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demolitionX  +   2689d ago
S W E E T!
cr33ping_death  +   2689d ago
damn (crosses fingers) this indeed would be pretty f'in sweet. may it be so.

PSN tag. ballisticrage
xbotsRidiots  +   2689d ago
do you think itll be releases simultaniously on LIVE......oh wait i forgot xbots dont get the game....damn my deepest condolences on missing out on the biggest game in gaming history.

NanoGeekTech  +   2689d ago
Seven words.....
Hell yes....F*#k yes....can't wait....PS3 has not been turned off since Christmas eve 2007.....

I know its not seven words but I am a little excited..........
ygxbrayzie  +   2689d ago
god... i want a ps3 now this game ROCK!!!!!
ScottEFresh  +   2689d ago
YES!!!! Xbots are jealous.
ElfShotTheFood  +   2689d ago
Yeah, look at all of them posting in this thread, saying how jealous they are!

Wait?! What?!

Grow up.
Mercutio  +   2689d ago
No, seriously the earth will crumble to dust....
Bastard 360  +   2689d ago
Sorry Xbox 360 owners!
This is for PS3 only and it's due out in a few months, what desperate move will Xbox try pull to stop the sales of this game because they don't have anything to combat it's release ahhahaha ahhahaha get it up ya Xbot fools.
Cwalat  +   2689d ago
Well this is a really great surprise for me, if they are releasing a demo than that probably means that they are on the final touches of the game.
xc7x  +   2689d ago
need to be registered to look in forums
err,how about mentioning that mr. news poster,grrr
thepill88  +   2689d ago
Xbox version...
Any word on the Xbox version yet? Or cant the Xbox 360s last gen hardware handle this title... *rubs comment in Xbots face*
Grown Folks Talk  +   2689d ago
I bet
you guys can't wait to watch it. = }
Figboy  +   2689d ago
wouldn't surprise me if there *WAS a demo next month
so far, *EVERY Metal Gear Solid released so far has had a demo before the actual release of the game.

i got the MGS demo in an issue of OPM magazine on thier demo disc. that demo actually sold me on MGS in the first place (i wasn't interested before that).

i got the MGS2 demo with my copy of Zone of the Enders (i actually *DID buy ZOE for ZOE, but the MGS2 demo certainly didn't hurt. lol)

i got the MGS3 demo in an issue of OPM magazine. i had actually played the game at E3 that year, but it was cool to actually have the game, playing it at home on my TV (and showing the guys at work, i think i was at Activision at the time).

now that there are online networks capable of bringing the demo to even *MORE people than the magazines (not everybody has a subscription to a magazine, but over half of the PS3 owners out there have a PSN account), i think it would be wise for Konami to release this demo over the PSN, and to also have Sony update the *KIOSKS in stores like Best Buy with the demo, so more people can see it.

i guarantee that if a potential console purchaser walks past a Playstation 3 kiosk, and sees Metal Gear Solid 4 running, or somebody playing it, they would probably buy a PS3 then and there (unfortunately for the Best Buy by my apartment, some douche fanboy *ALWAYS turns the PS3 kiosk off, which is right next to the *ALWAYS on 360 kiosk. i turn the PS3 back on, but then somebody turns it off again a few minutes later when i walk buy again).

games like GT5 and MGS4 have fanatical audiences, as does Final Fantasy. if those fanbases get a whiff that a GT5 or MGS4 demo of any sort is hitting the PSN, they will rush and get the system, if just to play it for a minute (here's hoping the demo won't be 5 minutes long like Heavenly Sword's).

i'll still take this story as a rumor, but it's not unreasonable to think an MGS4 demo will hit at some point, considering the precedents set by the previous games in the series.
JBaby343  +   2689d ago
I'm All For Demos
I love demos no matter what game. Not all of them need demos but I never complain when we get demos. Keep the demos coming.
solidt12  +   2689d ago
Premonition  +   2689d ago
I recall a post back on this site like about a week ago saying if GB won that someone from Konami would say something that was suppose to be said later on, I wonder if this is it.
TwissT  +   2689d ago
God said let there be a demo, and so it was said.
cr33ping_death  +   2689d ago
damn ill have to download it the day after....due to all the peeps trying to download it the second its released.
Tsukasah  +   2689d ago
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!...
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Account deleted  +   2689d ago
what daaa
is this some kind of black ritual(looking at your avatar) or what??
anyway can't way to see the snakes in action
Tsukasah  +   2689d ago
No, I'm just going insane to the fact that there's a demo. The avatar is the logo for the band Dream Theater. It was the only one I found suitable for this place. Lol, here's a bubble for the laugh.
halo3betasnatch out  +   2689d ago
YES! I'm selling my xbox and getting a PS3 tomorrow! Tired of it breaking every god damn month!
Partisan  +   2689d ago
News of the day
Suki03  +   2689d ago
<--Supporter of anything free ^^ not to mention this one
SpikeSpiegel  +   2689d ago
If this is true then expect PSN network to be swamped
Remember how it used to be with firmware updates and demos? Now imagine that with a demo almost everybody has been waiting for years.. Somebody call the riot police because it will be pandemonium!
Xbox is the BEST  +   2689d ago
be playing this masterpiece.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2689d ago
AH! I need to get my internet set-up in my new apartment!
ROCCOZILLA  +   2689d ago
cant wait to learn all the controls that way when the game comes out im ready to roll! that one of my favorite things about demos.PLAY B3YOND!
Alvadr  +   2689d ago
WOW, report has caused the net to explode this morning!!

I really hope its true.
solidt12  +   2689d ago
Demo next month would be nice. I think I will be sick on the thursday night this demo comes out. Yeah I know its just a demo, but I will probably play it several times.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2689d ago
Delayed until Beyond your patience but you droids understand dont you?
I Hope you guys dont think you'll be playing this game online right? That part of the game will suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk. quote me on that. the main story will be gheyyyy. But thats what you droids like right? Cutscenes right? A Solid Snake in a NPC right? Weapons that manifest itself out of thin air right? A mullet right? Raiden right? Octacon right? Same ol Same ol right? Rolling around in a barrel right? Hiding in a cardboard box right? 8 hours of pure David Hayter teaching you survival lessons while sounding like charlie sheen right? Dissapearing bodies and boucy rations right? This aint no hardcore game right? Super smash bros. Solid snake is a arcade game right. even ninja gaiden is more badass now right? Splinter cell is the next bourne identity now right? Sam Fisher Is a real american hero right? Solid Snake is a cartoon right? RAM MAGNUMS HAS SPOKEN RIGHT?
JenovaXD  +   2689d ago
yeah i'll play the demo over and over again
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