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Dlacy13g  +   1295d ago
Glad to see MS has corrected their Manufacturing process and done better with design on the 360.

This survey doesn't erase the fact that MS had a a horrible problem on their hands in the early years of the 360. It merely points out that they were able to redesign to an acceptable failure rate (comparable to Wii & PS3).

I would be more curious to see what consumer perception of the 360 is or maybe even better put "what consumer perception is of MS for making reliable hardware".
Roccetarius  +   1295d ago
I still have the Falcon Elite model of the 360, and it seems more reliable than Slim versions. Not sure if it's cheap hardware or something.

It could also be that..people don't know how to take care of the console. That's usually the case.
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OldSnakePS3  +   1295d ago
go type "least reliable console" in any search engine on the net, see what comes up

just one of the many reasons i play on sony's console
2 ps3s and they both run like a clock
nerdkiller  +   1295d ago
[grabs popcorn] this is gonna b a good long battle
SnakeCQC  +   1295d ago
im currently on ps3 number 5 and my used xbox elite has lasted me 2 years. On both sides there will be people complaining about the reliability about anything i have seen people swear the reliability of seagate harddrives while condeming WD and vice versa it just all down to luck and if the staff throw them around lol
ZeroX9876  +   1295d ago
PS1: flawless
PS2: lens burned
PS3: YLOD once, tried to repaired it myself with heatgun, worked for about 3 months and died again. Bought slim never broke since then.
xbox 360: 3 RROD, repaired it myself the third time with custom heatsink and thermal paste, never broke since then.
All nintendo console and handheld: Flawless

Experiences can change from user to user. 360 had it`s share of bad luck at first, but we all know Microsoft corrected those problems since then. Sony had a higher failure rate in the PS2 era, but with the total sales number, not surprising.

It`s electronic, nothings perfect. A lot of my friends owns macbook pro and it`s suppose to be super reliable, but I saw so many of them break down when my PCs were fine and running and I`m gaming and running this thing pretty hardcore.
SaffronCurse  +   1295d ago
To be honest, both of my ps3 slim and latest xb360 model have been working fine with no problems.

I have 2 other fat ps3 models (60gb-80gb) and they're still alive.

2 of my older 360 models died from the RROD.
Wintersun616  +   1295d ago
Why are we even talking about this anymore? I think it's obvious that the new models of both consoles are very reliable. No need to bring this topic back at all.

A poke in the eye for those, who dwell on the past.
Hanuman  +   1295d ago
I got over it.. Xbox is now just as reliable
InTheZoneAC  +   1295d ago
you mean you were an ignorant customer that stuck by microsoft despite putting out an inferior system just to say, "you got over it"?

2, 3, or even 4+ systems for one person is horrible. Once the 2nd system broke it it definitely time for that person to get rid of it.
vikingland1  +   1295d ago
My 360S works great as does my PS3S none of my older model 360's broke either. I allways traded them in for the newer ones.
DuncesOfWur  +   1295d ago
My graveyard.

Xbox 360: 2 - Both RROD
Xbox 360 Slim: 1 - Disc Drive busted.

That's it....and I own 2 PS3 (a launch day console and the new model)

So from my personal experience, xbox is losing 3 - 0 compared to my ps3's.
R_aVe_N  +   1295d ago
Lets see

PS1 - 0 (many many hours of Final Fantasy clocked on this one)
PS2 - 0 (still works to this day launch console phat)
PS3 - 0 (have old 60gig and a 320gig slim)
Xbox - 0 (nice hardware)
Xbox 360 - 3 (have new model now still kicking but loud as crap old models where not really built for long periods of play newer model handle that work load a lot better)
Wii - 1 (i got a launch unit that was buggy)

PS: another factor is a lot of people do to clean their electronics like they should. Dust leads to clogging and overheating dust them b!tches off and clean them out.
InTheZoneAC  +   1295d ago
and at least 500,000 people have no idea what they're talking about, as usual. Maybe the slims have less problems now compared to old 360's, but the total count of defective 360's blows away any other electronic device on the market.

My first job, working at gamestop, I probably averaged TWO or THREE 360 returns a day. Factor that number into a little over 2 years working there and that's just one store worldwide with that many problems alone.

