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freakyzeeky  +   2948d ago
I have a hard time believing anything Surfer Girl says... Seems like he/she likes 'confirming' unannounced projects left and right to increase his/her popularity with gamers/gaming websites...

Who knows? I hope it's true, though I'm not holding my breath...
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Skerj  +   2948d ago
I was a long time skeptic too, but (s)he WAS correct about Resistance 2, even posted up diagrams of the classes and their equipment and the mission structure. Treating this as a normal rumor still though.
n_n  +   2948d ago
i don't care.. PSN or PS3... a remake would be awesome! hope this is true!
C_SoL  +   2948d ago
Hopefully Konami....
comes out with Metal Gear Solid for PSN....
Bonsai1214  +   2948d ago
i laughed at her resistance 2 stuff. i won't be so quick to judge this one.. though i'm hoping for a straight up remake at some point though.
Guwapo77  +   2948d ago
...I'm alittle upset about this. I really don't want them to waste their time on a "half-assed" version. I want the total remake like the trailer from E3 05. I still have the PS1 FF7 disks. It's time for the real deal Holyfield!
The_Engineer  +   2948d ago
you just described every gaming website on the net, what makes her any different??

good morning captain obvious
solidt12  +   2948d ago
I hope it is coming. I keep hearing how great this game was and it looks cool. I wanna play it.
Darkiewonder  +   2948d ago
Like Square-Enix
Would slip out something like this. Hell, even FFXIII isn't known until they want it to be known. Really.
MADGameR  +   2948d ago
Ahh wtf...PSN? Why not make it an ACTUALL PS3 exclusive Square Enix!
Its NOT going to be big if it goes to PSN because guess what? They will probably just put HD audio and such but no graphical improvements! FFVII HD! Don't give me that crap I want the actually REMAKE! But who knows...unless its a FFVII Online game or an actual remake of the game, I won't even bother with it.
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Kugar77  +   2948d ago
yea lets not forget
the new wipeout is called Wipeout HD and that looks great so even if it got that kind of improvement, it would be awesome
lilwingman  +   2948d ago
While I would of course prefer a ground-up remake, if this is true it'd make for the first (and only?) PSN title I purchase. Hopefully those "graphical touches" make the game at least bearable to play on the PS3: redo the character models, upgrade the environments a bit, nothing too durastic.
INehalemEXI  +   2948d ago
I hope the characters of ff7 get like 20,000 more polygons in this one. I would make do with whatever amount they gave me though.
VigorousApathy  +   2948d ago
Yeah how many polygons does Cloud have right now? Like 20? It's so weird since Squall looks a thousand times better, especially if you increase the resolution which you can do if you use one of the Playstation 1 emulators.
LightningPS3  +   2948d ago
If they ever do make a remake. It will be a full fledged game on Blu ray. Not a PSN game.
n_n  +   2948d ago
i would rather have it remade with the power of the PS3... you know how amazing it would be? schmokez!
jackdoe  +   2948d ago
Sigh. Surfer Girl is just spouting bullsh!t. Of course Squeenix will eventually release FFVII on the PSN. Common business logic. Every "rumor" that she has spouted out has been common sense.
Mercutio  +   2948d ago
is she ever right?
I mean, I dpn't know why ppl post her sh!t.

is she good?
SPARTAAN  +   2948d ago
well she was correct with resistance 2 n many more but we cant be sure whether this is true or not
Devr  +   2948d ago
Here are just a few of the things she's been right about:

BBsin  +   2948d ago
Doubt it.
Why would square-enix only make the FF7 remake on PSN(unless it's just FF7 upscaled to 1080p) if they could release a retail version and make millions upon millions like they usually do. The FF7 remake (and it's eventually going to happen) is way to big to be only put on a download service. We're talking about the same company that remade FF1 and FF2 dozens of times with minor upgrades.
jackdoe  +   2948d ago
They could just make a half-assed remake on the PSP using the same pre-rendered backgrounds with some new character models and make even more money (which is what many of the old FFs have been subjected to).
ancient112  +   2948d ago
Yes, but only until PS3 were we able to download games. I hope you know FFVII remake on PSN will not be a free download......
Treon  +   2948d ago
how on earth does this person get such info anyway? i thought that s/he was from the WEST.
DrPirate  +   2948d ago
Being somewhat on the in, I had my suspicion, but when he/she comes out with this information from European and Japanese developers, I have no idea.

I used to think it was..."ahem" Initials are J.R., worked on Assassin's Creed...Yep.

But now I think it's a journalist who set up this anonymous blog to pass along information.
name  +   2948d ago
Maybe she performs sexual favors for intel.
Captain Tuttle  +   2948d ago
Would you...
Say the same thing if it was "Surfer dude"?
Clinton514  +   2948d ago
It's easy to make such "predictions"
When you have early access to some print magazines which contains these rumors surfer guy. ;)

Busted much?
DrPirate  +   2948d ago
Hey Clinton, so then where do you suppose she got those schematics and diagrams for Resistance 2?

