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Jdash24  +   2940d ago
That has to be too good to be true............those scans are fake right?
Rikitatsu  +   2940d ago
No, I don't think so
Check the Thread, someone said that he got the magazine, and the other guy confirmed it
zambrota  +   2940d ago
omg so excited!!

2008 kicks off with a bang with Dmc4,burnout and now the MEGA MGS4 DEMO!!!!
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Bill Gates  +   2940d ago
Believe it gamers. This is coming late February, and will be released late March.
Jdash24  +   2940d ago
damn then....i cant wait for february :)
Joey Gladstone  +   2940d ago
its only equals set to release appear to be Resistance 2........and maybe Fallout
.."The JOEY has Spoken"
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TheExecutive  +   2940d ago
That face makes me want to punch babies.
Assassin4hire  +   2940d ago
DAMN! i cant believe MGS4 is about to be out!
its finally coming...cant wait..its gonna be the best game of this gen
n_n  +   2940d ago
this is going to be crazy! i bet the PSN will overload when this drops
C_SoL  +   2940d ago
Nice find Rikitatsu.....
Come on u see me here frontin for some bubbles now.....
Ben1054  +   2940d ago
i brought the mag just over a week ago and it said "expect a demo next month on the ps store"
so yep its true
sonarus  +   2940d ago
offcourse a demo will come. expected the demo after release though but bring it.
Lifendz  +   2940d ago
It's great to own a PS3
it really is. I don't know how you guys can hate on this system. It does so many things and now the bigs are rolling out. Here's to what may be Sony's best year ever. PS3 in '08!
IzKyD1331  +   2940d ago
where did this magazine get this info?
tk  +   2940d ago
Hey Joey
I agree with the comment... that face really just wants me to hit something. And the stupid "Duhh has spoken" at the bottom - it makes me want to really kak in my pants.
Ben1054  +   2690d ago
you all feel dumb, no demo never came HaHA
conjurdevil  +   2940d ago
hmm...highly doubtfull
though it does say it will be available on psn store!! I mean if thats true god bless konami!!
MaximusPrime  +   2940d ago
this news needed to be treated as "rumor".

I would love to see it happen in Feb but i dont think so.
zambrota  +   2940d ago
It could happen
since a playable demo was there at GDC last year

so why not release that same demo on PSN store

But in anyform it is a MEGATON NEWS

BIGGEST game of 2008 comes to ps3 in the form of demo even at the beginning of 2008

Rythrine  +   2940d ago
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. They had the playable version over at GDC so its a possibility that same demo would end up in PSN.
Cwalat  +   2940d ago
considering that the demo was playable 3 months ago, I think its not rumor and that konami wants to provide something, before they announce another delay till may...
Ben1054  +   2940d ago
i brought the mag just over a week ago and it said "expect a demo next month on the ps store"
they said you get to play the level that got previewed at a game show dont ask which i forgot,
Salvadore  +   2940d ago
But when is the title bound to release?
INehalemEXI  +   2940d ago
I think its slated for june or july release can't recall which month exactly.
zambrota  +   2940d ago
It is coming in June
I mean the full game
TheExecutive  +   2940d ago
They are bug testing now... do you think they will test for bugs for 7 months?
TheExecutive  +   2940d ago
Would that be february or March? What month is this magazine in? If its march thats totally believable. Depending on when it is released (given its a march demo) it will be 2-4 weeks after that when the game is actually launched. April anyone?
conjurdevil  +   2940d ago
more like may,june!!
TheExecutive  +   2940d ago
I guess that depends on how the bug testing is going. June is pry a little late in the year, it could happen but april or may sounds about right.
Meus Renaissance  +   2940d ago
For them to actually state there will be a demo next month sounds very bold. I choose to believe this. I can't wait.
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UnblessedSoul  +   2940d ago
AWESOME I hope it's true
jwatt  +   2940d ago
I know, this would be so awesome.