And the people that claimed their ps3 was broken was always fixed in the store on the spot because they had no idea how to change video settings from A/V to HDMI.
Satish13  +   1295d ago
What it all comes down to is hardware compatibility / reliability, and then of course the "off-cahnce" shit happens, like that dude who's iPhone like blew up in his pocket. RROD is dead now, its been fixed with the newer much better model, YLOD was a rarity, but its was big because its happened all around the same time, simply because of a piece of hardware inside, that for a time during production might not have been as heavily regulated, and resulted in this kind of a thing. SO its believable that the current 360 is in fact as reliable as PS3's in general. now I'm a PS3 fan I have had mine since MGS4 launch (the black one) I'd like to think I take care of it, despite having it being left on for hours, though keeping it upright/vertical hopes it). I'd like to think PS3 has always been more robust, but because of hardware changes on the 360, it only makes sense that they've caught up, really there nothing to be said about either side, its next gen we need to be worried about now anyways.
brettyd  +   1295d ago
On my 3rd xbox and 2nd ps3.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1295d ago
It better be, they have had 7 years to refine it
MizTv  +   1295d ago
tell me he didnt just say that
smashcrashbash  +   1295d ago
Please people. Just because most of you sat through three years of RROD accepting the fact that Microsoft left a fatal glitch in the system which took three years to fix while finding a way to slither out of the trouble they caused, is no reason to boast about it now.I still suspect Microsoft probably let the system out knowing about the glitch that could potentially destroy the system in an attempt to be first on the market. They probably had the money to pay for the warranty all ready in case the systems broke down.

People pretend to forget what kind of company Microsoft was in the past and not much has changed. Still making glitchy, broken garbage and making unfulfilled promises while people still make excuses for them.Don't pretend it's reliable now that Microsoft has used you as guinea pigs for three years while they conned and lied their way out of it.If you gave me a car and it caused me trouble for three years until you managed to fix every problem, that is not reliable.
badvlad  +   1295d ago
(7) seven dead 360s in 6 years. I pee on this article. I still play on xbox only though.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   1295d ago
My 360 arcade only died this year ( its disk reader is worn out), its the only problem I've had with it. Its been on carpets under dvd-machines and stayed on for weeks, not too mention I live in SA and it can get pretty hot here 30+C. My ps2 still lives thou. Gonna buy myself a new 360s and ps3s soon, oh and the WiiU too.
attilayavuzer  +   1295d ago
Surprised people are still talking about this. I'm almost convince that anyone that had the same console break twice or more on them was doing something wrong...playing it inside a trash bag or something.
BeenThereDoneThat  +   1295d ago
I'm calling BULL on these findings. I'm on my 3rd 360, and son on his 2nd 360. We both still have our launch (or near) PS3's that are working just fine. Makes me wonder if the count of 360's out there are is really as big as they say, being that soooooo many have died and been trashed. I know of NO XBOX 360 owner that has not replaced their original machine at least once. I still play my 360 (though not as often as my PS3) , but I hold my breath everytime I power it up, hoping that I don't see any red lights.
Ziggyvertang  +   1295d ago
Well the new consoles are fine its just the old ones which suck. Yeah you might be one of the few which still has one that works but thats not evidence to say the 360 failure rate was a lie.

For it to be over 50% is just aweful. All i know is that i got a 360 before the ps3 Was out and within 2 weeks it went so took it back got my money added abit more to the pot and got a ps3 the day it came out and i have never looked back it has yet to fail.

Glad I got the ps3 now anyway because in my view there are more new ips on the ps3 and still chucking out alot of new ips something the 360 doesnt seem to be doing alot of
iNFAMOUZ1  +   1295d ago
sony defense full force !
ChunkyLover53  +   1295d ago
I'm not surprised at this. The Xbox 360s models are very well built. I figured they were at least as reliable as the PS3 now. Glad to see Microsoft has fully remedied the earlier problems. Although I had a launch 360 that ran just fine, I traded up when the 360s launched and haven't looked back since.

Also, the original test audience that they polled for the supposed 37% failure rate, was less than 500,000. So props to these guys for polling a large enough sampling of Xbox 360 owners to provide accurate numbers.
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homer  +   1295d ago
Both Sony and Microsoft can go jump off a bridge. Nintendo is the only hardware maker that produces hardware meant to last.
IQUITN4G  +   1295d ago
i've had two RROD from previous machines but the new slims are perfect for me and others that went this way

The really great thing now for me is piece of mind for future MS hardware considering they wont ever let RROD happen again. The whole stupid business in a way was quite good for MS and future consumers
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AO1JMM  +   1295d ago
Repaired my 360 twice

repaired my PS3 3 times (requires repair again)

To me they are both equally pieces of crap (hardware wise)

I do not regret buying either 1 as I have played alot of fun games on both.
glennco  +   1295d ago
troll bait
gamer7804  +   1295d ago
As this is a survey now since the jasper chipset and the slim, i can easily see why people know its just as reliable.
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