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DarkShoud  +   2868d ago
cool!!!111!! XD
This would be awsome, i like to learn the controlls completely so that by the launch im tottally ready :P This game is gonna be awsome, still im more excited about Resistance 2 and FF13 tho
felidae  +   2868d ago
eeh .. but wait ... i thought Fallout 3 is so much better ... lol

can't wait to play old snake.

ps3 ftw!
travelguy2k  +   2868d ago
I don't want a demo (sorta)
nor do i think this games needs a demo.

Demo's are to help hype a game, but with a game tha is this anticipated and has so much hype already i think a demo can only hurt it.

Just think, if there was a demo for Halo 3, do you think it would have sold more copies...or less. I have a few friends that would not have bought it.

I will still download and play the demo cause i am a sane person, but i don'k think this game NEEDS a demo.
Doctor Strange  +   2868d ago
I don't think a demo will hurt this game. This isn't a new IP and all MGS are great titles I think this would just create more hype since from every game site that has demoed this says its great.

You know how people love to talk and word of mouth would create more demand for title selling more copies. That is my opinion by the way.
liquidsnake  +   2868d ago
It won't ruin a game for those who have played the other MGS games, but I think it can for the people who are new to this game. I can allready see the posts infront of me if this demo is ever released

"oh man what crappy AI" or "man those controls are f*cking horrible" and "sh!t those graphix suxxx ballz"
Clinton514  +   2868d ago
From what I read there
It makes no mention of the demo. Could it be just a video? I call unnecessary hype on this one until Konami says what's what.
battery  +   2868d ago
good point
Think i'll wait till konami say something on this before i get my hopes up
Topbravo  +   2868d ago
Cant wait
This is awesome! I remember how much fun i had with MGS2 demo that came with zone of enders.

Great Stuff
caffman  +   2868d ago
I hope for PS3 owners
its true!
Jdash24  +   2868d ago
im still a little skeptical, but really hope its true........i cant wait to get my hands on this game
Bloodshedder  +   2868d ago
well i dont know if i want the demo or not... i want the whole enchilada not a little taste, but still i want to play it

im on a dilemma
speed_demon  +   2868d ago
Bring on the demo BIATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kingofps3  +   2868d ago
Good news!
Also, I hope it is gonna be the updated version.
carl ps3  +   2868d ago
;-P Can't wait!!! ;-P
shamon  +   2868d ago
cant wat hope it true but we can only cross our fingers
Pain  +   2868d ago
MGS4 Demo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gaaa!?
Download is going to be hell.
ukilnme  +   2868d ago
Any word on the 360 demo yet?
Sorry, I just could not help myself.
monkey602  +   2868d ago
All other Metal Gear games had a demo prior to launch. Why not this one?!
Fighter  +   2868d ago
If this is true then I'll be the happiest guy ever.
Mr Tretton  +   2868d ago
I'll believe when I see it. Payton said they are not releasing a demo of the unfinished game. Demos tend to have glitches and whatnot. I could imagine a demo being put up right before release, but not 2-3 months before release. That's just wishful thinking.

And Payton said recently the game is still coming out Apr-Jun
e8t bit  +   2868d ago
March '08!
This is the February Issue, Meaning that it will (according to the text) be released sometime in March, which is when MGS4 is expected anyways. NO news is good news I guess..
xup19x  +   2868d ago
if the game MGS4 is as good as they said it is the smart thing to do is to release a demo, and for the haters that said that game are not systems sellers i dont like the lagbox360 but i like the mass efect game and i got a lagbox just for that game so if a game is good it does not matter waht plattaform is it for... as for me im PLAYING_B3YONG..

QuackPot  +   2868d ago
Just expect MGS4 around June
And if it is released earlier then that's just great news.

But the Ps3 needs a larger - mostly gamer - user base to get better games sales and make developers happier


the price will also likely to drop further in June


the worldwide return of rumble - a must for a MG gamer.
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wantedboys  +   2868d ago
hi guys i know someone work in konami and said that the demo will come on mid or end of feb
jackdoe  +   2868d ago
Until Ryan Payton says that there will be a demo in Feb. I will keep my expectations in check.
akaFullMetal  +   2868d ago
it indicates that we will see more of the game in february on the psn, so it doesnt say there will be a demo, i think it will just be a video showing the playable area at gdc, i wish we were getting a demo though, but im pretty sure i heard from konami that there was no demo coming.
moodymofo  +   2868d ago
god knows we need somethig to let us know that they havent forgoten about us, my ps3 is collecting dust. i just turned in my ps3 copy of cod for a 360 version.i feel abandoned
JenovaXD  +   2868d ago
zomg! Hope it's true =)
vickers500  +   2868d ago
Calm down guys, its just a demo, lol.
Rice  +   2868d ago
OMG.. doont tell me this is fake..... this has to be real..
zonetrooper5  +   2867d ago
If this is real then hot damn I want in, it would also be nice if they had an online demo of MGS Online to play. ;)
Guwapo77  +   2867d ago
According to Gamestop
They show this game being released simultaneously with Soul Calibur 4 on June 4th.

As we know things can change at any given moment. The sooner the better if you ask me.
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