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Tyre  +   1170d ago
Win 8 is good but bring back the start button!!! WHY REMOVE IT?!
bub16  +   1170d ago
give it a few years he will come on stage saying how good windows 8 actually is...
OneAboveAll  +   1170d ago
wut? Linux is trash. It's not even sold in stores or comes pre-installed on PC's. Until it does both then it will always be trash.
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gyigyo   1170d ago | Spam
deletingthis34675334  +   1170d ago
I am going to pirate this when it comes out.
BlackPhoenix  +   1170d ago
I wish we'd have good games for Linux. The best thing is its free!! I only use Windows for games and maybe cuz I'm more used to it.
Godmars290  +   1170d ago
Don't know how they're going to abandon it when its technically the only platform on the market. Nevermind that MS has its tentacles into Linux as well.
Lilioups  +   1170d ago
screw fail win8 lol
i stick with 7 wich ofc are the best
Baka-akaB  +   1169d ago
Again the irony ... Win 8 is a better and faster version of win 7 .
kingPoS  +   1170d ago
Better snap up those win7 copies ASAP, because soon they'll be in high demand.(^run's of to Staples^)
mcgrottys  +   1169d ago
I've stopped listening to him until I see something about HL3.

Also I stopped using linux because of all the driver issues I've had with it. I had it on my old laptop but on my new laptop it couldn't find any drivers for the wireless and also my trackpad was a mess. Then on my brothers old laptop it wouldn't even install so I tried installing windows 8 on that partition instead and it worked perfectly.

Heck I switched from linux to windows 8 because to be honest it just works better. I was able to get multitouch on my tackpad even though it is an old one, it boots up just as fast (unlike 7) and now I don't need to bother with the terminal because everything has a setup process (having to install my wifi adapter driver was a huge pain). Other than linux being free I don't know why I would bother with it anymore because windows 8 is going to be about $40 and I am going to need a platform to play games from anyway so yeah.

I still however use windows 7 on my desktop because I am not going to bother reintalling my games until the full version of windows 8 comes out.
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SactoGamer  +   1169d ago
Yep -- Win8 isn't even on my "maybe" list.
ame22  +   1169d ago
Gabe is on a roll in the last two days.
ALLWRONG  +   1169d ago
Go ahead Gabe, I dare you :P I'm MS will care about as much as Steam 360.
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KillerPwned  +   1169d ago
I completely agree Linux deserves so much credit and support than any OS out there. The possibilities with Linux is endless. I am not moving to Win8 probably even with a free copy. Win7 is working just fine with me.
PhunnyJesta  +   1169d ago
Unfortunately I feel windows 8 is gonna sell boat load to the average idiotic consumer that sees a new shiny and wants it just because its shinier then what they have. I am gonna keep 7 as long as I can but if it comes down to it, I'll have to switch to linux if windows keeps going in the direction it is. And lol
Baka-akaB  +   1169d ago
Again i heard the same crap about guys sticking with Xp till the end without even having a clue when 7 came .

After all who needs a faster booting os and a more stable version with optimised features ? No let's focus on some crap start menu that's easy to get away from , because we HEARD it was bad .

People doing that aint being any smarter and more savvy than the "sheeps" , they just go to a different herd that believes itself superior :p .
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ajax17  +   1169d ago
Just like the PS3 right Gabe?
cjflora  +   1169d ago
Haha, I didn't see this when I posted my reply. Great minds?
cjflora  +   1169d ago
I'm not defending Microsoft here at all because I'm fully aware of Microsoft's track record of being completely hit or miss with things, but wasn't Gabe also trashing the PS3 a few years ago? Then he showed up at E3 last year and ate crow?
sjaakiejj  +   1169d ago
Ps3 wasn't a threat to Steam though..
lonesoul65  +   1169d ago
Gabe has always had a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease but he is an amazing guy for sure. I think that Linux support will be a good thing and yes, over time it will make headway. It is a good and important advancement but for the time it will be a small market.
Being in IT everyday I hear about the Windows vs. Linux argument but in the end...its nice to have a choice. No reason to blast one or the other.
moofo  +   1169d ago
oh moneysoft..
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1169d ago
Why is Microsoft having a problem making a competent OP? Some people I know are still using XP for gaming. And all of the technical explanations online seem to support the inferior construction of the (indirect) successors of XP.
jay2  +   1169d ago
Poor Gabe,did M& cut your pay packet ones for the PS3 comments, and now twice?????
finite  +   1169d ago
as we all know Microsoft will just dish out windows 8 then dish out windows 9 ... or something like they have done all the long...... even though Vista was piss pore we still had crap loads of games on it for PC users.
kevnb  +   1169d ago
It did cause a decline for few years though. And to all those talking about Gabe and ps3, he still doesn't like it but at valve employees can just make a ps3 version or whatever and Gabe won't stop them. He's also still valves PR guy.
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Hazmat13  +   1169d ago
computer noob here. whats a linux? because its like PC Vs iMac VS linux. sorry for the herp derp.
Baka-akaB  +   1169d ago
it's an efficient but cumbersome free OS than no one bare afficionados and people with IT jobs will bother using ... yet everyone pretends they'll switch to it every year or every new version of windows , because there is this "let's stick it to the man" mentality , or because they heard it's better .

In the end the most curious try it a bit , then comes back , especially when they realise they wanna play their games , unless they are like said earlier , afficionados and pros that can actually deal with Linux and enjoy it .
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