There's nothing that makes sense when it comes to how this person got his/her information.

S/he can't possible be an insider in every single company.
Clinton514  +   2948d ago
I haven't seen the resistance stuff
Only 1 shady screenshot which he/she claimed was a really early version. Can you point me towards the other stuff please. :)
Rattles  +   2948d ago
ill get it
and i hope they dont change a thing you cant mess with a game such as FFVII.
m9105826  +   2948d ago
Add more sidequests!
WilliamRLBaker  +   2948d ago
If true?
HAHHAHAHHAAH no full ff7 remake for you just a lil piddling graphical touched ff7 lol

But thats the way of square and has been for a while milk as much money as they possibly can from their games which is why over 3 remakes have been made of the earlier final fantasy games across 3 systems.
ff1 and 2 got an wonder swan remake, and an GBA remake, and an PS1 remake and an PSP remake.
ff3 got an ps1 remake in japan, and an remake for DS.
ff4 got wonder swan remake i believe, as well as an GBA and ps1 remake, ff6 the same ps1, wonder swan, and GBA.

They are now a company where it takes 2-4 years for an new game to come on so they release remakes and spinoffs in the mean time.

SQuare has become the EA of RPGs.
PirateThom  +   2948d ago
"HAHHAHAHHAAH no full ff7 remake for you just a lil piddling graphical touched ff7 lol"

Unlike those XBLA titles...
Tsukasah  +   2948d ago
I hope it's true
With every FF I've had, I've always lost a disk. For FFVII it was disk 2, bought it again lost disk 3. For FFIX I lost disk one(dreaded times I spent craving that game!) and I ordered a new one, lost disk three. Not that the second time around losses really mattered, point is I'm terrible with keeping things organized!

I'd love to have FFVII and FFIX on my HD. I never had the chance to play FFVIII, hope I can through PSN.
Tyrael  +   2948d ago
perhaps the could revisit the world of cloud strife in final fantasy 14? that would be nice if they couldnt remake the 7th
greenenvy  +   2948d ago
sonydroids spreading the fantasy like tequila on saturday night......
the most overused, whored out franchise of all time?
"You know, people who say something negative about the 360 aren't always fanboys right? I'm not a fanboy even though I say those things. I merely own a PS3 and pass out digs at the others because I see the same truth the industry does..."

"PS3 is the best and will bury everybody, MGS4, LittleBigPlanet, all those games will destroy."
- SlappingOysters

slappy, you are the biggest douche idiot i ever seen bud....

you speak out one side of your ass, then say the other out the other end.....

okay slappy, you need to get off the crack-hoe LSD and yes I'm a 360 fanboy...........and you're a whore, a whore for sony...

its this simple are a brainwashed, hopeless, snappy little idiot dawg and yo'u also only seem to see things inside yo' little world......

see it just so happens, millions of people have never even heard of your games....

the ps3 is NEVER going to take away the 360's lead even in yes EUROPE, because ALL the bioware franchises plus too human/fable are exclusive to 360..........

oops, that includes mass effect and KOTOR......dont even open yo' mouth if you say first person shooter....we didn't buy ours for shooters, we got RPGs, adventure games, with shooters icing the cake...

see the problem with your philosophy, slappy, is its one of a FANBOY^

yo'u automatically ASSume that everyone wants to buy a ps3 or final fantasy, which is a game that has been milked what...........hundreds of thousands of times?

thats like assuming everyone is gonna buy a 360 and halo plus gears, even though scene-it has sold more than both nowadays...

that's assuming people even like that f$#$#@ game as well, isnt it?

fact is, me along with everybody I know doesnt want to even hear about final fantasy.....

we could care less and want saints row 2, alan wake and resident evil 5 dawg......

oh I know that must hurt your feelings, to hear of people who dont give a damn about f------- fantasy or who dont even care it exists....

as for little big planet, game sucks.

could give a s*$! less about metal gear solid when splinter cell conviction is coming out........seriously WHAT?

damn I guess some fools are gonna have to wait a year to play MGS4 and in the meantime play splinter cell 5 ALONG WITH HALO 3 ONLINE ALL THE TIME for the whole season.......poor them, we're really concerned..

seriously bud, the extent of yo' game lists is final fantasy this, final fantasy that......and you have forgotten.....the xbox audience doesn't give a %$*% about final fantasy, and they make up the majority of the north americana audience......

i mean im so shocked squirrel, that you got it so wrong....but i guess thats what sony fanboy s are paid to do huh?

looks this year of competition is going to be one great one indeed, cause finally there's going to be some "REAL" games released for the 360 and ps3......and those who prefer one over the other, will take the top spot....

don't hold your breath caus' we'll kick your ass in europe >:-D
can I be there to pick up your tears...
Doctor Strange  +   2948d ago
If Square-Enix remakes FFVII it won't be an lazy attempt to make money they know how much this game means to fans.

I wouldn't rule out a PSN remake just like with Warhawk they can release this on both Blu-ray and PSN.

