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michael12203  +   2949d ago
i will be a full remake look at the new playstation mag. It will be called final fantasy crysis core, will cloud but some new guy also, will be release in a couple of months the way they talked buy you know how that goes.
PirateThom  +   2949d ago
That's not a remake, it's a prequel. It's also on PSP and out in Japan already.
TwisterCT10  +   2948d ago
Do you get out from under that rock much?
mintaro  +   2949d ago
should've been a tru remake using blu. it would be awesome to see a final fantasy VII to be remade using the ps3's power
GodsHand  +   2949d ago
Like the old sayin goes, If it aint broke, dont fix it.
4 disc on a memory stick, you better go get a 4gb, 8gb, or the new 16gb stick to play on the psp.

I don't mind that FF7 would be just a direct port of the original. Honestly if they did remake it, about 80% of people who played the org. would just pick it a part from the classic, making comparisons what changed, what should of stayed the same, etc..

I would rather Square before Enix, re-release old classics on the PSN. I would love the replay Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. But I doubt it would happen since it was on the SNES.
Amnesiac  +   2949d ago
ill dl this only if it is a TOTAL remake...

if it is the old game w/ new sound ill just play the copy of VII that i already own
Killjoy3000  +   2949d ago
dude i really dont care for ff7 anymore unless its nextgen.

BlackIceJoe  +   2949d ago
I hope this is fake as much as I want a FFVII game if it is not a full blown remake like the tech demo then why bother. Plus if any thing I could see this kind of remake more for the PSP. But I still would like to see the Tech Demo become true.
AceLuby  +   2949d ago
I for one am happy w/ either
Obviously a full blown remake would be awesome, but is it in the cards w/ FF XIII yet to be released? I would say not. So lets not get our hopes up. However, it has been a long time since I've played FF VII and I would love to DL 7, 8 & 9 w/ nothing really added. Esp if sold at $10 or less. Those games are awesome and if they did something like this I would FOR SURE get a PSP to play them anywhere. Who cares about graphics in these games, seriously? These are story games w/ fun, old school battle systems. I would actually prefer them not change it and release on PSN only.
okcomputer  +   2949d ago
If thats the case why not just buy ff7 used on ebay or gamestop and play it on your ps3. You could probably get it for around $10, maybe even less.

I'm hoping only for a full blown remake similar to the ps3 trailer we all saw. the original game on psn would be nice for some, but nothing really exciting.
Amnesiac  +   2949d ago
hey where is Kid A?
AceLuby  +   2949d ago
Multiple reasons. Convenience for one. Simple DL instead of finding the game, paying for shipping, and waiting for it (or digging around for the discs that are 'somewhere' in my house). Second, no disc swapping. Not terrible, but it brings me to my last point. Streaming to my PSP. Like I said, I would get it and purchase a PSP so I could play them anywhere w/out worries of finishing a disc and having to go home to change it up.
THC CELL  +   2949d ago

Sorry for shouting but a cool remake would to also add co op
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Bleucrunch  +   2949d ago
I hope that they do remake for psn and do the REAL remake for ps3....If square enix knows what they are doing (and they certainly do) and they want to make mooooooooore money (and they will) they will answer the request of its loyal fans and deliever (which they will)
heyheyhey  +   2949d ago
what no full remake? square don't be like this- think about it, its bound to make more money than any other project you have planned so why not just have one of your studios make this?
solidt12  +   2949d ago
I haven't played it yet because I keep hoping they remake it or put it on the PSN before I play it.
stuntman_mike  +   2949d ago
i hope the bring out parasite eve aswell..we never got that game in the uk hope they redo it.
SoulReaper  +   2949d ago
It can happen ..surfer girl have been really accurate with her rumors..
ReBurn  +   2949d ago
I've still got my original copy. Man I love this game.
Auron  +   2949d ago
Ahem! While FFVII is great We Need a FFX Remake!
I kid I kid!(I actually love FFVII the best) I wonder what Square has up thier sleeves?
FF7numba1  +   2949d ago
kool I have it on my pc. I can't wait to get a ps3 and download it.
tvo  +   2949d ago
Fux4Bux  +   2949d ago
Yeah I'd get a PSN version of the original but they really should just do a full out remake. For some reason they think it's a bad idea but FF seems to be fading out with all the new crap they make.
SYSTEMS-at-WAR  +   2949d ago
I agree... I would buy the PSN remake but would prefer a full-blown remake of the game. The FF Series has definataly been fading. Hopefully 13 will change that. I found that I started to lose interest when 11 rolled along. 12 was pretty good though
HarryEtTubMan  +   2949d ago
lol PS3 has so many good things coming!

Their are MANY more announcements to come this year!
TwissT  +   2949d ago
I hope it is a full remake not a psn game and dear God I hope it is a FF7 remake SEPHIROTH FTW! (even though he lost lol).
CrazzyMan  +   2949d ago
i need to see images
to decide is that a goo dor bad news.
BUT, if it for PSN, then unless this game made with UE3.0 (which can show some good result in Last Remnant), it will not take much place, that means, grapchis quality perhaps won`t be on pair with FFXIII.
sad, i want FFXIII graphics in FFVII to complete it for 3rd time with another +100h. =)
cornerman8  +   2949d ago
I believe her and here's why
I work at Bestbuy and when I looked on our RSS (inventory) system, I found a PS3 version of Final Fantasy VII. It won't show up on the bestbuy website, but it is in the inventory system. No lie. If you don't believe me, check your local bestbuy and ask an employee to do an advanced search for it. All the stores are linked nationwide, so you should find it. The release date for the game shows 2007, and the status (last time I checked) said update. This conflics with Surfer Girls PSN release, but maybe they'll release for both a la Warhawk, or maybe the "update" is Sony retracting Blu-ray format for PSN. I know folks will think I'm lying, but its the truth, besides I wouldn't want all the hate mail if I made it all up lol. Oh and the retail price was 59.99 so maybe that hints at a full-fledged game...I'd hope so cause thats kinda steep for a straight port.
FF7numba1  +   2949d ago
How about remake. give cloud some fingers please.
Samer305  +   2948d ago
LOL Fingers haha
Beren  +   2948d ago
Aerith this time i will save you!!!!!!!!! =O
Iron Man 2  +   2948d ago
If Surfer Girl is right on this one,I will love her(or him)forever!

FFVII is one of my favorite games of all time,and having FFVII on the PS3 would be a blessing;)
chrno6  +   2948d ago
I don't know if this is good news or bad news, since I want ff7 remake for the ps3, not a remake for the psn. I really really hope we will see a full remake for the ps3!!
Sheddi  +   2945d ago
god damn I love that game!!!
I want a remake of ff7, that would be SOOO great!
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