Related video
niall77  +   2940d ago
as of the last KP report. there are still no plans for a MGS4 demo.
... a MGO demo would make more sence IMO
Relcom  +   2940d ago
Nice, you know what would be even better? A early release. That would be super
PirateThom  +   2940d ago
If true, OMFYES!
But most likely, I knew it wasn't happening since Ryan Peyton said it wasn't.
captainpwn  +   2940d ago
MGS4 demo in Feburary??!?! MEGHATON!!!!!
Kain81  +   2940d ago
Time to Celebrate come on tattatattata
Hell it was about Time.
This makes my day
DJ  +   2940d ago
I hope it's the demo that they've been showing at
shows like TGS and CES. A lot of people are already buying it though, so it probably doesn't matter. (The same reason Gears of War and Halo didn't have demos).
caffman  +   2940d ago
Halo had the beta
which I thought was better than having a demo
DJ  +   2940d ago
Yeah, Beta's rock
I'm still hoping that there's a Killzone beta; I so want in.
heyheyhey  +   2940d ago

although the demo is probably going to be huge and it will take like a week to download- i think il wait for OPM to put the demo on its disc
rukusa  +   2940d ago
Not gonna happen.

Seriously guys, listen to what Ryan Peyton says.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2940d ago
I'll wait for Konami's response if indeed this is true. (Hope it is!)
Gamingisfornerds  +   2940d ago
Cool, can't wait to check it out if true!
I'm not hugely anticipating this title, but I'll definitely ckeck it out.

I'm more of a Splinter Cell fan myself and I wasn't all that charmed by the footage I've seen so far of this game, but I'll give the demo a chance before I completely dismiss this game.
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heyheyhey  +   2940d ago
lol you got a disagree

obviously someone knows what you want more than you do

EDIT: lol i got a disagree, this site makes me laugh
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spectyre  +   2940d ago
I hope this is true
I wonder how many PS3's the demo will sell?
ukilnme  +   2940d ago
Only one and I bought it last November.

PSWii60 FTW!!!
Skerj  +   2940d ago
I'm SO treating this as a rumor until proven otherwise. If it's true then hot damn, we're in for some fun.
whoelse  +   2940d ago
Oh god, please, do this for us PS3 owners! I cant wait!
Orange Juice  +   2940d ago
Great news! Lets see if it comes true.
liquidsnake  +   2940d ago
It just seems to be too good to be true. I highly doubt a MGS4 demo in February. Haven't Kojima also stated that it'll be no demo?
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games4fun  +   2940d ago
no f'ing way i exclaimed as i read this and now i hope this is true christmas was last month seems like itll be like next month
Kain81  +   2940d ago
and so it begins The rise of Playstation3
This year is Yours
Show us what you can^^
LJWooly  +   2940d ago
I think that, while this is fantastic news, we shouldn't get our hopes up too much, or we'll be really disappointed if it ends up getting delayed.

Still, I hope to god it's true. MGS is my favourite series of all time.
I've never had so much fun playing a game, that's why MGS4 is my most anticipated title of this year.
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liquidsnake  +   2940d ago
Same here mate ;)
belal  +   2940d ago
i must be
dreaming :P daaamn i spiilled my cofee :(
Bonsai1214  +   2940d ago
well, i won't bite on it yet... but if its true, i would be incredibly happy.
RecSpec  +   2940d ago
Grain of salt people

Can't have my hopes dashed again.
LJWooly  +   2940d ago
Exactly. Bubbles for you, I'm in a bubble giving mood :)
LJWooly  +   2940d ago
Exactly. Bubbles for you, I'm in a bubble giving mood :)

Wow, a double post. It seems I'm in a double bubble giving mood!! :D
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C_SoL  +   2940d ago
Please give me bubble....
if u want....

if not, that's messed up.....

about the story...i'll believe it till i see it on the PSNStore....

thanks man, i'll return the favor....
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LJWooly  +   2940d ago
I'll give you a bubble, mate, don't worry :)
solidt12  +   2939d ago
yeah but it would be nice. I hope there is an official announcement soon. DMC 4 is suppose to get a demo and we haven't seen that yet. the game hits in 2 weeks so where is it.
wizerd  +   2940d ago
a while ago i stated if a demo came out i would choke slam my grandma looks like its here (come here granny)
Doctor Strange  +   2940d ago
According to the podcast the game is playable from start to finish and their bug testing now so I don't think its to far out that they can release the demo from the tokyo game show, CES, etc since they were essential the same demo.

But if this true, the PSN is going to explode next month since everyone from every country is going to be downloading this just like Uncharted when it came out.
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