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StrongMan  +   1119d ago
Where is all that XBL money going?
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   1119d ago
into deep pockets lolz
ChunkyLover53  +   1118d ago
So Xbox Live goes down sporadically for some people (didn't go down for me), and all of a sudden its a waste of money and a bad service?

The money goes into a lot of different things for Microsoft I'm sure, most importantly it goes into keeping the system secure.

I've got my credit card information stored on Xbox Live, so I don't think I'd like that information stored haphazardly, I like that Microsoft came right out, said they were investigating the issue and fixed it in a prompt manner for those affected.

Doesn't always happen like that ya know? Sometimes it takes days for any sort of acknowledgement and weeks before you knew your credit info was leaked. As a PSN+ subscriber, where was my money going during the hack?
Ace_Pheonix  +   1118d ago
Week early DLC for multiplat titles. I'm pretty sure a good sum of it goes towards ensuring that. If I did pay for live, I would probably justify it by that. A week early for DLC could be worth $50 to some people. I mean, I bought BF3 premium. Of course the early access is more of a bonus.
Clarence  +   1119d ago
Im not rubbing this in, but this just shows that paid services can have issues to. Xbox live is not oblivious to the same issues that PSN has.
xchamp  +   1118d ago
Yes no service is perfect but the fact that xbl was only down for a small amount of people for just a few hours due to a technical error is completely different to the PSN which was down worldwide for 2 weeks by hackers
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   1119d ago
was down for me when i woke up :o but now it's better :3
Razgriz383  +   1119d ago
But Xbox live is never down or hacked...
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1119d ago
I'm on Live with no problems.. have 9 friends online now as well. Like others said.. small number of people having problems does not mean that Xbox Live is down.

I love seeing the hopes of the SDF, waiting every day for an attack to equal the debacle of what happen to psn. But alas... this is no hack. Foiled again!
Redtide  +   1119d ago
im on fine
MacDonagh  +   1119d ago
It's over! Just connected over in Xanadu and things are looking like normal!

Hopefully an explanation will be forthcoming.
truewittness  +   1119d ago
fine here
rmedtx  +   1119d ago
I sure hope is not hackers... They are out of control.
Hanuman  +   1119d ago
Europe is back online :)
Lucretia  +   1119d ago
funny, i thought live doesn't go down. i wonder where all those dollars go then if they can't keep it up? probably were too busy counting your money and let it crash.

this is why i havent had live in 2 years, not much better, no free games, no discounts, no perks. oh wells
xchamp  +   1118d ago
A lot better (Cross Game chat, better voice quality more features), A few free arcade games (Harms Way), Discounts on different games and add ons nearly every week.
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MadMen  +   1119d ago
QuantumWake  +   1119d ago
It's back up now. I guess this article will stay at the top since some fanboys want something to argue about.

*Back to playing Halo: Reach*
Lucretia  +   1119d ago
yeah, still playing halo reach, got bored of it a few months after release, if only there was new exclusives :P.

still better than cod lol
QuantumWake  +   1119d ago
A lot of people got bored of playing Halo: Reach because there is really no incentive in playing anymore. One of the biggest reasons is because there is no real ranking system. I play because I still have a lot of friends who play it and I enjoy playing BTB or Team Slayer.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   1119d ago
no problems here either, quite honestly i cant remember a time my live was
Jazz4108  +   1119d ago
Been on my 360 al day and just logged into n4g to find out that the service I have been using all day is down. Okay, if it was down it wasn't for long and did not affect everyone. I have had live for 7 years now and not once has it failed to be there when I want to use it and with ps3 its taken down at least once or twice a month for maintance while 360 does its maintaince without taking its servers down and its more reliable. MS live is the rock and Psn is Sonys rrod plus there's still ylod.
Teaber  +   1119d ago
Don't worry guys. It was only down cause there were too many people downloading gigs worth of games.
urwifeminder  +   1119d ago
Must have happened while i went for a drink of water i missed it, was on when i went to the kitchen on when i came back.
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stage88  +   1118d ago
You went to the kitchen for 6 hours?
OldSnakePS3  +   1119d ago
PS Plus >>>>>>> Ex-box live
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iNFAMOUZ1  +   1119d ago
I don't know, xbox live is just "fun"...
it's got that magic without even trying, it feels like being truly at home with all your buddies playing games all night and day.
chukamachine  +   1118d ago
Obviously wasn't that big of a problem, someone just pulled out the wrong wire:)
nikoo  +   1118d ago
i have that proplem
CYBERHATER  +   1118d ago
You get what you pay for. Results :)
nikoo  +   1118d ago
i cant sigin what the fix i need a fix
condemmedman  +   1118d ago
I couldn't log on for a little while but I still didnt switch on my PS3 lol
stage88  +   1118d ago
Do you want a gold star?
kent80082007  +   1118d ago
Congratulations! You're a big man! BIG MAN!!
ChunkyLover53  +   1118d ago
Anyone ever notice Microsoft only reaches the hottest news when its perceived at something negative that has happened to them?

I literally was able to log in the whole day with no issues whatsoever, but I come here and its full of trolls that are spouting the same stupid lines over and over again. I cant believe this place is so biased, and that gamers would wish bad things on other gamers, its just mind blowing and so immature.
kent80082007  +   1118d ago
welcome to the internet
extermin8or  +   1118d ago
I've seen several comments claiming "ps3 fanboy's flooded here-it being n4g)- yet all these fanboy comments that apparently flooded this story and are trolling must be invisible because I've seen very few :S wtf?
Donnywho  +   1118d ago
Someone's keeping score, hell, a lot of people are probably keeping score. People do a lot of meaningless things. Since the beginning of time perhaps?
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