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Legion  +   2773d ago
Let me take a guess... Another post about the POTENTIAL of the PS3? hahah... Will the future NEVER come? Will tomorrow never be today??? Will we always be talking about what could be, "if only..."?

Someone PLEASE make a good game NOW for the PS3 so that I can stop hearing this endless drone of what you can do with this great system. And what will be coming in the future!!!! Aaaarrrgghhhhh... the endless banter!!!!
lesferdinand  +   2773d ago
"Someone PLEASE make a good game NOW for the PS3"

That's exactly what Insomniac is doing... They're currently (as in now) working on a good (possibly great) game for the PS3.

I agree to a certain extent that it's not all about potential. Before you commit the cash to buy a console, there should be enough to play now. For millions there is, for billions there isn't yet. However, unless you have a plenty of money, there's no such thing as buying a console just for a single game. Nor should you buy a console just for what is available today, unless you will have no problem with not touching the machine anymore after you've played all the current titles that you like. I think few people don't look at a console as an investment. You lay down a significant amount of cash to be entertained for the next couple of years and not just for now (e.g. an owner of a 360 is more than likely to be anoyed (and rightly so) if he gets an RROD even when he's already finished Halo, Gears, Bioshock and Forza 2).
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Stubacca  +   2773d ago
I take it you don't own a PS3?
Are you trying to suggest that gamers do not look forward to new releases?

Or that there "still aint enough games on the PS3". Rubbish. I have plenty of phenomenal games (23) and there's even more out there I wanna get. You claim to hate this banter but then you perpetrate it.

The whole point of this thread is that Resistance used a fraction of the SPUs.

Resistance was a great game. It looked great, both in terms of style and graphics. It's single-player lacked the character intensity I wanted but as a FPS multiplayer there is none better.

The weapons are BALANCED. They are UNIQUE. The games pace is FAST. I'm sorry, I don't mean to X-bash, but these elements were all missing or lacking from Halo 3. And no x-bots said s**t.
pp  +   2773d ago
wow i can't believe resistance only used 10 - 20% of SPUs actually i can the graphics are last gen
Not the Face  +   2773d ago
who friggin cares?!!
you are all so interested in this crap article but smash bros comes out in 2 days here in japan and it uses 96.542% of the Wiis power so all of get back in your crawlspace!
Stubacca  +   2773d ago
Well I care...
I'm not 12 Years Old so Super Smash Bros doesn't appeal to me. Ofcourse it uses the nearly all of the Wii's limited processing power you tw@t!

I'd rather play an intelligent game with Solid Snake as the main character. The Wii can suck my balls.

You missed the point. Have you ever even played Resistance?
Armyless  +   2773d ago
Thanks for the laugh Stu.

HardcoreGamer  +   2773d ago
maybe it was using about 30 percent of the ps3,

but then again being a launch title and not one game in history has used near 30 % of a systems power at launch this is 100% beleiveable

that resistance used a max of 20 %,,, but then again the company insomniac dont get now sleep so its probably is 30%
sonyfanonly  +   2773d ago
Jdoki  +   2773d ago
Just to play devils advocate here and address some of the comments...

10-20% of SPU's has nothing to do with only using 10-20% of the PS3's power. The PPE could have been maxed at 100% for the whole game. What does that mean in terms of Resistance 2 or the perceived quality of Res 1? Nothing.

We have no point of reference as to what 10-20% means in real terms, or what is the theoretical maximum. Is it even possible to utilise 100% of the SPE power? Is the figure in reference to 8 SPE's on a 'full Cell' or the 6 that devs have free to use? How does bandwidth, overheads and the PPU factor in to this? We just don't know.

Resistance was an average game at best. But for launch title it was extremely impressive. As such, and as we've seen on every console ever released... Games look better as devs get more experience. The jump in quality between Resistance and Ratchet was massive, so Insominac are obviously getting to grips with the PS3 extremnely well.

Resistance was an OK game at best - so I would expect Resistance 2 to improve in every area. I thought that the AI was really quite poor; and up close the graphics were not that technically accomplished... People should not confuse good art direction with technically impressive graphics.

