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GraveLord  +   1157d ago
As long as it runs Unreal Engine 4, I'm good.
Akuma-  +   1157d ago
what if the ps4 is very powerful. its a sony product so itll likely be quite powerful
Titanz  +   1157d ago
Hypothetically speaking (politically correct: typing)
Let's say that the Xbox 720 is the most powerful console next gen. I believe a lot of PS fans, would be brokenhearted.
xtreampro  +   1157d ago
The PS4 will be based on AMD's HAS architecture so trust me it'll be affordable and a beast.
josephayal  +   1157d ago
Just buy a WII U
ginsunuva  +   1157d ago
But the next Xbox and the Wii U will never disappoint, right guys? Only Sony requires media trolling. If it's less powerful than the 8-core 6ghz monster they are expecting, then it will be a disappointment. And if it is the 8-core monster, they will complain that it is too expensive. But for MS and Nintendo, everything's good because we all love them sooooooo much and they don't deserve criticism, right?
ronin4life  +   1157d ago
...are we on the same website?
The most vocal,effective and powerful force here is PlayStation. From the users to the mods and media coverage.

As for negativity, that is pretty universal: the media knows people are drawn to blood, so that's where the focus is. After a few generations of this, everyone has turned pessimistic and jaded,further increasing the amount of negativity in media coverage.
Jijoro  +   1157d ago
Sony needs to stick with the Cell and Nvidia for PS4. I can't imagine how unintiresting and bland the next gen will be if Sony uses AMD like the 720 and Wii U. The Cell must return for the next gen to be exciting and fun.
Jdoki  +   1157d ago
The PS2 wasn't the most powerful console, and it dominated. The Wii wasn't the most powerful console and it dominated.

Who cares if the PS4 is the most powerful or not.

Everyone seems so excited that the next gen will have some ridiculously high spec hardware... and yet the thing that really marked out THIS gen was the number of studios that went bust because of high development costs.

The more time and effort required to make games means that publishers are going to want developers to make 'safe bet' games - which means more cookie cutter crap.

I'm not saying we should go back to the days of 8-bit consoles; it just makes me laugh how so many people moan about the lack of original games, and yet in the next breath say they want next gen hardware to be off the scale.
Silverwolf07  +   1156d ago
For the last time Sony can not pull off a wii. They need the core gaming market period. There was a guy on neogaf who said he know's a guy who works withamd and gave him some instites but wasn't alowed to post any blueprints. But he said it showed an APU with juguar cores, it seems Sony is for sure going for full HSA, like the guy said up above. And most likely a Kaveri design with jaguar cores with a gpgpu and fabric computing. Also there was talk about Sony working on a 1PPU 4SPU cell for a new feature called building blocks and possibly being put on to the SOC (system on chip) in ps4. Sorry I'm not to smart with the tech and software talk but these guys was actually making more sense with the speculations than any other speculation I've heard to date. They was saying something about 3D stacked memory and how one gig is like 16 gigs of ram with the talk of GDDR5. But yea read The article with the Sony CTO talking about the're plans with ps4 as well as AMD's road map and look up the convo I've been talking about on Neogaf and we may be on to something. I'm %100 sure PS4 APU will be full HSA with Fabric computing.

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