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IRetrouk  +   1219d ago
Hard to tell, won't really know untill Sony's ready to talk
WeskerChildReborned  +   1219d ago
Interesting rumor, let's just wait till this get's some heat and people start discussing about it.
Chaostar  +   1219d ago
"In the beginning of the PS3 complained about the fact that many developers create a game for the PS3 is no cat pee."

Gotta love Google translate :P
Y_5150  +   1216d ago
neogeo  +   1219d ago
If true this is nice. He said the wiiu has 1.5 gigs of RAM. Let's say the remote pad uses around 512 or less that still gives wiiu a gig to pump out some 1080p now bring the games!

On topic. I own a amd laptop with lower specs its got the apu on chip gpu. It is a 2010 laptop and runs just cause 2 and crisis 2 on medium/high settings that's more powerful then 360/ps3. Knowing that I'm excited for ps4.
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GlobalSoldier  +   1219d ago
Pretty interesting... I hope the PS4 won't be that overpriced when it's launched.
mamotte  +   1218d ago
This is BS.

The PS4 will use a $70 dollars Core I7 processor, 6Gb. of ram, a special version from the 7990 GPU wich only costs 50 dollars, and a 2Tb SSDisc. Also, you'll be able to lift the console's case, wich will reveal a mini 3D HD video proyector and a special screen made for it so you wont have to use glasses. And it'll only cost $350, the entire pack. Some rumors say it'll use solar power, so it'll be ecologic and you'll manage to play outside your house. Other reliable sources say it'll run on organic Diesel.

It's true, a friend of mine read it on /b/

End of saracastic gaming journalism.

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