20vs20 multiplayer means nothing. If you loved it, good for you. But I'd take Halo 3 and especially CoD4 over Res any day.

Didn't Epic say they had maxed out the 360 with Gears? And yet one thing is for certain... More impressive games will appear. Just because one dev says 10-20% means nothing when there's hundreds of ways to solve a problem and code a game. I'm sure SCE thought they'd got 100% out of the PS2 with God of War... and yet God of War 2 looks better.
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Stubacca  +   2773d ago
So is Resistance an "Average" game at best. Or Is it "OK" at best. Or if it's best is on launch, does that not make it "extremely impressive" at best?

Resistance's AI during the campaign was poor. But playing split-screen or online is a truly great experience. Playing with complete strangers online doesn't appeal to me that much, but in a 20 vs. 20 battle it means you're playing an all-out war!

I agree with many of your points dude, but although COD4 looks better and Halo 3 has vehicles, the genius in Insomniac's game is the brilliant design of the weapons. The weapons keep me playing it a year on after tiring of COD4, Halo 3, Orange Box, Darkness, Gears, Unreal Tournament 3 etc. in the same time period.

All still good games, but Resistance is just so much fun to play. Can't wait for 2.
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Jdoki  +   2773d ago
:) I'd consider Average and OK the same thing - but my overuse of 'at best' was poor!! For a launch title it exceeded normal expectations by a long way. Compared to PDZ or Kameo on 360 it blew the doors off them!

I'm glad you like the multiplayer and split-screen, it's just personal preference that I didn't like it. What I was trying to point out is that bigger numbers don't instantly mean better or more fun which many Sony faboys seem to use as ammo (ironically a total about face compared to the 'graphics don't matter we've got the games cry during the PS2 / XBox 1 wars!)

Insomniac are definitely one of the most consitent and talented developers on any platform. It's criminal that so many people ignore Ratchet and Clank to the point where I heard one person slag it off for being a 'kiddie game'.

Tire of CoD4??? How could you!!! :)
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2773d ago
at the end of the year reziztance will be a memory. Gears will over zhadow this lame game with šhame. Owned!

Ram magnum has špoken...
JCDenton  +   2773d ago
PS3's CELL is more powerful than Xenon, but I think that what really make a difference are developers, not hardware. If those devs who made GT5 (Prologue) was developing that game on X360, I believe they would achieve same results in terms of graphics. Same goes for Resistance and Uncharted. Those devs are simply better than others.

For example: Remember PS2 vs Dreamcast days? Remember how good Shenmue had looked and played, better then most PS2 games, and Dreamcast's hardware was nowhere near PS2's (ok, not "nowhere near", but weaker at best).

Forza 1 on Xbox 1 is also an example of great developers - excellent graphics and physics (comparable even with todays racers), all that at 60fps, and that was Pentium 3 @ 733Mhz with GeForce 3 (or 3,5 at best).

That's why majority of people who actually know something about hardware and programming say that PS3 and Xbox 360 are almost equal in terms of power, with PS3 having a slight edge in terms of CPU power...
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Says you  +   2773d ago
I been saying this in the past that the
XBox 360 has been using way to much of Unreal engine 3 but did any body listen No! they just ignore it and they say Gears of Lame is next Gen graphics I don't think so its only next Gen of Unreal Engine not the next gen graphics for the XLimit 360 and what was the percentages for the XLimit 360 when it first came out and has any body seen the real graphics of that ?system? besides Saints Row and Halo 3.

and has anyone notice that the PS3 hasn't use the Unreal engine 3 that much while the other has? way to much.
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Mercutio  +   2773d ago
I guess that's good
Good for us gamers (ps3owners)
Mercutio  +   2773d ago
I guess that's good
Good for us gamers (ps3owners)
NeutralGam3r  +   2773d ago
What does this prove?
KozmoOchez  +   2773d ago
I dont care
how much spu is used or watever, most ps3 owners dont even know what that means, all they care is that there are good games and thats all i really care about
jay2  +   2773d ago
That's good stuff, I hope R2 uses 50%+ then to really blow us away.
Topbravo  +   2773d ago
It must get really lonely
In the GAMERZ ZONE!!!!
sloth4urluv  +   2772d ago
Good to hear devs are getting used to working with the cell.
Never was really a big fan of its architecture, but glad to see that it can be used.
Figboy  +   2773d ago
it's not trying to "prove" anything.