Honestly all I really want out of the remake other then the graphical update is full voiceovers, reworked CG scenes and the Active Time Battle they used X-2 oh and of course more side-quests and stuff.
gano  +   2948d ago
Just be true
give us sumtin.
ISA_Scum  +   2948d ago

My Disc 2 got broke 2 years ago....wanted to play this again before jumping into Crisis Core in March :(
VigorousApathy  +   2948d ago
I know how you feel, I have disc 2 and 3 but I can't find 1. In between the 2 of us we have a full game though.
PhiI Harrison  +   2948d ago
They finally announced it!!! ....
Oh, it's just a PSOne Classic. I thought it would be like the technical demo we saw.
Sarick  +   2948d ago
Why would I buy a remake that isn't full fledged if I still own the original PS1 and PS2 versions?

Square, common sense here remakes should be done for todays technology. If you look at the movies industry when they did the movie "The Fly" it was in black and white. The remakes where in full color didn't reuse old clips or sounds. This seems like being lazy and to cheap creating shovelware for the masses.

So before you "remake" FF7 make it like the bionic man better then it was before. Most newage gamers want a good RPG and keeping it classic doesn't fit with everyone. Make it nextgen and you'll have more newcomers being attracted to the history without being turned off by the old classic look.

Before anyone thinks I want the gameplay changed the answer is no. I just want it to be remade in this generations excellence. To keep things simple unless, the remake is full blown I really don't see myself investing money in it on the PS3. Back when I bought the FF collection for PS1 things where different because it was NES & SNES to PS1.
mighty_douche  +   2948d ago
Surfer Girls is as trust worthy as my friday night kebab's.

Still, heres hoping its true!
Shadow Flare  +   2948d ago
....I dunno what to make of this. I'll buy it, definately, if its true. But i was hoping for an all-out complete remake. This for me is the ultimate game, it deserves the ultimate remake using the ps3's power. I dunno about just 'touching up' the graphics. Mmm, well at least the gameplay mechanics and battle system won't be touched. I just really want them to completely overhaul ff7 with the ps3 cos i can't imagine how awesome it would be
666 Death Valley  +   2948d ago
I agree with you 100% man. Just think what Bahamut ZERO and Knights of Round would look like under the power of the PS Triple.
Shadow Flare  +   2948d ago
Yeah i just want to see what the world map would look like, what the Weapons would look like, the amazing FMV's that could be made, even the chocobo's. The Golden Saucer, the submarine, imagine the water effects with the tiny bronco sailing, the Highwind landing, the limit breaks, the characters that would look like their from advent children, and the summons...damn. The summons would look incredible. And with real orchestral music. Thats why i frickin want this game completely remade
shotputking  +   2948d ago
hey guys, i've got a question... i've been debating whether or not to get a psp, so i was wondering if this came out on the psn, would i be able to play it on a psp?? that would definitely be enough to make me get one.
Shadow Flare  +   2948d ago
well all the ps1 games on psn are playable on psp, so i couldn't see this being different to be honest. However if they are 'touching up the graphics' then i suppose they gonna make it HD and what not, so i dunno how that would translate with the filesize and whatnot. But its not impossible

You realize you can already play ff7 on your psp, although you can only (officially) do it using the ps3's remote play. Pop the ff7 disc in the ps3 and via remote play you can play ff7, along with any ps1 game. Although the game is never actually on your psp. Unofficially, with homebrew software you can rip the game itself onto the psp
shotputking  +   2948d ago
i don't have a ps3, so i can't do the remote play, but i would be interested in ripping it to a psp... i still have the original copy of the game, so getting a back up of it would actually be great.
midgard229  +   2948d ago
her resistance 2 stuff wasnt all that big, it was common sense there was gonna be a sequal, i mean the game didnt even end, and they been said they were gonna make it before this surfer girl said.

second how can he/she even know all this especially when square is in japan, and so tight lipped??? shes not a freakin undercover game agent that works for n4g, plz, stop believing her even if she is true sometimes.

next rumor, Dead or alive 5 in production!!! (when it already is) and yada yada...i hate her lol
f7ss1  +   2948d ago
i dont want a crumby psn remake i want a full blown collectors edition blu ray remake!
VigorousApathy  +   2948d ago
If any Final Fantasy deserves a remake it's FFVIII. That game had a lot of problems that overshadowed its potential. FFVII on the other hand is a nearly perfect game, who cares if Cloud is only 4 and a half polygons? Just pretend it's 1992 and then the graphics will look really good.
Shadow Flare  +   2948d ago
To be honest, when it came to ff7 on ps3, people always asked for 2 things, the original to be released on psn and a complete remake of the game. So you could consider this a better deal, because the original is getting improvements and then being released on psn. So i just hope they still completely remake the game

Id imagine the upgrades would be graphical enhancements, making it HD, stuff like that. But this rumour could be true, Square-Enix have remade every other FF. But i just want them to remake this game completely
gano  +   2948d ago
That's it.
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