2. The fact that a U.S. console manufacturer had never enjoyed success in the business, Trip Hawkens, the EA convert to 3DO company, & his ill fated 3DO being 1 & probably the best example, was trompled by the 2 Japanese giants in Nintendo & Sega.
So MS being as huge as they are, had U.S. media sway by way of cash & the huge hand it can give in media persuation, as well as the good ol' never to be underestimated power of patriotism.

Anyhow, stop whining about how Nintendo's harsh, unfair they are the only company where there fanboys can mass accuse them of copying & ripping of Nintendo's ideas & technology, while they go back to playing there copy of Powerstone with Mario. So shutup, & just enjoy your games.
Nintendo have copped bugger all criticism, even after releasing the most underpowered, over gimmicked console of all time. Good on them, I'm not gonna bash them....Hell, I may even get me a Wii-U, depending on how powerful it ends up being & what happens with PS4/720 timeframes......but stop being a rabid fanboy, whom thinks Nintendo do no wrong, invented the wheel & are the only company that cop negative stories & fanboy hate. Cause your full of crap, & a fanboy.
dboyman  +   1212d ago
Well said. +Bubble for you
InTheZoneAC  +   1212d ago
the question is, how much they profited this year. Who cares about loss. If profits were still hundreds of millions I'd say they're doing well.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1212d ago
"We don’t know how much PS3′s they shipped this quarter as they seem to be combining both PS3 and PS2 now"

OUCH! Starting to combine the Playstation Family again.
jocomat9  +   1212d ago
i don't wanna believe this so its false.
Smokingunz  +   1212d ago
I'm not surprised at all!
PixL  +   1212d ago
All these people being happy that Sony is losing money must really hate gaming after all those IPs and consoles the company introduced into the market in the last 15 years.
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