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MrGunny94  +   1238d ago
I would rather waste my time repeating ALL the MGS in the hardest dificulty, atleast i would get a good experience and cry rather then playing this.
2pacalypsenow  +   1238d ago
we pay $60+ dollars and its a glitched ,cheating, laggy POS , what do you think a free COD will be like?
Unlimax  +   1238d ago
I Can't beleive someone post this stupid worthless article in N4G !
Rock_On_PS4  +   1238d ago
The Chinese deserve to have free access to Call of Duty. Millions of Chinese work in 18 to 20 hour per day factories and endure slave like conditions and paid US$0.60, only 60 cents per hour to mass produce cheap consumer goods.

No wonder multi-nationals boast bigger annual profits, cheap labour in developing nations pay the ultimate price for the cheap goods westerners take for granted.
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Somebody  +   1237d ago
When do they have the time to play the game if they are working longer ore than the average gamers/humans per day?

How are they paying for those Free-to-play/pay-to-win items if their wages are so pitifully small?

Unfortunately, its a high risk investment for multi-nationals to make stuff in China since they are required to have local partners. Sure they'll make make cheaper costing stuff but they have to give away industrial secrets in order to access that cheap labour. They are practically teaching their future rivals the ways of the trade while making annual profits.
Dr Face Doctor  +   1238d ago
Chinese F2P games are notoriously pay-to-win affairs. I'm not jealous at all.
LightningSamus  +   1237d ago
The chinese will stop playing as soon as they find out that they're playing as Americans and British.
Somebody  +   1237d ago
I'm not jealous of China having CoD for free.

I am very, very afraid...of the game itself.

It's an F2P game!
Rock_On_PS4  +   1237d ago
Work harder and you too can one day when hell freezes over, free access to Call of Duty.

Only jealous losers who do not work hard enough are complaining.
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Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1237d ago
Funny to watch the anti COD idiots come in here and spam up this article with "Free COD? Why would I be jealous" or "COD sucks!"

The reason they made this article was for COD fans... not the cry baby kid mouth breathers, that are trying to be first in any COD article for a post that's played out now more than COD.

This article is obviously talking to COD fanboys, and not that you would really actually be jealous, but because the game if free, it's like a, don't you wish you could get your COD for free... which me loving COD.. ya, that would be nice.

LMAO at all the kids hurrying in here saying China sucks, and COD sucks. It has nothing to do with that. But of course, the COD haters are so much more played out these days than the actual COD game... it's just stupid now. Would be sweet if this site had a bit of an age filter.
HarryB  +   1237d ago
I bet this game is going to be hacked within a week. You know how great activision is at stopping hackers in cod. No punk buster, no anti cheat, free game ? Lousy support. Better off playing tf2.
BlackPhoenix  +   1237d ago
WoW. You westerners sure hate the Chinese. :-P Now gotta check how bad China really is.

I do hope the graphics are better than this low-res trailer shows.
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