why does everything have to turn into a ridiculous fanboy flamewar?

personally, i found the story interesting.

the documents that Insomniac are releasing are so that more developers start to program the Playstation 3 *PROPERLY.

too many developers (even Epic, despite how good UT3 is) have been approaching PS3 development like they do PC development.

this approach is not the *PROPER way to program the machine.

look at it this way:

imagine that you are a world class water-color painter, but you are asked to paint something in *OILS.

doesn't matter how good you are at water-colors, because you don't have the skills to paint in oil. sure, you could *LEARN to paint in oil, but that's going to take time. (sorry, i'm an artist, so this is the best analogy i can come up with at the time)

the Playstation 3 is going about a totally different approach to game programming and coding than the PC and 360.

Insomniac is simply sharing it's knowledge in the hope that more developers get the hang of it.

how old are some of you guys?

if you've been a gamer for *ANY long stretch of time, you'd understand that at the start of a consoles lifecycle, developers are generally using about 10%-20% of a consoles capabilities. this isn't due to any lack of skill on the developer's part, but due to a lack of understanding of a complicated technology.

i won't bother to post the same links i always do, but look at Dark Cloud on the PS2. it was a launch title, developed by Level 5. then look at Dark Cloud 2. it was developed by Level 5, 3 years later, and it looks *LOADS better than Dark Cloud. *THEN look at Rogue Galaxy, released in 2007, 4 years after Dark Cloud 2. also developed by Level 5, and it looks incredible, and, naturally, better than DC1 and DC2. this is due to the fact that Level 5 finally got around the PS2's difficult architecture.

Resistance was a great game, and a great launch title. people hated on the game because it didn't look like Gears of War, and everybody was riding that Sony/Playstation 3 hate train, and reviews throughout the *ENTIRE first year of the PS3 reflect this (*EVERY SINGLE Playstation 3 review just *HAD to have some mention of Gears of War, or some comment about how expensive the PS3 was, no matter the quality of the game). Resistance had a superior story, superior online (hard to argue against 40 player matches with *NO lag. and yes, Resistance has voice chat and in game messaging/invites. it even has "Achievements" in the form of medals you get for doing certain things in the single player *AND the multi-player), and excellent gameplay. the AI in Resistance was also extremely well done.

personally, i think the game *DOES look great on an HDTV, and much better than it did on my old SDTV i played it on before i upgraded.

anyway, it doesn't surprise me that Resistance only used a fraction of the PS3's SPUs. *ALL GAMES DO right now while the developers figure it out, and one look at Insomniac's *SECOND PS3 game, Ratchet and Clank Future shows that they learned quite a bit between the two games, and looking at Resistance 2 shows that they've improved even *MORE.

this is normal, for *ALL consoles (well, i don't really think the Wii will be wowing us with it's year two games, actually). i'm sure the 360 has more to prove also, but i think people keep forgetting that the PS3 *IS NOT 2 year old. it hasn't been out as long as the 360, it's using a different and more complicated architecture, so it's going to take longer to ring the most out of the machine than it will the 360.

and if some of the fanboys would take off their hater goggles for a second, they'd see that a lot of PS3 *YEAR ONE titles, were quite on par with the 360's *SECOND YEAR titles:

graphical showpieces for the 360 in it's first two years:
Gears of War
Mass Effect
Viva Pinata?

