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StrawberryDiesel420  +   1295d ago
As much as I prefer my PS3 to my 360, I have to admit that I had a PS3 break on me, had to mail it out and wait three weeks for the process to complete from beginning to when I got it back in the end. It was free but still inconvenient considering how much they cost and how reliable they were supposed to be. Now, my 360 has never failed me, have had it for about a good year and it gets plenty of use for COD and L4D. I had the early units but sold them before they could break, but I had faith they wouldn't for some reason despite everyone else having problems. I have no idea if they survived but my current 360 is like rock solid as of this posting.
xyxzor  +   1295d ago
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . Right.
chrispen9  +   1295d ago
Microsoft are money grabbers. They create crappy consoles which break easily and charge people for online.
Silly gameAr  +   1295d ago
Thanks for the info nofussreviews. I'm sure it's 100 percent true.
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Yomaster  +   1295d ago
I'm on my fourth Xbox 360 and my second PS3.

1st: Release day model. GPU failure in under a year, no warranty purchased. MS wanted $130 to "repair," so I just bought a new one.
2nd: Error E74/RRoD after a year and a half. Sent to MS for repair, free of charge.
3rd: MS refurb, lasted until Feb. 2011. DVD drive failure, still booted and functioned, but took multiple ejects to recognize discs. Gave it away.
4th: Bought 360 Slim after giving away last one. Still works fine, although the disc drive makes a high-pitched squeal from time to time.

1st: Red light of death after 1 year. Playing one day, turned itself off, wouldn't turn back on. Returned to Costco.
2nd: Replacement from Costco, appx. 3 years old now. PS3 Slim. No issues to date. Has seen far less use than any of my 360's, but has outlived all of them so far.

Both have problems, though the 360's track record is far worse. Despite that, improvements with the slim have alleviated most issues (so far). Overall, I'm partial to my Xbox 360, but I STILL won't deny that the hardware is shit.
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lpc  +   1295d ago
360 farig ha
Rebo00  +   1295d ago
I've had both an 360 and PS3, played the PS3 for many more hours yet the 360 is the one that died first and the PS3 is still going strong.
Anyone saying the 360 is as reliable as the PS3 has to have been a fanboy as we all know about the whole red ring on a lot of the original 360s for which Microsoft had to extend the warranty.
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