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iClenchTatas  +   1084d ago
This guy is terrible, it's crazy that he gets to play the game so early.
wwm0nkey  +   1084d ago
This is SDCC footage and SDCC is a public event so he has every right to play it even if he isnt very good.

(Played it like 20 times at SDCC)
iClenchTatas  +   1083d ago
Are you saying you played it like 20 times? If so, that is awesome.
Psychonaughty  +   1084d ago
Normally I woul go easy on bad players because they are at a show with a new game etc but wow he was bad, looked like he had never played a Halo game before. The game is looking excellent though, this mode is looking 10x better than Firefight ever was.
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Chapulin  +   1084d ago
Looks pretty good but not Killzone good.
h311rais3r  +   1084d ago
Killzone lasts all of 5 hours........and why even bring up a different style of shooter? Besides u can't do half the crap u can do in halo in killzone.
robavila95  +   1084d ago
You're right, it's far beyond better than Killzone good.
AusRogo  +   1084d ago
Did you really have to say that? :/ I love Killzone as much as the next guy but I can't deny how good this game does look.
robavila95  +   1084d ago
I meant to say Halo is better...
Muffins1223  +   1084d ago
killzone is one plays that and you know it.
nano88  +   1084d ago
killzone really dude killzone sucks donkey balls
r21  +   1084d ago
i have to disagree with you about kz sucking. both games are great in their own ways.
units  +   1084d ago
Lighting in Killzone is pre baked
William5150  +   1083d ago
damn! when that promethian hits that guy its like a freaking hunter hit him!!!!!

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