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Enmson  +   996d ago
i don't think that is possible on consoles, sadly.
GamingTruth  +   995d ago
yeah like wii
Gorbenshore  +   996d ago
I wish
Hufandpuf  +   996d ago
You want to see it but you won't.
JONESY6  +   996d ago
LOL at Asus car.
claud3  +   995d ago
Not a chance of it happening
Scenarist  +   995d ago
the only thing gta is limited by is lack of geometry on buildings... most of them are just flat with texture on them .... kills me inside knowing this... but more geometry = more polygons = higher pc requirements (or better optimization)

everything else is merely ok or sufficient .. they need to make gta 5 easily moddable... every land plot mapped out.. so absolutely everything can be changed...

that way .., everyone could pitch in to develop high res( high poly) resources to the game...

i mean we try anyway,..

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