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Junkerd  +   1134d ago
JONESY6  +   1134d ago
NO MORE ARMY SHOOTERS. We want this game, just alot of people don't know it yet! we need to advertise this!
problemchild84  +   1134d ago
I've been saying it for years, we need more ducks in FPS! Also monkeys.
blue_flowers  +   1134d ago
hell yeah
Tony90908  +   1134d ago
To have a game where a dead cow could blow you away with a shotgun.....
BRING TIMESPLITTERS BACK! One of the most unique, and best fps series I've ever played in my life.
paparoach1724  +   1134d ago
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
TIME 2 SPLIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DaTopGamer  +   1134d ago
We need TimeSplitters back! It was too unique and fun to die!
paparoach1724  +   1134d ago
Pwnage18202  +   1134d ago
We want this game back!!!!! UNITE Timesplitters Fans!
mdarwin1  +   1134d ago
Must have TimeSplitters NOW!!!!! i love this series and im tired of games being about how many killstreaks and rank ups you can earn in a day. Instead when i played timesplitters it was all about should i be a zombie, soldier, or the gingerbread man :). I miss games being fun not the whole grindcore games we have today that focus on K:D ratio
HomelessBoxBoy  +   1134d ago
This MUST be a console release. It just must.
FuturePerfection  +   1134d ago
We really do need a game like this on the market
Dead_Cell  +   1134d ago
You better damn well buy it if they make it after all of this demanding. Series like these are quirky, outside of the norm and therefore fragile.
BitbyDeath  +   1134d ago
Free Radical must be stupidly kicking themselves.
If they made a new TimeSplitters instead of Haze they could be up there competing with COD. Who knows they may even have been the COD of shooters.

Bring back TimeSplitters!
urwifeminder  +   1134d ago
Meh leave it for the memory was not as good as people say .
MrTimeSplitter  +   1134d ago
Time to split
simonrope  +   1134d ago
It wont be the same since it's not made by the same people
thyscarecrow  +   1133d ago
You do not know how badly i want this!
NakhtiEmperor1  +   1133d ago
Bring this bad boy back we need some fun stuff again people take the military shooters too seriously anymore. We need crazy highjinks again!
Jacobster  +   1133d ago
Time-splitters had Charisma,personality, atmosphere, variety and replayability without the need for achievements/trophies and DLC.

Please can we either have a HD remake (like Tony hawks) or a new game please Crytek. Thanks!
HarryTipper  +   1133d ago
I think that part of the problem is that the people that haven't heard of it or played it can't just go out and play it. They need a ps2 for number two. If it were on PSN or XBOX live I bet people would really enjoy playing it for the first time. Number 2 was released a long time ago. So was 3, we need a new game.
mdarwin1  +   1133d ago
I have to agree I believe that if they just release an HD version of each or even an HD version of TS2 or TS3 for around 10 dollars then everyone would buy into it and give it a whirl find out how fun it is. Then see these pages and think oh man i have to get involved for i really dont want to go back to the same generic shooters, and this in return will spread the word faster, and show just how demanding of a series this is in terms of how many people want TS4. However, this is all just my Opinion of course
Pwnage18202  +   1133d ago
I hope this game gets made it will be AWESOME!!!
imyers  +   1131d ago
nice to see the big effort for ts4, just hope it gets enough attention
JONESY6  +   1131d ago
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