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Emilio_Estevez  +   685d ago
Why the f is it so damn late? I have to work tomorrow.
mafiahajeri  +   685d ago
Ive been saying that for ages their really limiting their audience. I remember the Battle royale announcment was at the same time. Anyway you can catch all the news in the morning go to bed :p

Im looking forward to the Guardians of Middle Earth trailer seems interesting and well its LOTR so yeah...
crxss  +   684d ago
@drstabwounds all of the trailers are out now... Pretty sure. Don't know why I'm staying up...
user5467007  +   685d ago
Least you have the chance to watch it, we don't even get Spike over in the UK...even though we have a ton of crap channels that hardly have anything on
dubt72  +   685d ago
Do you wanna watch snow or cheese? Lol
stuntman_mike  +   684d ago

lol good reference, we'll be pigs.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   685d ago
Announced Star Wars 1313 a game where you play as bounty hunters on courasant... No new trailer for it. castlevania lord of shadows 2, guardians of new earth. That's all the new games announced. Tomb raider will come on march 3 2013, it looks awesome, I has elements of max Payne, and has an uncharted like combat system. Mgr comes out early 2013.... Dishonoured looks interesting, but not much info out of the trailer. I stayed up, so you did not have to
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Dropdeadll  +   685d ago
If you have dish(cable) g4 is going to be free for a month :)
AnotherProGamer  +   685d ago
I heard there are premiering a new star wars game franchise. can't wait to see what it is.
metsgaming  +   685d ago
The force tells me it will probably be terrible like all their recent offerings. Hope im wrong thought.
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Sorrow24  +   684d ago
A sequel to the magnificent game that brought us

I'm Han Solo, I'm Han Solo.

I ain't no hologram girl?

Just playing guys. :P
TENTONGUN  +   684d ago
i want a new jedi outcast. that wouldnt be so terrible
Chuk5  +   685d ago
Dishonoured, I'm getting really excited for that game.
life doomer  +   685d ago
hey guys, the epic star wars game is called star wars 1313. It was on the gametrailers site but, they took it down before it was revealed.
Muffins1223  +   685d ago
gears gears gears gears
Jirachi  +   685d ago
Seriously why are people hyped up about this all where gonna get is the same info we already know...
hardandsloppy  +   685d ago
They promised that they are showing games that havent been announced yet.
Jirachi  +   685d ago
Well ok but i wouldn't still wouldn't except too much new info maybe 2 or 3 reveals but im sure at least one game is the new castlevania game.
black911  +   685d ago
Im at work any way to watch this online.
kmanmx  +   685d ago
I also notice the world premier for Unreal Engine 4 is due for June 8th on GTTV :D
KingofGambling  +   685d ago
Suikoden VI from Konami.
adamant715  +   684d ago
What exclusives? LOL. All this
shit we've seen
stuntman_mike  +   684d ago
was that alucard at the end of the castlevania trailer?

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