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DiGiTaL Ki11eR  +   2862d ago
COME ON, you keep saying ohh 40-players maps... huge multiplayer maps... when has resistance ever had a full 40 players. the game blowed.
Monty_The_Great  +   2862d ago
Just saw the article
In Game Informer, and R2 looks much better than R1 in all aspects of the game. If R1 used say 15% then I can say that R2 is going to use atleast 35% because it easily looks twice as good, just all the small detail from the shadows that cast on other shadows look much more detailed. The individual charectures look amazingly better, not that they don't look good in R1, but if R2 looks as good as the pics, then it will be truely stunning.
Jesso2k  +   2862d ago
omg I was at my wits end with the site until today!
although i do enjoy arguing with radical ps3 fanboys for fun this is peaceful
Daishi  +   2862d ago
agreed 100%, just look at everyones agree/disagree and you can tell the difference! When you think about it 15% isn't bad for a launch, looking back at launch PS2 games they were using about 5% when you compare to the last line of games. Just remember that even if R2 uses 40% it wont all go to graphics, most of that will likely be put into AI and physics. And lets not forget about that 8player co-op and 6o player MP!
Domer25  +   2862d ago
alot of spam reporting
seems some people just like censoring in here. Ps3 needs to prove many people wrong, that will censor the doubters itself.
Daishi  +   2862d ago
You do realize that an xbox 360 launch title had 32 players in multiplayer right? Wasn't the best game but hey I still had Call of Duty 2 and Quake 4.
puki  +   2861d ago
/cheer Not a single fanboy post, But on the other hand who doesn't love drama?:)
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