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CharmingMan  +   1358d ago
I wonder how Resistance:BS is. I understand that Insomniac didn't have a hand in the development, right?
sharpsword  +   1358d ago
It was developed by Nihilistic Software. I've hear good things about it and would be surprised if Insomniac lent assets like character and gun models.
RaptorMan  +   1358d ago
Heard Harley Quinn’s Revenge is worth playing. It's really solid DLC according to Greg Miller.
madmad  +   1358d ago
Ugh, Greg Miller? Sorry, the guy is kind of amusing (in a pathetic way) but he doesn't have taste in games.
neildee250  +   1358d ago
Cannot view this post on either IE or Firefox, though the site displays, report removed as others seem to be able to log in and see it.
CharmingMan  +   1358d ago
Maybe Geoff Keighley smug look is bringing down the internet ;) (Why is the same picture there everyday I log into N4G)

On Topic: Seeing the site in Firefox, but it's loading a bit slow.

@Sharpsword: Do you have a link?
neildee250  +   1358d ago
dunno why it wouldn't load, never mind, I just wanted to check, will leave the approval to you guys ;) link was maybe time for a VPS if not on one.
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mediastudies  +   1358d ago
I can see it fine.
madmad  +   1358d ago
Works for me.

DLC overload. Heard the first screen of Dragon's Dogma just trying to sell you DLC. Oh, that Capcom.

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