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WeskerChildReborned  +   1037d ago
It doesn't really matter what events you focus on cause some people will like futuristic games, others will like a setting in the past, and then their are people who really don't care where it takes place as long as it gots a good story or looks interesting.
RustedMan  +   1037d ago
I'm not quite sure what this article is getting at.
what's wrong with games that envision a technologically advanced world where guns glow in the dark and holograms are everywhere? we can always look to the past as inspiration, but is this article talking about themes? going the nonfiction route? or gameplay mechanics?

why is looking back in time a better route?
rpd123  +   1037d ago
I see where he's coming from. The Assassins Creed games have awesome settings and fictional stories made to fit in with real events. And that's awesome. But they also tell a story set in the future. So not sure that was the best example he could've used.

Games set in the past are fun, but you need to have some variety. I love Halo and Mass Effect and games like Uncharted explore the past while set in the present. A games setting in time doesn't dictate it's subject matter.

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