graphical showpieces for the PSe in it's first year:
Lair (say what you will about the game, the graphics were *GREAT)
Heavenly Sword (i challenge you to find *ANY game on *ANY non-Sony console that has the *HUGE draw-distances and vistas, and facial animation that this game has)
Ratchet and Clank Future
Folklore (that game has *FANTASTIC art design and visuals, to name only one of it's merits)
Warhawk (beautiful game. fun too)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (the best-looking game on the PS3, tied only with Ratchet and UT3)
Unreal Tournament 3 (it's a more colorful version of Gears of War, and Epic managed to squeeze that out by utilizing the 256MB/256MB split of RAM on the PS3; they weren't even programming the SPU's the way they are supposed to be!)

in it's first year, the PS3 already produced games that visually matched the 360, and with quite a few games, even the gameplay surpassed what the 360 was doing (40 player lagless on line in Resistance, 32 player lagless on line with Warhawk, *THOUSANDS of enemies onscreen with their own AI in Heavenly Sword).

now, i own a 360, and i enjoy it (me and my fiance are currently playing through Mass Effect. i didn't think she'd like it, but she played it for about 4 hours yesterday, though she made me do those button press Decryptor parts), but i think the PS3 had a better batch of first year titles than the 360 did, based off of my *OWN PERSONAL TASTES in games (i like action adventure games and rpgs, and honestly, the only real worthwhile games on the 360 are the shooters; Gears, Bioshock, Mass Effect).
angel604  +   2773d ago
so i guess trying to have a conversation with lunatic idiotic fanboys is where the fun is right..
angel604  +   2773d ago
sorry for the double post.

back on topic i cant wait for r2 its gonna be eye melting
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Scions Wrath  +   2773d ago
Great post Figboy @ 17
And i agree with your comments. Resistance 2 is going to be one hell of a confrontation both on and offline.
Mattearl  +   2773d ago
Can't wait for R:FOM 2
So that means they can only go up from here..... bring on Resistance 2!!! I can only imagine the content thats going to be on screen!
JCDenton  +   2773d ago
Thank god for GAMER ZONE. We (gamers) won't have to listen to those idiotic fanboys and "flamewarriors"...
HarryEtTubMan  +   2773d ago
the PS3 is technical and diferent and thats cool.... we will see... I can't even imagine 100%
HarryEtTubMan  +   2773d ago
the PS3 is technical and diferent and thats cool.... we will see... I can't even imagine 100%
SpikeSpiegel  +   2773d ago
I wonder how much will the sequel use
I say around 40% tops.
cmrbe  +   2773d ago
I am thinking that as well. 15% for R1. 30% for RC and 40% max for R2. Now imaging when GoW3 and ICO3 will be out.
lil bush  +   2773d ago
cant wait, thank god for gamerzone where true gamers come for info
Siesser  +   2773d ago
I'm glad that things will continue progressing. Part of the fun of owning a console is looking back at the early days and being wowed by how far things have come. I remember when PS2 first launched and I was looking at SSX and Oni as amazing-looking/playing titles. How they pale in comparison later.

It's nice to see most developers saying "Ok, we're done crawling; time to start walking." That still leaves running and jogging down the line. I'm just psyched about increasing the already decent AI, and seeing what this 8player co-op plays like.
Rice  +   2773d ago
wow thats really impressive and the game look pretty dam good for a launch title... I'm starting to think that the gap between the graphics of the ps3 and the 360 would widen by a hell alot, making 360 games look like wii games.
DiGiTaL Ki11eR  +   2772d ago
COME ON, you keep saying ohh 40-players maps... huge multiplayer maps... when has resistance ever had a full 40 players. the game blowed.
DiGiTaL Ki11eR  +   2772d ago
COME ON, you keep saying ohh 40-players maps... huge multiplayer maps... when has resistance ever had a full 40 players. the game blowed.
DiGiTaL Ki11eR  +   2772d ago
COME ON, you keep saying ohh 40-players maps... huge multiplayer maps... when has resistance ever had a full 40 players. the game blowed.
DiGiTaL Ki11eR  +   2772d ago
COME ON, you keep saying ohh 40-players maps... huge multiplayer maps... when has resistance ever had a full 40 players. the game blowed.

muhahah 5 posts
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