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hennessey86  +   1039d ago
One things for sure
it won't be built in to the console, it needs to be above the tv to work at its best so I can't see many people balancing there new consoles on there haif inch thick TV :/
Shadonic  +   1038d ago
i think they meant the processor or something instead of the camera itself considering that was one of the issues to why it was lagging so much.
Dlacy13g  +   1038d ago
Integrating Kinect into the 720 means that ALL Xbox 720's would come with Kinect...It becomes standard...not a peripheral element to be bought later. I find it funny and odd that so many people seem to think somehow MS would put the camera actually in the console unit. Having things like Kinect or Move included in the box (i.e. integrated) from day 1 would mean that EVERY user of the new console is a potential buyer of games that use its tech and not just 10 or 20million who bought the device for their console well after it first came out.
Incipio  +   1038d ago
I really don't give a single shite about Kinect. Give me a precise controller with sticks and buttons and I'm good.

Everything you need to do with a console should be able to be done directly from the controller, not having to use multiple, user-configured, expensive peripherals.

If you want to be able to issue voice commands to your console, then build a mic into your controller right next to a button meant to initiate voice commands.

Imagine that dedicated voice command button built into your controller. It would be intuitive, handy, and awesome.

Say you've just beat street fighter x tekken on arcade mode, and you're sick of video games for the you press the handy-dandy dedicated voice command prompts you with a soft *ding*...

And you say, "Shutdown Xbox". Done.

Don't make me press a bunch of buttons or long press buttons and navigate through menus, wave my hands or speak loudly to my stupid camera that's 10 feet away. Everything I want to do with my console should be at my fingertips, less than a foot away from my torso.
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edonus  +   1038d ago
You use what is referred to as shadow logic its something there that exists but has no wait or anything tangible.
If kinect is added standard that does not mean they arent going have a controller so you dont have to use the advanced motion detection capabilities of your machine.
Also a microphone inside your controller sound good at first but if you are going to speak in to it why not just have an off button. The kinect mic is calibrated to your room environment I and uses sound canceling software so you calibrate the kinect to your speaking voice you shouldnt have to yell unless youve done something wrong.

The kinect model is a proven success, they have even started using it in Smart TVs. Dont worry even with your what i could only classify as hate, 2 years in to the nextbox life cycle there will be so much kinect like technology you will be forced to adapt it will becomee second nature to you.
nukeitall  +   1038d ago
Integrating a microphone into the console or controller is in my opinion a bad idea with the way voice control is used in Kinect.

I don't want my controller on the entire time I'm watching a movie, just so I can use voice control. The way it is with Kinect now, always on when I turn on my console is perfect. I hate leaving the controller on just to pause a movie, but with Kinect I just say "Xbox Pause"!

As convenient as it gets!!!
Incipio  +   1035d ago
The kinect model...a proven success? Where? When? How? LOL!

And even the best noice canceling tech still can't filter out a 5.1 or 7.1 setup blasting in the room. You're gonna have to be loud or reach for the amp remote and turn down whatever you're doing.

And who says the controller needs to be on the entire time? It could remain off until you hit a voice prompt button.

I don't think the general public needs an expensive peripheral to perform functions that could be done on a smaller, less expensive scale, ie a controller.

samson - 1

"Besides, more people bought kinect than move so there is demand for it."

One gimmick selling more than another gimmick does not make it "in demand".

Move and Kinect have been failures in the gaming community, only the Wii has garnered real success from motion gaming.

We might see bits and pieces of this type of technology in the home in the future, but it won't be because of kinect. This sort of tech has been around for years, long before kinect was born.

Microsoft gets credit for nothing but cramming tech in a pretty little black box and launching mostly poor quality motion games and calling it the best thing since sliced bread.
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edonus  +   1035d ago
The kinect model is a proven success 18+ million sold is enough to justify that but as a gaming device it has delivered some great experiences that will get better and better as they continue developing it. Dont wade out into these waters You are probably part of the hate kinect circle jerk so you have no idea what you are talking about. If truly debated and experienced you would know kinect is very capable and iverse and has shown it. All because the core gamers havent jumped on baord doesnt mean they didnt build a boat.
Sound cancelling technology could easily filter out 5,1 7.1 surround sound. kinect set up properly does it now. It says dont put it directly under speakers. I have worked with software that cleans audio by removing sounds and I have looked at and learned frequency algorithms which are alots more versatile than just waveforms(which i think you may be basing your opinion of). Simply put yes the voice recognition can work in tough environments.
With kinect 2 being standard it will no longer be a peripheral it will be just part of the system so for the future your comment is moot. As for now I feel you (as most of the haters do) dismiss the fact that even if say the things kinect does could be accomplished by other smaller devices with kinect they are all in one place. Your hatred blinds you to what kinect really is you wont even give it its props as a trailblazer for non controller based motion controls. The technology and model is being pushed and expanded and the foundation has been laid by kinect to deny that is to embrace lies.
samson-1  +   1038d ago
If you don't care about it then do your self a favor and stop wasting time posting about it. I think microsoft knows that every next gen xbox owner may not want kinect, but for those that do, it will offer what they are looking for. It will be a substantial upgrade from the first. Say what you want but kinect is impressive technology. There is nothing like it out there today for consoles. Microsoft is one of the few corps out there that can make this happen. Besides, more people bought kinect than move so there is demand for it.
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Incipio  +   1035d ago
I'll continue to post about it, because the only way to stop a gimmick is to give feedback to the company from which it originated, as well as speaking with your wallet.
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