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Patriots_Pride  +   1295d ago
Played this game yesterday and wish I could get the 30 minutes of my life that I put into it back.

What were the developers thinking? This game makes Haze feel like a AAA mega blockbuster game.
Ares84HU  +   1295d ago
I don't agree with you. I thought that this game was ok. Not great, but not bad either.

I would wait for a price drop if anyone want's to get it. It's a good game for $25 but don't spend more than that on it.
Patriots_Pride  +   1295d ago
Ok maybe it was not that bad but I was really expecting it to be more on par with Uncharted 3 and Gears 3...maybe my expectation were too high.

Not worth the $60 but if anyone is interested I have a copy on ebay for $40.
Stretch  +   1295d ago
Really? I didn't LOVE it, but I thought it was, at least, functional with some relatively effective moments.
b_one  +   1295d ago
OUUU Right coz US super soldier are no heroes :) cmon...
BushLitter  +   1295d ago
One of the best games I've experienced this year. Gameplay was competent, story was amazing. Worth every penny.
brettyd  +   1295d ago
Wasn't thrilled with the demo gameplay wise, but im interested in it for the story. I'll pick it up when it hits 29.99 in about a month.
KentBlake  +   1295d ago
Best story in a military shooter ever. Yes, I think it has a better campaign than the first Modern Warfare.

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