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yabhero  +   1131d ago
It's kind of a no brainer that PS4 and 720 will be more powerful than WiiU.
But it looks like more of a PS2/GameCube/Xbox kind of thing. Yes GC and Xbox systems were more powerful than PS2 but it that gap wasn't big enough that PS@ couldn't get ports or have great looking games. We know WiiU runs UE4 and CryEngine 3 and Fox Engine and FB2. Luminous we don't know but WiiU seeems to be in a good position for ports. I know many Zelda fans are excited for a game that looks like the Zelda HD demo. Crytek said WiiU is MINIMUM on par with 360 which means for Metroid we can expect MINIMUM... Halo 4 quality GFX.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1131d ago
I think Sony and Xbox will mainly always be on par with hardware and Nintendo will just be focusing on trying to innovate the system instead of going for massive groundbreaking hardware.
BitbyDeath  +   1131d ago
I agree, if PS4 and Xbox3 end up looking like current PC games then the differences will be very slim.
DarkBlood  +   1131d ago
so in summary you basically mean the WiiU will be to ps4 and 720 what the ps2 is to gamecube and xbox?
yabhero  +   1131d ago
Yes, Bubble up if you agree...
metroid32  +   1131d ago
The wiiu has a E6760 gpu that supports OpenGl4.1/Eyefinity/HD3D/Compu te Shader 11/shader model 5.0/32 MB EDRAM shared with the CPU/GPU. THE POWER THING iS JUST MHZ/GHZ IT DOESNT MEAN NOTHING IN TODAYS TECH.

Its why 3rd party ports will run at 1080p m8 on launch and why when you see a game like say Metroid or that cryengine 3 game being made you will froth t the mounth.
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mike1up  +   1131d ago
Nice read.
Puddlejumper75  +   1131d ago
We really need to wait until the people with the facts get here. People like Stuna1 who actually built the Wii U and know far more about than anyone else on the planet.
stuna1  +   1131d ago
Yeah I'm here puddle skipper69, you're still stuck on the irregardless word huh? We really had a good conversation via pm.
Puddlejumper75  +   1131d ago
Actually I was just laughing at you over the Wii U screen having to be HD comment you made. I didnt read your PM.

Anyone that clueless to think a 6 inch screen must be in 1080p is too clueless to argue with.
stuna1  +   1131d ago
No one said it had to be in 1080p the question was asked wasn't it supposed to be in 1080p , it just that you lack reading comprehension! My comment was in response to someone else's comment duh! But since you're the go to guy for these things, why don't you elaborate, you can't because you're just as clueless as supposedly I am! Question if the screen has been rumored to do 720p isn't that HD?
Puddlejumper75  +   1131d ago
The concept that you so clearly fail to grasp is that on a screen that size it wont matter. You will not be able to tell the difference in 480p or 1080p.

You keep arguing about it though without understanding whats being said. You trolls are a funny lot. You'd rather look like a complete moron than just stfu and admit you are wrong.
stuna1  +   1131d ago
So what you're telling me is a person won't be able to tell the difference between a 480p resolution game compared to a 720p resolution game on a 6 inch screen?! you can tell the difference on smaller screens than that! So maybe it's you who should STFU moron! Compliments of my android phone.
mamotte  +   1131d ago
Graphics and the Future of the Games Industry. It's really sad that videogames has come down to this.
linkratos  +   1131d ago
PS2 : Gamecube & Xbox :: Wii U : PS4 & NextBox
avengers1978  +   1131d ago
PS2 sold twice as much if not 3x as much as GC and xbox combined.... there will never be that kind of gap between them again. Lots of people will buy all 3 new consoles, and the current generation basically sees all three consoles with good numbers, and almost equal across the board.
linkratos  +   1130d ago
I was by no means suggesting that is how the sales will pan out. PS2 achieved unequivocal dominance that we will 99% likely not see next gen.

This article talks about console power, that's what my analogy is predicting for next gen. PS2 was without a doubt the weakest console, but it was close enough to not matter. I think that's what the Wii U will be similar to as opposed to the Wii's situation.
Smokingunz  +   1131d ago
I agree with the article as well as the comments that I have read! I just the wii u does t become port central.
morkendo23  +   1131d ago
All im concern about is GAMES!!! dont really care about which is better long as either console have what i want WHICH IS GAMES!!!!!
jboy  +   1131d ago
People say nintendos gimmick and selling point was the motion controls last generation, WELL for the other 2 consoles the so called selling point was HD, now that era is over you will not see this jump again.

ps4 and next box will have nothing on the wiiU this time around i would assume, its all gonna be down to what u get in the package and how much it costs so basicly who can give the most punch for your buck
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metroid32  +   1131d ago
The ports will be not to wiiu but to ps4/720 from wiiu as i think with a gpu like that Radeon E6760 its just so powerful that GPU is like a pc running on ultra setting on a high end game with 6 screen support there isnt a cat in hells chance that the ps4/720 will out do that chip in the next 5 years ??????
Timmer  +   1131d ago
I think the whole thing about the Wii U being the next-gen equivalent to the PS2 back in the day is crucial to the success of the system, especially when it comes to the "hardcore" gaming community.

When it was PS2 > GC >= Xbox, hardcore gamers could still flock to the PS2 and get a similar, if not even better, gaming experience (PS2 is, in my opinion, 1b when it comes to best consoles).

If it's anything like Wii >>>>>>> Xbox 360 > PS3, then it's going to lose the hardcore crowd, because the games will have to be dumbed down to make a port, and we all saw how successful that was on the Wii.
DivineAssault  +   1131d ago
Nintendo will make magic on that system.. They have ways of crafting unparalleled graphics & gameplay.. Whether the system ends up like wii all over again is up to the 3rd party devs being lazy about ports or putting their heart into what they make for it.. The system has enough power to make great looking games regardless of how much stronger ps4 will be.. If ppl can handle playing handheld games, theyll can handle wii u being less powerful than ps4.. When i see how they make zelda on it, the wii u is mine.. But only after i see many games released consistently.. I wont ever buy their systems at launch again cuz im still waiting on a 3DS zelda & metroid that should be here by now
wiiulee  +   1131d ago
nintendo is correct there will not be much graphical difference between the next generation....all the graphic talk is coming from sony and microsoft fanboys who need something to troll that sony and microsoft will both be copying the wiiu gamepad, copying nintendo as usual graphics is the only card left...what people forget is that the wiiu has enough power to send 1080 output to two gampad and have 4 more wii controllers being played through the wiiu is a graphical beast..nintendo just rather speak of innovation.

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